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Heya, peoples.

I have no idea if this thread idea has been done, but as I'm sittin' here at actual work, I started wondering about languages.

So here's what I wanna see, perhaps.

State your native tongue, and any other languages you speak. Preferably written as it would be IN that language, with the English name/spelling in brackets beside it.

While it might be kinda hard to quantify what counts as "being able to speak", I say you don't really need to be fluent, per se, but you should be able to hold a basic conversation without looking at google translate. Maybe say how well you can speak secondary languages, such as if you're just learning or whatever.

I'll start.

My mother tongue is English (Canadian, cuz that matters, right?)

日本語もはなします。(I also speak Japanese, which I've been learning for the past two years)

This is just for fun, and cuz I'm curious.

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Rusty knows a wide variety of dialects that allows him to efficiently communicate with the many peoples of the world via the spoken word.


oi, wut r u lookin at m8, ur a cheeky lil cunt ill give u that m8, ill hook ya in da gabba i swear on me mum


Chinga tu madre, puto malcreado!


Omelette du fromage.



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Here's my list.

English, Obviously.

واللغة العربية (And Arabic)

בנוסף לעברית (In addition to Hebrew)

Parli Provençal, pr'amor que de rasons (Also Provençal, because Reasons)

Euv Romansh (And Romansh)

русский тоже (Russian Too)

粤语是很好的学习太 (Cantonese was fun to learn too)

Dansk var interessant samt (Danish was interesting as-well)

Ek praat Afrikaans, ietwat (I speak Afrikaans...somewhat)

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Я хорошо понимаю русский язик. Например, я могу свободно смотреть русское телевидение.

I understand Russian well. For example, I can watch Russian TV with no trouble.

L'année dernière j'ai donné des directions à un homme français. C'était vraiment passionnant.

Last year I gave directions to a French guy. It was truly exciting!

Ich habe in der Schule ein bisschen Deutch gelernt. Leider habe ich alles vergessen.

I learned a bit of German in school. Unfortunately, I've forgotten everything.

Ahora aprendo español; fue necesario hablar con la madre de una cierta persona... <3

Now I learn Spanish; it was necessary to speak with the mother of a certain person... <3


I only speak a little Japanese. Sometimes, I can understand anime without subtitles!

Nowadays I can barely speak a sentence of Latin, but can more or less understand whatever text you throw at me.

I love languages! I want to become conversational in a lot more of them.

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Soy medio-Peruano, y hablo un poco de español, pero he olvidado la mayoría de ella. Carajo.

Also it sucks when typing it because I have to google the letters with the accents just so I can copy paste individual one because I can't remember the goddamn hex codes for them.


Use a word processor?

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Italian - Bonjourno.

I used to be able to speak Quenyan Elvish pretty okay, but I really just stopped ever using it, and I kind of lost it.

A few friends and I created a language, and a few of us could speak it fluently. For example; If you wanted to ask "Is it going to rain tonight?" You would say;

Shon caeltid ketslis? which roughly translates to around.. Should nighttime rain. It's really simplistic, but we kinda stopped due to lack of interest.

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I can use English (English)

Я знаю русский, така как я его использую в основном(Russian)

Я можу розмовляти українською, бо я є українець(Ukrainian)

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Deutsch ist meine Muttersprache. Weil ich Deutsch bin. Macht Sinn, nicht?

(Translation: German is my main language. Because I'm german. Makes sense, no?)

English is awesome. I can speak it very good. Also, Meowy sucks.

(Translation: English is awesome. I can speak it very good. Also, Meowy is awesome.)

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Es māku runāt Latviski. Protams jūs jau nesaprotat ko es saku, bet man ir vienalga, jo šī ir mana dzimtā valoda, un es to mīlu.

"I can speak in Latvian. Of course you wouldn't understand what i say but i do not care, because this is my native language and i love it."

And yes, obviously, english.

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I know English. I know a bit of Hebrew, I'm fluent in Spanish, I know a little of German, Latin, French, Russian; although I cannot really speak those four languages, I can understand someone if they're talking to me.

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I always knew you were Spanish, 1138.

Buuuuut. I know English natively, which is about that.

However, I'm also half Spanish, and can speak it a very little bit. Circumstances growing up did not mean I was always around my Spanish speaking parent, so as I grew up, I didn't manage to learn as much of the language as I'd have liked to.

And what Sammac said. Foreign languages in the UK are just terrible. Back when I was at school, it was either French, or German, depending on if you joined the school on an odd or even year, which was just dumb. Spanish did exist as a choice, but it was a GCSE, and in order to pick that, you had to have scored really high on your pre-determined foreign language the previous 3 years. And... Not a lot of people managed to do that, myself included.

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I am half Mexican. My father was born in Mexico. I grew up in a Mexican neighborhood where the vast majority of people did not speak English and I had to find someone to speak English to other than the other children. I have had Spanish spoken to me for a very big part of my childhood.

I don't know the FIRST THING about Spanish. I know NOTHING about it. What do I win?

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