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Pigface: Aftermath


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„Hello, anyone there?“ echoed through the dark maintenance, the only response was clanking of pipes and constant hum of the ship.

Azala turned around, satisfied with the results, it was nothing.


She froze in her tracks.


Azala slowly turned around, the dead eyes of a pig stared into her soul, a loud squeal drowned out the noise of her scream.

A loud dubstep noise interrupted the scene as the headline flew into view.


Rated M for mature


Erana’Weshi Xoqia couldn’t believe how shallow the trailer was on the 16th viewing.

She waved goodbye to Un’gha B’uh-nga a comedian famous for his anti-PMC and anti-security sketches where he often compared them to apes. She liked him, sadly he had to beg her pardon as he had to make it to Phoenixport today.

She sighed, she had to initiate another conversation, it would be socially uncouth of her to just stand there like a fence pole.

With a confident stride she walked up to the nearest conversation involving a person she could recognize, Za’Akaix’Nyx Zo’ra, the vaurca who played a security officer in this shtick.

“And then you like, get lost and can’t find your way there?” laughed a woman with red hair and a similarly crimson red dress.

“Ya, it was hilarious, I just couldn’t keep myself from laughing,” continued another female, this one had a short blond bowl cut with a dress that looked like a brown refrigerator box, fashion.

“I WAZZ lozzt,” said Nyx, awkwardly standing there with a glass of champagne which he was ignoring since the start, he stuck out like a sore thumb even in his fancy getup.

The girls began to laugh, Nyx clacked his mandibles, confused.

Erana drifted right past this crowd in one smooth movement making it seem like she wasn’t interested in this conversation at all, instead she decided to approach another.

“Oh it wasn’t trrrouble for him at all, it was like, this charracterrr WAS Mikam, prrractically just copied Mikam into the scrrript,” Mikam Ar’Jargo, the cream colored Tajara mused to a Kochiba colored Njarir in a royally purple dress.

“Oh S’rendarr, rreally?”, her interest seemed genuine, or she was a very good actress.

“Why yes, Mikam would have done the same thing facing such a beast, the jourrrnal scene actually had to be rrreshot because Mikam, heh, accidentally disarrrrmed the Pigface actorrr since he didn’t know they started yet”.

The Njarir flicked her ears, looking sideways at Mikam, “Wow, such bravery!”

“Yeah it was no big d-“

Erana hoped nobody heard the near audible, ugh, she let out as she skimmed past them, the food table must be her next stop or else this move would look unnatural.

She stopped next to Arenu, he was busy loading up his plate with food while Jahn DeFancy a famous critic was attempting to strike a conversation.

“-but as I said, I think the portrayal of your character was extremely unrealistic, I mean what kind of person could be so shallow and dull?” he talked, wildly gesturing while Erana stopped next to them, grabbing a canapé while Arenu was busy trying to wrestle the sixth crab on his plate.

“I mean the whole crew was ridiculously unresponsive, well besides the main characters but it still made no sense! It’s going to fail is what I tell you and you shouldn’t have bet your career on this flick!” he continued his rant, chowing down on some olives which he picked from the salad bowl.

“Uh-uh,” responded Arenu, attempting to tie the crabs together with seaweed he got by unwrapping the sushi present on the table.

Erana was starting to get desperate, captain Viatorem he must be at least somewhat interesting plus the gentleman speaking to him seemed educated enough!

“As I said it’s all anti-human propaganda, the main character gets beaten by two cats and a bugman, while you as the captain of the ship, a human, go basically insane? It’s asinine how obvious the xeno pande-“

NOPE, thought Erana as she near spun in place, pretending she had forgotten something at the long table.

Erana stood at the end of the long table, swirling the wine in her glass, contemplating how much would it offend people if she left this early without an excuse.

Suddenly there came a tugging, as if someone grabbing, grabbing on her dress below.

“Hey HoP, wassup?”

Jaeger’s head peered from under the table, her hair previously done into a bun had come loose and her cheeks flushed with the color red as the wine took its effect on her.

“Is pretty comfy down here, Tiller Komato is here too, but we ran outta drink, could chu hand me a bottle?” she asked, completely oblivious to her situation, it seemed nobody else had noticed her yet.

“Stars Jaeger, y-“ started Erana looking down at Ashley, but Ashley simply smiled with a big stupid grin while someone burped from underneath the table.

“Fuck it, move” finished Erana, grabbing a bottle and descending under the table to join Jaeger in a nice, peaceful conversation.


So I decided to put this silly thing here, while it isn't what you were expecting I found it much more entertaining than just describing boring action sequences over and over.


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