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[Accepted] Goolies' Unathi Application ​🦎​

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BYOND Key: Goolies

Character Names: Ryan Barrett, Ada Bishop, Trent Kayman, Bling-35, Rudavina Rosina, Bill Hickman

Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Orange-brown or Red

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yup! I'm still making my way through all of the smaller factions but I've read basically everything.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Out of all the other races excluding the one's I've already got access to (Human and IPC) I'd say that Unathi are probably more on the flexible side as to what you want them to be, or where you want them to be from. There's a really deep selection of lore you can use for Unathi which gives you breathing room for some really unique characters and stories. An Unathi whitelist has been on my radar for a while but I held off until I had my character idea set in stone and had a greater understanding of where I wanted to take them with the lore that's provided. I think that's what I'm so excited for. You can really make such a broad array of characters when you have access to the Unathi lore. There's such a spectrum of personalities and backgrounds you can choose from.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: In my own opinion I think that the easiest word to sum up how different it is to play an Unathi is that they're "tribal" compared to Humans. Compared to the other races that you're able to play, Unathi are much less technologically advanced and you can see that in the lore and how a lot of the characters we have on station interact with the rest of the crew. There's an underlying Religious zeal that a lot of Unathi players use in their characters or how they use the aspect of honour and respect. We've all seen at least ONE Unathi on station try and duel somebody at some point in the game. Playing into the "tribal" stereotype that Unathi have is the fact that they're still very much feudal and feel almost misplaced in a technological conglomerate such as the SCC and that the honour I talked of earlier plays a much bigger role in their society than how any Human civilisations have ever incorporated it. You really need to watch how you act as an Unathi in front of your betters, you really need to put your best foot forward in such a competitive atmosphere where if you do or say one wrong thing to someone of importance in your clan you could risk a serious scolding.

Character Name: Eku Ahulku

Please provide a short backstory for this character: Being born into a peasant lifestyle with nothing more than a peasant family, a peasant village and a nameless clan has it's ups and downs. Especially in the midst of the Contact War. One of the benefits of having not a lick of education is being completely oblivious to that around you. Until teenage years Eku was none the wiser to the outside world around his village. He spent most of his younger life on Moghes with his Brother who was born from the same clutch. Both of them were born sickly, (as you can imagine being born in times of war) and forgo the usual upbringing of fighting amongst peers and preferred the company of the sparse books the village had. Fortunately for Eku and his Brother, their younger lives were surprisingly quiet. Their clan's village, whilst ever so often experiencing the odd brawl or two from the ensuing Contact War was left relatively untouched on the outskirts. It wasn't until his Father unfortunately died a rather bloody death after a particularly rough day of fighting that he soon began to understand the effects the Contact War had on his village and his clanmates. He and his Brother were lectured nonstop by their Elders as to why they should follow in his Father's footsteps and join in on defending his village in the relentless fighting but their grieving Mother adamantly forbid the two of them going anywhere, anytime soon. If it wasn't for the sickly upbringing they had and the pity that the Elders took on the two whelps they would of been sent off immediately. Instead? They stayed in the village with their Mother.

His brother and him learnt the trade of botanicas and how to mix just the right amount of this and that to give life to old rumbling pains or even bring somebody back from the cusp of death. While the more healthier of men were out fighting, Eku and his Brother were revelled for their ways of making the impossible happen. With their Mother's guidance they became incredibly proficient at picking apart exactly what plant did what and how to use it when and where. The respect that they had lost for not joining their clanmates in battle was ultimately redeemed after many broken men had come back in fighting spirit after visiting Eku and his Brother's hut of herbal remedies. Soon he began to fall into routine. Wrap the leg, stop the bleeding, move on. Cover the arms, stitch the cut, move on. In fact? Over the years Eku had more and more time to himself and occupied his free time with sampling his own medicine to better his health. Eku began to grow stronger and left behind his sickly childhood to become a dashing young man full of confidence and vigour. All the books from his childhood that he was able to nab from the Elders or find scattered around had left him an intelligent young man and for that he was very proud. In his mind him and his Brother were the smartest of the village! Whilst his clanmates occupied themselves with the petty squabbles of some war he couldn't make head or tail of he was with his Mother learning how exactly to turn back the clock on death.

Unfortunately for him and the rest of his family the war took it's toll on the supplies coming in and out of the village. It was less about what plant he could use to raise so-and-so from the dead and more about what exact plant he could eat to make it through the weeks. The men destined to defend the village began to move away from their families to be closer to the fighting under promises of a real hot meal instead of the slop that Eku's village ate every day. His cushy business practice of sitting inside their Mother's hut all day with menageries of hot peppery herbs and soothing ointments began to not be so fruitful. Eku decided that he wasn't going to waste the rest of his life tending to the sickly Elders that had stayed behind and their worrisome complaints of stomach aches and back pains. Eku decided that he wanted more for not only his Brother but his Mother too. They were saviours! Healers! And so? In a hasty decision? They upped and left for civilisation. Or at least as civilised as one could get as an Unathi.

