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When the unstoppable force meets 4 movable objects

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BYOND key:

Character names of all involved:

  • A.I.M. - Merchant


  • Obelisk - Heister
  • RibRibs - Heister
  • Apekara - Heister
  • Tamp - Heister


Documentation of the event, Link to post/Screenshot in game. If multiple screenshots please compose an album:

It was a nice and uneventful day on the Aurora.

As usual the engineers set up their engine.

The medics prepared their department for incoming patients

And a merchant announced that they are about to dock with the station.

Then, there is a radiocall, unheard by the crew: "Knock Knock, Open up Fuckers"

It seems, that unseen by the crew, a boarding party has emerged from the shadows of the astroid.

Just as they are about to enter via the merchant airlock another announcement is being made:

"Docking now!"



With these two words, the merchant sealed the fate of the boarding party and took them out in one strike.

The automatic implant. Does its duty and announces the death of "Tamp".

The merchant. Shocked and speechless at the sight of 4 squashed organics.

The crew. Confused. Unsure who died. Noone knew who "Tamp" is.

Finally. After minutes of confusion the merchant speaks up:



Security, Medical and Engineering arrive to survey the damage and see if there is anything that can be resuced.

But there is not.

Just a few gibs and weapons.



Have you read the application rules??:Yes

Have you made sure this incident didn't result in administrative action?Yes, no person was punished for that incident.

Why does this moment deserve a spot in the Hall Of Fame?:

There is a snowball-chance-in-hell that the merchant and the raiders are going to use the same airlock at the same time.

But it happened.

Are you certain we are all laughing together are not shaming someone?:

Yes, absolutely. Noone was to blame for the incident and it was good fun all around.

The merchant even managed to lift a stealth suit for himself.

Final thoughts/anything you want to add?:

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As the player for Tamp, the one who had the death alarm which confused the crew and that I decided to put in because "fuck it, what could go wrong?" I +1 this with as much force as the shuttle hit me and the other raiders with.

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God, that was a fantastic experience. I was playing as Obelisk, stealth suit with cybersuit additions; we had our plan, we had our target, Rip yelled… and then we all simultaneously perished due to the shuttle. It was hilarious. Things can be said about the merc team we got shoved into for compensation, but the round was already wonky following our original deaths.

Had a blast, though. Literally. Heh.

Oh, yes, definitely a +1 for this.

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Glorious, my biggest regret is that I could not see it in person. These are the things that deserve the hall of fame. +1

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I joined as an observer. Immediately, I get "Doxx come to the merchant shuttle" in dchat.

Saw this.

Yonni: "I killed all the raiders."

And when it hit me, I probably laughed for a good fifteen minutes. The pictures of it happening right before make it so, so much better. The comedic timing for Ripribs yelling is...

Yes. +1

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A wonderful addition to the hall of fame. A shame i wasn't there to see it.

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