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I have noticed that there has been a lack of complaints these last few days. This has caused a lack of amusing content and caused my lack of interest in the server to drop. Make complaints. Think of the children.

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I was actually going to comment on this at some point. I still have a few staff complaints to do my rounds in, but the last player complaint was submitted like a week ago.

Are our players finally laying off the salt? Or did they simply figure out that complaints garner no immediate actions, and are now trying to figure out better ways to get each other banned?

Find out. Next time. On the Aurora.

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You guys are like... yeah... especially you Skull.

Being the previous and only Forum ADMINISTRATOR, I've observed these things and it literally means that people are taking a break from complaining. They've not actually learnt anything so don't get your hopes up. There will be a complaint sometime soon and the shit-fest that is Aurora will start again.

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http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=4953 - 5/7 'Obviously Zombies' angle was meh but the "teddies thrown out of pram" 'end' (because lel I'll be back, you can't kill meGold Star for whoever gets that reference) post was just the bee's knees.

http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=4943 9/10 Leave MetaphysicalPersona alone! Personally I just like the fact that it isn't going anywhere. Delicious.

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