On their way with hopeful spirits that there'd be a less desolate village somewhere out there, with all of their possessions strapped to his back, Eku, his Brother and his Mother stumbled upon a gaggle of Unathi hooting and hollering over a rare sight. A well dressed Human! Said Human was handing flyers out to the Unathi and for some reason or other, the Unathi were trying their best to grab at one. Fighting almost! Dumbfounded and downright confused as to why a Human would cause such a ruckus Eku headed over. But before he could inquire as to what exactly the big deal was? The crowd ran off! Following the extravagant, suited Human away! On the floor? A trampled flyer with the big words, "Hephaestus Wants You!" plastered on the front. Eku suddenly had an idea as to where his family could go and where he could finally put his knowledge to good use!

What do you like about this character?: I want to RP this character as loud and proud. I'm honestly just excited to be able to play a loud Unathi who thinks he's smarter than everyone else because of his skills with plants. This would be my first time I'm playing as a Botanist so I'm excited for that too.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?: The last time I made an application I typed a bunch here just so I could avoid giving my RP a number. But if I were FORCED to rank myself? I'd give myself a hard seven or eight. Maybe a nine on a good day. But that's on a good day!

Notes: I'd love to hear any suggestions that people want to give to the backstory of general tips when it comes to roleplaying Unathi. I like to develop characters whilst playing them so if this wasn't as nitty gritty as other applications I'm happy to answer any questions too in the comments.

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fuck fuck fuck goolies didn't apply for skrell next

I think Goolies is one of our best roleplayers on the server. When Ryan Barrett first hit the scene, a lot of people gave him a lot of shit for playing a (at first glance) dislikable character. Not many players have the mental fortitude to shrug that off and keep rolling, not to mention turn such a character into one of the most well-known staples of the station. I could probably identify Ryan Barret 1000x faster than I could identify any Captain we've ever had on the station. 

More so, I've had plenty of chances to interact with goolies in-game, and enjoy his stuff a lot, if that wasn't obvious. I would be genuinely interested to see how he handles the brave and brash Unathi presented in his application.

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Goolies is a wonderful roleplayer with many lovable characters and also Ryan Barrett. I would love to see them stop giving humans a bad image take their roleplaying skills to other species as well.

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Thank you for your kind words! Even if you all called Ryan an asshole... I'll let it slide JUST this once... ALSO I just said audibly in a VC "fuck I forgot the Religion part" so please quiz me on that if you need to

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What religion do they -

1 hour ago, goolie said:

fuck I forgot the Religion part"

Oh no! Lol

What religion would they follow? How do they feel about the othet faiths? How do they incorporate the faith into their life? 

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With the type of vibe I'm going for I'm leaning towards the mysticism of Th'akh and the whole worshipping of the spirits and ancestors that comes along with it. I think that ties in nicely to a character that's all about herbal medicine. I see the two going hand in hand. I know that in a lot of the Unathi Religions spiritism is a recurring theme that pops up but I feel that Th’akh fits. Especially since he's from Moghes. If I decided to change which planet he's born on I might just change his Religion to Sk'akh but I think I'm definitely settled on Th'akh. I'd have to see how it goes when I RP them on station though because I'm all about going with the flow of rounds and seeing where it takes me. But the basic setup is a worshipper of Th’akh. I particularly enjoy the lore surrounding the spirit world and what he might do to appease not only the spirits but his ancestors. I have this image in my head of him on station burning an incense or two whilst he works, or even pricking a finger to "strengthen the ancestral connection" between him and his Father. But I might also go another route and try not to lean too heavily on the Religious lore. I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to take the character but rest assured I am read up on the lore!

As for his opinion on the other Religions? I feel that he'd hold quite a bit of disdain and stubborness. Not only is he show offish and proud from his upbringing of probably being the ONLY Unathi in his village to ACTUALLY read a book but he strikes me (even though he hasn't been created on the server yet) as somebody that doesn't take no for an answer when it comes to their ideals. HIS ideas are his own and any other Unathi that doesn't follow suit is wrong. Aut’akh would most likely be the most insulting and foreign to him because I don't think he'd of come across many prosthetics in his time thus far. I think he'd even laugh it off not believing that any reasonable Unathi would actually want to replace their flesh and bone with machinery. However when it comes to the Sk'akh I think he'd be a little more tolerant. Being from Moghes where Th'akh is the more prevalent religion he may not of come across many other worshippers but in my head if he were ever to come across a worshipper of Sk'akh, I liken it to disagreements between Christianity and Protestants with nothing more than core belief disagreements. If it's stupid of me to compare it to Christianity and Protestantism do let me know. I realise that there are differences between the two Religions but to me it seems like Th’akh and Sk'akh worshippers, (or specifically Eku and a Sk'akh worshipper) could get along if they tried, (without the rumours and horror stories they keep throwing at each other in the lore to one up each other and come out as the Religion on top.)

