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  1. hmm today I will database database just living in the database woah oh

  2. Hmm today I will love and appreciate Doxxmedearly

  3. Datamatt

    The Great Perspective Switch to 3/4

    Yea, this is a good point and why I'll probably end up closing the PR and calling it a day. Not worth it mostly.
  4. Because I had nothing better to do and someone dared me to. Currently our perspective is a mismatch of different ones (cabinet, top down and 3/4) which is pretty ugly and the TG sprites look pretty fuckin good. The PR I'm making now will be changing most objects to 3/4 sprites taken from Bay and TG. I'm ambivalent on this because of quite a few reasons, namely it'd make us look a lot like bay and the effort requred to resprite most of everything, but I would like to know what people think. Initial images: Currently, the main things that have changed are lockers, vendors (including new vending animations for every vendor pretty much) and most storage objects. I'll look into porting walls soon however I would prefer if we had our own style of walls at least.
  5. Hmm today I will destroy Doxxmedearly

    1. Mofo1995


      Hmm today I will save Doxxmedearly

    2. Datamatt


      Hmm today I will destroy Mofo1995 again

    3. Doxxmedearly
  6. Hmm today I will destroy Doc

  7. On trial until 17/12/2018.
  8. Hmm today I will destroy Mofo1995

  9. Datamatt

    new vending machine sprites (made by me)

    If we want to move to 2/3 perspective then these are great. But as it is we're using top down (mostly).
  10. Hmm today I will destroy Aurora Station

  11. Hmm today I will destroy Geeves.

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    2. geeves


      heroes never die

    3. ben10083


      @geeves never watched Infinity War I guess

    4. Mofo1995


      The bully hunter has become the bully hunted.

  12. Datamatt

    Shifted Community?

    Times change. The community changes. The people you used to RP with left due to burnout. Not a single community has remained intact and the same after one or two years.
  13. Datamatt

    Player Complaint - Alberyk

    Locking and archiving then.