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Hivebot/space bear resprite

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A simple resprite of space bears and hivebots. Hivebots look much less visually intimidating and more fitting with our sprite scheme now, and the beacon is no longer a moving dome. The space bear looks more like an alien you'd expect to see in an asteroid than a cartoon bear.

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"It doesn't look like a bear."


It ought to not look like a bear considering the thing teleports and could be spending eons within the split second it seems to take to move between two points evolving into this freakish creature. Which is a part of teleportation we hardly touch on, the flow of time.

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On 25/03/2019 at 17:06, LordFowl said:

The suggested space bear sprite is aggressively bad.

I wouldn't say aggressively bad, but it needs to be polished before adding it, looks too metallic in my opinion, like a cyborg bear

But THIS needa to be implemented sooner or later, cause the bears we have atm are hilarious. In a bad way.

Good work with the hivebots too

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