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Alright... how many of you are/were employed and your impressions of the jobs. I'm looking for a direction in life and am out of ideas at this point. Otherwise, I'm always eager to know more about the people I spend time playing with, because, frankly, I talk to you more than I talk to my 'IRL' friends.

I am currently employed by my dad (shameful, I know) at his IT company, developing financial and bookeeping sofware. I literally had no experience in programing, other than having learned basics in highschool, before I started working there. I'm kind of proud to say that I've picked up most of it pretty quickly and have little trouble until I hit the very advanced concepts, but people are always quick to help and explain. IT can be fun and enjoyable if you have a good work enviroment.

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I had a short job in a metal machining shop. Bascially, I was hired for when the majority of the shop workers went on summer holidays, and they needed more bodies. Spent some time doing bookkeeping and work order formatting, the rest was spent in quality control, milling and watching over a cutting and boring bench. Terribly tedious and repetative work, except the bit where I was developing pieces for the shop floor director. You need a specific mindset to enjoy that.

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Currently employed at a 24hr, Drive Thru McDonalds as a crew member, my main tasking currently is as a member of Front Counter staff, but my training can continue into the kitchen.

Previous work experience includes Vehicle Maintenance on Trucks, Trailers and Vans as well as a "Site Assistant" (Care Taker) for a secondary school.

Currently working towards getting into the Royal Air Force to be a pilot.

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I'm the night watchman for my local state college. I man the little booth in the front and let people in after checking their IDs. I also work a day job on a loading dock.


That is so believably American it's almost unbelievable

Anyway. I work as a maintenance guy for the town hall. Clean bathrooms, replace toilet paper, clean windows, replace lights. Other days, I'm over at the town industrial shop.

We had to do drywall the other day. Ugggggh.

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I work at a reception desk in my college's dorms. All people of the opposite gender (or identify as the opposite gender) and non-enrolled adults visiting need to go through me first, they call the person they're visiting and put them on the phone to me or the person being visited comes down themselves to tell me, turn in their student ID (or license if a non-enrolled adult/parent) for me to file in the binder. If they refuse, then I need to make sure they stay in the lobby. If they don't comply, then I am able to fine students $5 the first time, $5 more to the total amount every time after that. If it's an adult, then I need to tell them to stop and stay in the lobby. If they ignore me, then I ask them to leave. If they refuse to leave, then I call campus security while staying between them and the door. If they get violent, well... I'm sorta screwed because it's a weapons free campus, and I'm a pacifist so I have security on speed dial (because people have tried getting violent while I've worked here and I just can't swing even to defend myself because I hurt someone badly the last time I fought, and do not want to repeat it). I only say sorta because I have training in grapple submissions for self defense purposes. Since I don't have the will to hurt people, I just bring them to the floor instead as safely as I can, and hold them there until security arrives. Regardless, I'm not allowed to do that until they swing first, and with how shit goes on in the world now-a-days you never know what people might use to swing since people aren't rational when they're mad.

Entry is not guaranteed.



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I work in an office complex for a very peculiar company a few times a week.

I come in, get on a computer, and then they hand me files with numbers or data bunches, and then I put them into big lists for a few hours.

I don't question it since the pay is good and the people are nice.






I never thought of my job like this before. Thank you for making my night job a whole lot more interesting in my mind.

Glory to Arstotzka.

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Let's see... I was a technician in an electric/IT company, back in my old country. Worked there for almost three years.

Then I moved out to Norway and started working as a personal assistant for a disabled person. I was fired for my lack of language and some other stuff, and I have been a jobseeker for a half of a year D:

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Currently employed at the Residence Inn in Montreal as a night shift security guard (usually night shift, but I work afternoons a couple times a month as well.) Duties vary from sitting at a desk watching security camera feeds, and walking around the building helping people move luggage and such. Rarely actually do anything security guard related. Fights happen with guests, like, once a month, and when they do, we usually just call the police, and keep people in the office until they get here.

Space station security is much more interesting, let me tell you. :D

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For slightly more than a decade I was in the Military, in Military intelligence. Though I 'retired' recently due to medical issues. I thoroughly enjoyed it while I was in, more than most other jobs I think. Currently unemployed and enjoying my life. When I was in however, generally all I did was sit at a desk and review paperwork and reports.

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Hmh... spent one summer at a factory, putting random shit together -you know, actually working with your hands. It was awful.

Spent some more time working as a bartender at a freaking Western-city (not sure if that's a thing in America, but here, we like to pretend to be in America. Eh. If you do, though, I would highly recommend it: if it's a private-founded place, there are good chances it will have some wonderful atmosphere of people doing stuff because they LIKE to do it. No amount of pay can make up for that.).

Currently employed as a night watch at the castle in my hometown.


Also feel like I need to mention that I do commissions on the off time. Because I like to pretend that I still have a future in the line of work I studied and aspired for.

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I work in a store at the moment. After a couple of years in Retail, the term 'nobody's that stupid' becomes irrelevant.

Don't work in retail unless you live in a small town and don't have the variety of choice.


My company makes cashier software. It's designed to be useable by simple people and require minimum tech support.

We still have to give a lot of tech support for some reason.

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