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The Many Memes and Images of various Auroratidude.

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In Zatusha, near the source of the Kishara lake,

They stood, brothers, defending their homes.


There stand Tajara next to Tajara, they're all brothers,

You won't get in Shastar while we are alive!


Fire his Icelance, Tsarrayut’yan and Lawgiver!

Throw grenade, chase the gang trough the spring!


Step forward, guns ready, let all of them sing the song:

"For their homes, brothers, for freedom they are fighting"


Listen them, band of Sol volunteer guerillas,

Their revenge will get them even in PRA!


S'rrendar's justice will get them, everyone knows that.

The soldiers from Shastar shall judge them!


Listen now the message of Saint Ma'ta'ke:

"They won't get in Shastar as they couldn't enter it before!"


Oh, tajara, dear brothers from Shastar,

DPRA won't ever forget them!

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Behind the Mask: Fareeda Del Nova, Entertainer with a Deadly Background!

- Writen by Sceeter Heldin, a Journalist Mayor from the College of Biesel
- Edited by Tumar Kor

Fareeda Del Nova (Nova)

Dangers are ever present on the frontier, be it hazardous flora, fauna or pirates and the lack of a truly united government is the most evident in these cases. This opens the way for third parties, looking to gain a money and win some good reputation for themselves too.
The Colonial Protection Service also known as CPS, stood out among these as they also provided a live-feed from the cabins of their pilots, turning their danger into peoples entertainment. Eventually as tensions settled the CPS took on safer and safer jobs, basically becoming a reality TV show rather than a protection firm. This resulted in them hiring less and less qualified mech pilots, instead focusing on entertainers and influencers instead.

Fareeda Del Nova, going by the nickname Nova online, was always a very prominent influencer. Her Spacetube channel entertained thousands with both her looks and her knowledge of cars. She joined the CPS as soon as she could, as she reckoned that cars were not that far from Mechs in terms of driving.
However, soon afterwards the Unathi Hegemony had decided to expand and CPS was required to adhere to its contracts and protect colonies which had signed an agreement with them. This forced many , pilots which had no real prior combat experience into, deadly situations, one of these pilots was miss Nova herself.
Many pilots were wounded or killed in action, said to behave like headless chickens. In an attempt to protect their reputation, the CPS decided to broadcast "Edited" streams of these mech pilots, intertwining dangerous and lethal situations with canned laughter and humorous captions. This did not go well with the general public and the CPS was disbanded shortly after.

As of now miss Nova helps raise charity for the society of "Soldiers without Banners", a solidary group that helps veterans coming from private millitary backgrounds or security firms which were dispanded. Despite her popularity, miss Nova lives in squalid conditions, divulging on camera that her days on the field made her "get used to it" and that she "preffers it this way". Further her popularity has proven a deadly trap, as a stunt pilot in her mech dubbed "Hopper" she is required to keep her neural arm implants, leaving her with the growing chance that one day she might wake up with inoperable arms.

If you want to help folks like miss Fareeda Del Nova, please donate to one of the many charities or help raise awareness by sharing this article.




Hopper ( Cossack Mark. IV)

The Cossack Mark. IV combines high speed and powerful energy shielding into a deadly combination. Often reffered to as "Frontier's Doorknockers", these mechs are best utilized in urban situations, cave-systems and speedy scouts.
Nothing is perfect, and the Cossack is no exception. Its speed and shielding drains the battery very quickly and it also has, what at the time could be considered a boast, an arm neural interface.
While this interface provides perfect feedback and hand-to-eye coordination, it also means that the pilot can take 5-6 minutes of unplugging before he can safely leave the suit.
This naturally conflicts with the safety system, which is a simple ejection system that automatically activates if the mech is compromised, shooting the pilot out of the mech immediatly. Further, the sensitivity sensors implemented into these machines that provide feedback to the pilot are told to give off an "unpleasant feeling" when the arms are damaged, and as studies show pilots with such implants run the risk of losing feeling in their hands and fingers.

This one is modified by the pilot to feature red cushioning and a spray painted symbols specific to the pilot.




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