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The Thermal Drill (go get it)

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The thermal Drill is the go to weapon for any powergaming traitor. The tracking on aim is horribly OP. This weapon is the most effective weapon you can get on the station. Nothing comes close, except for one shot disable weapons, similar to the Rail Gun and HE Lawgiver. A mining tool is a more effective weapon than actual guns, The laser gatling gun does literally the same thing, but is infinitely worse because of its spread and ammo amount.

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A much easier way of fixing this would be to make the target switch to the turf the clicked target is standing on rather than add a dispersion (which I presume will still have the lock-on effect). If the beam doesn't chase the target it's a simple matter to just step out of the way and robust the person firing. If there's a dispersion it makes it much less useful for actual controlled mining.

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