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Automatic mode for disposals crusher


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The disposals crusher should, by default, activate automatically once every 10 to 30 minutes. This could be toggled off via the crusher console. The purpose of this change is that throwing stuff down the trash chute is supposed to be a way to make things get gone, but instead, it just isn't. It only moves stuff to a conveniently secure location for sec to retrieve any time later, since trash will only be destroyed if someone manually activates the crusher.

A 20-minute automatic timer (for instance) would mean security has to keep up with what's going on if they don't want to risk losing valuable evidence. Plus, it would make falling into disposals even scarier than it already is, not knowing if maybe you'll be obliterated before help can arrive...

It makes sense and it would be fun.

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I agree with this.

One addition: Give it a little warning flash and a countdown on the console. If I want to go into the disposals for, perhaps, some reason, I don't want to get suddenly and randomly crushed. There should be some warning lights just before it crushes and anyone should be able to check the console for a countdown until the next crush.

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Yes, ideally, this system would play a warning sound and flash a light for maybe half a minute prior to its activation. And the button to disable the automatic activity would be inside the crusher program on the console - which is outside the crusher itself.

Realistically you might expect to see an emergency stop button inside the crusher, but that would be boring, so let's not think about that.

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It might be beneficial to differentiate between a real-world 2-minute warning and a BYOND 2-minute warning. It has been suggested to me that because of the way time ticks in-game, what BYOND thinks is 2 minutes is actually longer. And we wouldn't want these warnings to get so far ahead that they don't seem imminent, I would think.

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