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  1. You were pretty passive aggressive back when I was staff with you. It was easy to tell that you were burning out, and it wasn't pleasant. If you can fix that, you'd make a damn good moderator. +1
  2. I don't actually post here often but this one caught my attention. Man's got balls of steel and a resolution of steel too. Worthy of being a moderator imo. +1
  3. I can beat a warrior bare handed. No kidding. I practiced MMA for 6 years, boxing too for 7 years. I could. Also bodybuilding for 4 years. I'm 6' 2" 189lb. I have insane speed and reflexes matching only those of God himself. I just have to wait for him to charge me, dodge him and bop his head into oblivion. I will not let him go, one mistake and i finish him. There will always be virgins here to think it's impossible. Nothing is impossible with my power my friends. You're simply to weak to accomplish anything. Any beta man with a little bit of practice can take out a warrior with a knife. But bare handed it's much more difficult, it requires more technique.

    1. Doxxmedearly


      But can you see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?

    2. Datamatt


      @Doxxmedearly Good day. Cyberballing happens here. Yesterday there was an armed conflict with the player. I think that I have been unfairly charged and have already appealed him on the forum. Today, I calmly play, I play my role qualitatively, but this little child, having felt his impunity and that the administrators support him (why?) now I’m preventing me from playing normally without any RP. He just going to req, point to me and spam laughs. Before that, he threw a fire extinguisher at me. Just withou any reason. Seriously? Is just already seriously amorally. I just can't play anymore. Give him a ban finally please.

    3. Doxxmedearly


      understandable have a great day

  4. this is the gayest thread i've ever seen
  5. hmm today I will ping @Doxxmedearly for no reason

    1. Doxxmedearly


      You think that's funny, punk?

      Just you wait.

      I'm gonna kiss you gently on the forehead and tuck you in for a nap. Then we'll see who pings who. 

  6. im dondale shadow president
  7. hmm today I will go off my hiatus and play the canon event

  8. hmm today i will not post less

    1. Scheveningen
    2. Datamatt


      heh heh heh..............

  9. hmm today I will follow scheveningen's advice and post more

  10. hmm today I will database database just living in the database woah oh

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