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Give mice the ability to damage other mice and drones

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There is a secret war underneath your feet. Mice war against drone to forge a home whilst the drones in the sight of the glorious Fabricator, the one which gives life, seek to exterminate the vile vermin and purify the station.


It could be a verb that apply damage at random to any drone or mouse mob in an adjacent tile with a pop up only readable to mice and drones (or everyone) - "X thrashes and gnashed". This would effect no one else.



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Three nests is madness tbh
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I completely agree with this. The addition of mice and drones able to combat each other is great- it would have no drawbacks but to increase roleplay. Three nests, however seems a bit much. A one group vs. one seems appropriate.


On the topic of abilities, why can mice not see well in darker places?


Good stuff.

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