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Implement Security Response Regulations


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A frequent problem I've seen with the way security works is that the moment some sort of antag-related crime is reported (i.e. breaking in somewhere, an assault, etc) the entire security team rolls in at once to see what's happening, making it nearly impossible for the antagonist to respond to this in a way that does not involve them either fleeing or getting captured.

I propose that we put some more logical regulations on how the security team is supposed to behave.  It is very rare that every security guard in a mall or company building runs over the moment a crime is reported, because part of their job is patrolling and keeping an eye out for criminal activity, not rubbernecking to see what interesting thing is going on over there.  Security officers should be assigned, either by the head or by group consent, to respond to a problem, and unless something extremely serious is happening, such as a break-in to the vault, gunfire, or a head of staff being in danger, no more than 1-2 security members should be responding to an incident.

Individuals who repeatedly flee from security without violence should also not be mobbed up on like this, security should be encouraged to behave more intelligently and move as a team, with a couple going to the site of where the fugitive is, while the rest move to monitor possible exits the fleeing fugitive might be using. 

Detectives shouldn't be responding to every incident, I often see them trailing after officers to see what is happening and also be there to shoot at things with their revolver JUST IN CASE(tm) they become violent.

Basically, unless the person is obviously hostile or a threat, I'd like if it security would stop acting like a mob trying to all feel involved in direct antagonist interaction and act more like a security force.  It is this 'unga bunga lynch antag' mentality that is causing rounds where antagonists repeatedly flee from security every time they show up, because ALL of them show up, and the antagonist doesn't know how to deal with it other than to gtfo.  There is 0 incentive for an antagonist to stick around to roleplay where 4-6+ security members are hovering over them, and way more to have a more chill criminal interaction with them when just 1-2 are there and they're not having to constantly watch a half dozen people for signs of attack.  You can't roleplay with a hostile mob, it just doesn't work that way, and unless you've been murdering people or something, you shouldn't have to face one.

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Behind this. Security specific mid-tier regulation for failure to do complete a callout, and/or failure to adhear to response directives. So, if you're rolling up to a scene after someone reports it and another officer has already verified on comms that they're responding, you can be reprimanded if the Command team and/or majority security team agree. Not that you will be every time, but that when you are, it's a kick in the pants- specifically the wallet, and maybe time in a cell or temporary suspension if it's a repeat issue, which would rope neglect of duty in as well so you could compound this new regulation and neglect of duty, then also file an IR.

Just the looming threat of being fucked if you aren't properly coordinating and instead just sprinting to every situation like a validhound. Mind you, I have zero issue with Officers just checking situations out if it's in the main halls, but standing around when it's already been handled is just plain and simple not doing your job.

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I know this is old, but I agree with this. Several times, I've had all the officers and a detective come over for minor/mid-level infractions. It shouldn't be like this. If the person in suspect has not shown signs of evasions to need them to be surrounded or is just not enough of a threat, it should be 1-2 officers maximum. If the others want to do anything, I'd be better off with them watching the cams to see how it goes where they have a much more passive presence than existing and being capable of applying extra stuns/pain/damage to the criminal.


It's much more interesting for "We dispatched an officer for a mid-level infraction and they haven't returned." than "They slightly injured one officer but the combined efforts of our four officers and detective put a stop to any malicious schemes."

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I agree it's shit and metagamey that a 'suspicious dark figure in a poorly lit maintainence tunnel' will get 3-4 officers running but this is going to be touchy to implement. What if someone, a officer, was in a conversation with another officer and they had to go respond? Naturally they'd go together. But now the suspect will be able to say "EXCESSIVE FORCE OVERRESPONSE AHELP REEEEE SECBAN". I know this is hyperbole but issues with security response and sec/antag interactions are less 'security is malicious' and more 'the scale of the station and it's staff does not accurately reflect the gameplay balance'.

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4 hours ago, Marlon Phoenix said:

Would department sec help?

No, because they would still be just as free to swarm people, unless you want to chain people to the department. (And if you do that I will scream.)

Also I don't agree with enforcing things like this. People in general naturally flock to interesting things, and the idea of having to leave because there's too many officers already rubs me the wrong way. 

On 01/08/2019 at 18:17, Kaed said:

Individuals who repeatedly flee from security without violence should also not be mobbed up on like this, security should be encouraged to behave more intelligently and move as a team, with a couple going to the site of where the fugitive is, while the rest move to monitor possible exits the fleeing fugitive might be using. 

Good security already does this. Good security in general does not tend to mob suspects. I don't think this is something you should encourage this way, it's a cultural thing that needs to be encouraged with good play. Which we try to encourage a lot over at the NT-Sec discord, but not everyone is a part of that. It would be nice if more people were relaxed and didn't immediately swarm crime scenes, but I don't think this is a good way to go about changing it.

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The only way you're going to enforce this is by bomb-collaring sec right now or bomb-collaring department sec in the future if they stray too far away from their post. Which is technically something I'm on board with so long as it only applies to security officers, as it sounds very amusing and dystopic.

Beyond that, I think we need to be a little more skeptical and cynical about continually suggesting new policies as if they're going to immediately fix the game. The more OOC policies we have to continually stack up, the more policy bloat there is and the more there is to remember. Take Directive 11 for example. If there is no heads of staff, the directive is useless. If a head of staff doesn't know what is going on but raises the code level anyway because someone turned up dead under foul play, the directive is useless because the head of staff knows just as much as you do. If the same head of staff forgets to brief everyone regarding what was uncovered, there is still no penalty for failing to keep everyone reminded of what happened as if they're Microsoft Word Clippy in space.

This issue is largely fixable on a round-by-round basis if there is a head of security rigidly enforcing dispatch policy in their own department to curtail the unnecessary flood of security personnel. If there isn't, tough luck, but you generally have to deal with the same symptoms of a disorganized department that doesn't have a department head bearing down on them to not be disorganized or useless.

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I do not believe that more security regulations are needed. I already pulled the wiki guides on security (responding, arresting, etc) and placed them as official station procedures, I suppose I could add something that tells them not to mob up a place and leave the rest of the station unguarded. It ultimately falls to the Head of Security to police their officers though, as that's still the most effective way.

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I frequently only see 2 officers respond to things unless there's weapons involved. I see WAY more Miners and Engineers try to get involved in an tag stuff than Sec Goons 3 and 4. 

People play this game to have fun and Antag interaction is where most get it. Whether they are paramedics that stand next to Officers holding someone at tazer point and suggest using a tranq dart or miners and engineers insisting on fighting hivebots with welders and KA..... You cant really stop it without widespread changes, I dont think this is a Sec problem.

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