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Merchant Station Can't be used for Cultists

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ICly it makes sense that the cultists would use the merchant station as access to it is impossible for the station crew.

However oocly that is not a good idea as the antags are supposed to engage the crew.

They cant do so on the merchant station and it will turn into a siege situation as the merchant shuttle is fixed to a single location.

During the last cult round they just moved the shuttle back and forth between the merchant dock and the station.

When the ERT was about to breach the shuttle by flanking it, they just moved it back again.

Therefore I would make it impossible to draw runes on z 1 as well as the merchant shuttle.

This will force the antags to set up a base of operations on the station (We have a very expansive maint area that can be used or alternatively the construction level) and engage the crew directly.

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The shuttle is a very defensible location and I object to make it unable to be runed entirely

However I don't see a reason why you shouldn't block people from teleporting to a normally unreachable area in an obscure area. The teleport runes should only work on station.

When the merchant ship is docked with the station, it is a part of the station.

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