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[Denied] miniusAreas IPC Whitelist Application

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BYOND Key: miniusAreas
Character Names: Minius As-Rojams, MiniuOS
Species you are applying to play: IPC
What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:
Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.
Why do you wish to play this specific race: I played a IPC in my short time on Paradise, and quickly adapted to life on oracle, playing a IPC for the entirety before Oracle was shut down. I wish to continue my synthetic adventures as a IPC in a HRP environment that I was unable to pursuit in a MRP environment. Synthetics have been my specialty for awhile, and I enjoy playing as a cocky and sarcastic, but obedient and loyal, stationbound. I wish to transfer my adventures as a stationbound to that of a IPC, owned or free.
Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:
Playing a synthetic is vastly different than playing as a human. You are constantly looked at, and judged for being non-organic. The fact that you can be hacked and turned against your organic crewmates is a constant threat, and being synthetic means that the crew can trust me in organicly hostile enviroments. IPC's also feel no pain, and have no risk of bleeding out, meaning that the crew trusts them to operate even while damaged, and to a extent, stay alive longer while criticaly damaged. IPCs also do not have a hardset personality other than logic comes before emotions in their mind of reasoning.

Character Name: miniuOS
Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs.
miniuOS was a anti-wildlife android built to protect mining operations on a volcanic planet, working with the large Unathi population to produce minerals used to create ships.
Majority of the time spent was sitting through the various ash-storms that swept through the compound and neutrilising hostile fauna of a varity of sizes with large plasma cutters.
After 11 years of service, they were transfered to the NSS Aurora to protect security assets and assist them in duties, however was simply retrofitted with a taser and portable flashbulb rather than being rebuilt due to the costs,
Occasionaly serving as a combat unit in severe situations before the ban on combat units.

They served for several months as a general peacekeeper and portable cover for officers, before becoming disabled due to a show of heroism that saved several lives.
MiniuOS assisted in inspecting a shuttle that had crashed as well as inspecting the interior before spotting the crewmembers opening several boxes of weapons that would have gone unseen and causing a unprepared crew to suddenly be attacked, calling them out to IDS who was able to get enough time to equip themselves before the attack.
miniuOS was placed into a Combat chassis before taking several EMP's from two of the hostiles weilding Ion Rifles, becoming disabled and returned to the NTCC Odin with help from Officer Reed Calom, who was blinded during the firefight.
After several more months of service, and through the help of several crewmembers who donated funds to assist the stationbound, a Baseline Chassis was bought, as well as the units Postitron, to allow it to follow its dream of assisting the security team with a higher function.
The unit then spend several more weeks as the Hephaestus chassis was produced and shipped before NTCC Odin could transfer the brain into the chassis, where it then signed on with NanoTrasen as soon as they were able after completing their training.
MiniuOS is currently a Security Officer aboard the NSS Aurora serving with the crewmembers it has saved and defended.
What do you like about this character?
It's a continuation of my stationbound who's been around for awhile. I have some regrets on making them a stationbound to IPC, but none-the-less this should lessen the constrains on RP they have.
How would you rate your role-playing ability?
High. Constantly trying to engage in some form of roleplay unless I'm staring at cameras or patroling.

Notes: I played a IPC in the past on Oracle, just a sidenote. This was also originaly written up in a notepad document so please bear with the fucking shitty ass formating.

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I would wholeheartedly -1 this application.
Well, I will, not would.
MiniuOS is generally an extremely juvenile cyborg. I have, many times, seen them shouting screaming and cursing at crew, or snarking at them. Your other character, also somewhy named Minius, is not much better. I have witnessed them trying to fuck with active shooters before as well. I have no proof for these statements, but they are things I have witnessed, and things that turn me off from you having a whitelist. The quantity of your interactions is not what we're asking for. It's quality.

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I have not seen you play your synth, so consider this a new perspective

Everything is fine, except the story. I see it far too many times in IPC applications.

There is no personality. You do not describe what the IPC thinks, you only describe its actions. I can derive nothing on how you are going to play this character, except "stun criminals and be tactical". This is strange, considering how the comments above me describe your synth's personality in detail.

I'd like for you to give some input on how Minius is feeling during these situations. What is the program doing that is compelling these actions?

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I have to echo Paradox and VT. Your synth play is extremely poor- too human, too juvenile. I have one screenshot example, but this is far from the only instance. I don't feel that you understand synth play fully at this moment. I recommend toning down the emotion-filled speech, including berating or cussing at the crew. A -1 from me, I'm afraid.


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I think that with some cooperation from already whitelisted IPC players and synth lore devs, Mini could be a pretty good addition to the IPC population. What I see in the previous posts is complaints of cursing and whatnot, but that was from around when Mini first started playing and is not taking into account their most recent interactions. Mini comes from two different servers with two different expectations of synth play. From what I understand, IPCs are somewhat supposed to mimic organic life, so an IPC with simulated emotions probably wouldn't be too far fetched, but it would be just that, simulated emotions. A positronic brain could not emulate the complexities of a human brain, because a positronic brain simply doesn't function the way a human brain does. It's easy to get emotionally invested during roleplay and make mistakes, we are all guilty of it even if we don't want to admit it. To ask a synth player to play without emotion and to consider logic first always is easier said than done, because OOCly, we are human, and emotion typically dictates our actions. But I'm getting off track.

What I mean to say is that given some very clear guidance and close monitoring during their play as an IPC if this whitelist gets accepted for about a week, I think we could see phenomenal improvement in Mini. And I don't mean the generic "they act too human" guidance, I mean the kind where the issue is pointed out "act too human" and a possible resolution for the behavior is provided (e,g. "Mini seemed too emotionally invested in [x] situation. I think next time maybe Mini should..." or "I think Mini's word choice could be changed so that they seem more synthetic rather than organic.")

Generally +1 from me, obviously Mini needs improvements but I think given time and effort Mini could be a pretty good IPC.

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I can't support this application. Behavior like the things I've seen from MiniuOS don't need to be how synths, or even IPCs for that matter, play. The fact it's stated that people would need to support him to make him behave this way is reason enough for me to say he should apply at another time. He doesn't seem to understand he's built to serve and not command, he doesn't behave like a machine, an he isn't someone I'd want to see as an IPC, as was echoed by other people in the thread. The amount of IPCs that do this was curbed by killing whitelists already. Accepting this in my opinion would be a mistake, -1.

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To come to a conclusion on this app, I'll say I'm conflicted. On one end, you do show improvement as time has gone on and I'm willing to pin the lrp nature of MiniuOS in the past on something that can simply be worked out of over time. On the other end, there's majority negative feedback, plentiful evidence on my end and here of bad synth play, and a poor application which seems to skip story beats in favor of, as many applications do, going "Bot go here, bot do this, bot end up there."

With all this said. I suggest skimming over the majority of the synthetic wiki pages. I'm willing to allow you to reapply at any time, so long as you don't use MiniuOS as the application subject. For now, though, this application is denied.

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