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Favorite Android/iOS Games

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So, I'm checking out the tail end of some cyber Monday week sales in the Google Play store and wanted to know what your favorite games for mobile are.

Ideally, something that isn't FTP with a pay-to-win mechanic (I'm looking at you, Final Fantasy XV - A New Scam Empire!).

(Following are Google Play games and prices)

Baldur's Gate 1, 2, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment are all 50% off for the next 18 hours or so from this post. I got BG2 in the sale.

I also recently picked up Day R: Survival Premium and it is surprisingly deep for the sale price of 99 cents.

Finally, nothing against the Total War franchise or its fans here, but isn't it oddly satisfying that Total War Titles is no longer listed on the home page when scrolling past this section? (HINT: It is 50% of my reason for making this post)

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Before Thanksgiving, I got heavily interested in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. That's probably the only recent game I've ever to play on Android. Pocket Plane was my favorite game on the iOS, I no longer have iOS devices anymore. I recommend people to try these games, although there's only one game I will ever keep on all of my android devices eternally, European War IV: Napoleon. It's similar to Civilization but no influences, only small economy/food and big battles. Oh, and it's turn based.

Just if you're interested in these games, I'd recommend it. Moving onto PCs... As for Total War franchise, I was tempting to buy Total War: Empire or Total War: Napoleon, but I decided to go for Europa Universalis IV because I heard it was a better game than Total War... And I'm confused on how to play Europa Universalis IV (someone help me).

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80 Days is my go-to mobile game when I'm traveling. Charming stories with an interesting steampunky (steam-Victorian?) setting, high-quality script, plenty of replayability, and it's easy to pick up and put down. It's also on Steam if you somehow like to play mobile games on a PC instead.
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If you have Android and like post apocalypse and roguelikes, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead has a supurb port. The windows version will also be baller as fuck though. For more information: when I say 'apocalypse roguelike' I don't mean you'll only be fighting zombies in a large, procedurally generated world with multiple towns and buildings, NPCs you can recruit, cars you can drive, etc etc etc. I mean that stuff is there, but the apocalypse is fairly configurable a generation. Trifids? Yes. Fast zombies? Yes. Slow zombies? Yes. Mutants? Yes. Robots? Yes. All at once? If you fucking want it kiddo, you can be a meth addicted mutant cyborg attempting to escape from a hidden lab or a soldier trying to save a town from the undead. It's fan-fucking-tastic and even has several tilesets if you're into that.

Another decent port is Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup, but you will need a different keyboad like Hacker's Keyboard for it to work and is definitely better on a tablet. This one is a more traditional roguelike; you choose from a huge list of races and classes, then run around in a massive, sprawling dungeon and get eaten by grues. A little mor straight laced than Cataclysm, but you can still get mauled by bats and shit so that's neato.

also both of these are free


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Galaxy on Fire 2 - 3d space ship RPG

Big Little War Game - 3d RTS, very similar to Command and Conquer

World of Tanks Blitz - world of tanks but even more casual

World of Empires - free 3D civ game, there's IAP/ads but completely optional to get extra coins in single player

Assoluto - Assetto Corsa on mobile

Critical Ops - Counter Strike on mobile, IAPs are just for skins, optional ads to increase points from missions to unlock said skins without paying

Forces of Freedom - 5vs5(number might be different) with sim-like combat, still in alpha but it reminds me of ArmA somewhat.

SimplePlanes - 3D plane design and flight simulator, really neat PC game that was ported really neatly to android

there's more that I forgot about

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Been playing Assoluto lately, an Assetto Corsa on mobile, both iOS and Android.

It's a pretty good Simulator with a lot of indepth mechanics for a mobile game, like the difference in air pressure in the front and rear wheels and how it affects traction among other things.

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