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You know what. I actually HATE Goolies. Doesn't apply for Skrell, but applies for UNATHI. Smh. Anyway. 

Here are some questions:


1. How has Eku adjusted to the multicultural cesspit that is the Republic of Biesel? Do they get to experience Unathite culture, or has it become defunct since their move to the Republic of Biesel? 

2. How does Eku view Hephaestus Industries, as well as the greater Stellar Corporate Conglomerate? 

Goodluck. There are no wrong answers. 

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YEAAH THERE WE GO! Goolies playing a lizard, finally! ...That is... If you pass the WL- Okay I'll stop. If it wasn't clear enough, that means that I see you as a great roleplayer. And the character looks good, I can't wait to have mine meet him... Anyways, let's go with the lore and the questions.

1) Hephaestus doesn't engage Botanists, at least not on the station, as far as I know, and won't on the Aurora/Horizon. So firstly, how did it go with Hephaestus? I assume Eku didn't get a free lift off Moghes, he must've worked for them, how did it go then?

2) And thus, since Hephaestus doesn't engage Botanists, who is Eku working for as a Botanist on the Aurora/Horizon? How did they get hired by these people?

3) Anything noteworthy that might have happened between the end of your backstory, and his first day on the workplace, that wasn't covered by the two previous questions?

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@Caelphon HEY! THIS WAS A SPUR OF THE MOMENT KIND OF THING. I'll apply for Skrell some day! Anyways! From his own point of view? Eku probably regards other races as weaker than Unathi and treats them appropriately but not in an overwhelmingly nasty way. More of a "I'm stronger than you and I know it" type of way. Kind of adds to his whole proudful nature that I was trying to get at. He knows his strength and he knows no Human or Tajara is going to be able to take him down without help. Gentle giant and all that. I'm excited to see how he plays out when it comes to the other species. I like to think that Eku definitely hasn't lost sight of what it means to be an Unathi also. He's in touch with his culture and hasn't at all been "Bieselised" if that's the word for it. That isn't a go-to for me to play him as one of those stereotypical "ME BIG! ME UNATHI! ME SMASH!" type of characters and I'd hope that I would have a little more nuance than that. It helps that his Brother and Mother joined him in Biesel so that gives him a chance to interact with other Unathi who are likeminded and remind him of where he came from. 

And all of the SCC? I'm torn between having him respect the CEO's that were able to seize the moment and make something of themselves, something that he wishes he was able to do earlier on in life rather than making a difference in some no name village. Or I'd have him regard them with blinding ignorance. He's only just moved systems and there's much more important things going on in his life than getting his claws stuck into the geopolitical nature of where, what and how he got his job. I think I'd go with the latter and make his decisions on each company as I play.

@Captain GeckoI KNEW I'd fucked up when I started typing the word Hephaestus and I even logged onto the server to check if I could play as a Botanist as one because I knew you couldn't! The last paragraph was pretty much an adlib. I wasn't actually aware you had to explain how they got off their home planet but now that I'm typing it, it does sound pretty obvious that you'd have to. I know that Hephaestus had a larger presence on Moghes when it came to hiring Unathi, (at least that's what I found when looking into hiring notes for Unathi) so that's why I went with it. It fit the setting. But now that I've decided I want him to be a Botanist? I might just sneakily edit the company... WHATEVER company he works for and whatever story I decide to go with? I feel that he would of shot up the corporate ladder. Nothing too special but I see him being plopped down with plain old farmers in some sponsored company joint, being forced to pump out nutrient paste all day only to prove that he was more than that by growing more advanced medicinal herbs out of pocket. With his smooth talking attitude and brash "I can do anything, I read BOOKS back in my time" nature he went from average farmer to alternative medicine up to fully fledged Botanist. And for the last question I can't really think of anything that I'd want to add to his story right now I think I've said it before but I'm really one of those type of RPers that lets the round decide where I want to take the character. I was thinking of adding some awful disaster that happened to the village where his Mother sent him off packing with his Brother but I didn't want to head into that territory. Maybe a few "disagreements" with his new local neighbours or him and his Brother getting into a few scraps. Nothing TOO noteworthy. I bring my characters in as a blank slate or at least with an open page to develop them on.

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Aight, so, we all know Goolies. That's a given, and if you know goolies, you probably know one of his characters. And if you know one of his characters, that means that you've probably had a hell of a time RPing with this bastard. I fuckin love Goolies, they do a great job providing a well fleshed out characters, FLAWS INCLUDED, which is something that you dont always see. Goolies does an incredible job with his characters and I frankly cannot wait to see what they do with an unathi wl if they get it

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Pretty easy application in my mind. All of your characters I remember visibly in my mind despite only talking with some of them once, and I do not really have any doubts on your ability to roleplay and live up to the species standard.

Application accepted. Feel free to reach out to my deputies and I with any questions you may have.

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