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  1. B-but unironically I think borer is great 😭 Though I guess it doesn't work too well as a voted-in gamemode, and it isn't in secret either q.q
  2. Interesting, looking at the code both hypospray and syringes can be used on people in suits. Syringes have a specific check for this, whereas hyposprays simply don't bother to call `can_inject` and thus can be used on any mob at any time (which is probably a bug). Unfortunately borg hypos are a different thing as well, and they do check `can_inject`, which is why borgs can't inject suited people. IMO can_inject should be added to regular hypos but allowed to inject people with suits on. (And the code should be probably moved to reagent_containers so that we don't have 3 different copies).
  3. Oh! Maybe just fixing that instead would help? I don't see a reason why the hypo (including non-borg) should be incompatible with this. Like, you'd expect them to be made specifically compatible for exactly this reason.
  4. Maybe this already existed at some point and was removed, but what about just giving voidsuits and hardsuits (maybe just some types?) an injector port to quickly help (or not) people inside? I'm pretty sure I've seen at least some semi-realistic Sci-Fi have that, and it makes perfect sense (to me anyway). Not sure if it would somehow upset the antag balance or whatever.
  5. Ckey/BYOND Username: Amunak Discord Name: amunak#4953 Position Being Applied For: Coder Past Experiences/Knowledge: I've been programming for over a decade now (both for fun and as a profession), as well as running various servers (with boring infrastructure). I have a BS in applied informatics and in my career I've done most of my work in PHP (and Symfony), although I don't shy away from C, C++, C#, Java or Python (or really anything else if I'm motivated enough). Examples of Past Work: Played and coded since 2014, though with a biig gap in between. Even ran my own (Baycode) server
  6. They should, as he cuts off all interaction. If not we'll fix it
  7. Then perhaps make it so that they know about its existence, and that if something happens that they need it they must ask the captain, AI or perhaps seek out the slip on the briefcase (which would be a great addition in any case I think).
  8. From the few games I played I have to say I don't like the vision cones much either. It's cool and seems to add realism at first, but even if you don't fight (which I never did during my play here yet) it tends to get in the way. As others said, even when just RPing you now have to turn around much more, you have to check all the time if the person you were talking or walking with is still there, etc. I know there are the "step marks" or whatever, but I'm not sure that's enough. As an example, I may be talking with fellow engineers in engineering break room, but I also want to look at the
  9. Makes sense, I'm happy for the feedback even if it's negative. Shows me a different perspective! I'll be closing the PR as this is clearly not the way to go. However I'll be considering adding a simpler check that makes it so that when you are on help intent (and with a regular mob, too) you wouldn't damage others with items, essentially preventing accidental attacks. Please tell me (feel free to @ me on Discord) if you see any caveats with that (and keep in mind that's a completely different kind of change).
  10. Just adding a freeform law wouldn't work regardless as in case of conflict of laws inaction is the default action. This is flavored as a chassis programming thing - the borg is physically incapable of doing that action (kind of like, say, climbing a ladder), so law changes would have no effect. You would also have to hack the borg, though there were some talks about adding metadata to laws that would allow them to change stuff like this. But I expect that would be a pretty big undertaking and is definitely out of scope for this.
  11. This is an idea I implemented* in #10360, though the idea really belongs to @Chada1. As the title says, the idea is to prevent regular borgs from attacking living beings. This includes most mobs (except simple ones; rats, carp, ... they can also still attack vines and similar things). The logic is that they are already not supposed to fight - their laws dictate self-preservation whenever possible. The change makes it so that when they try to attack they only get a message similar to the one when they try to electrify a door: "Your programming does not allow you to harm <thing>"
  12. Not sure what you mean? The number of ghosts is independent. I often just ghost because I don't have time or will to commit to a round, and if I didn't dislike the idea of NT-ERT I could join as an ERT without participating in the round before. There are plenty of people who do this, but who do join the ERT when it gets called. It was a borg antag and a human (former sec I think?), the ERT just ION'd the borg who was closer and then obliterated the human with ballistics. All in a timeframe of about 10 seconds (after talking with them for a minute or two trying to get them to surrender,
  13. There seems to be quite a lot of people saying that something needs to be done about NT-ERT. Unless we want to make another thread I'd like to keep talking about it. As was suggested even by you, the way to go is probably making NT-ERT spawn dependent on things like: How much (alive, non-antag) security is there? Someone came up with a nice formula that would essentially allow to spawn as many NT-ERTs as there are antags minus active security (so none if you have two antags and two security - some other ERT would get called instead). How much havoc they've done. This could be
  14. The whole areas there are mapped ... well not ideally. But changing that would be a bigger change. Didn't find the switch you mean. Perhaps it's already fixed? ---------- The following changes have been made in https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/10332: Replaced regular bed with a roller bed. Added the bucket. There is no "toilet door type", departments just use their own doors. I added the bolt, as well as to all the other bathrooms where it was missing (command and patient). Done, that very much makes sense. It even goes nicely that
  15. Love it, especially the fact that the only colored parts are those that actually make sense colored. Now if we also had colored PDAs... Also, ideally you could make a palette with master colors and shades to pick from so that other sprites know what to use and don't need to use caps and whatnot as reference.
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