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Ban Request: butterrobber202

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BYOND Key: driecg36

Accused Players Byond Key: butterrobber202

Time of Act: 12:00 PM EST

Reason for Ban: The round was Malf, and the AI's gimmick was "I am going to kill 99% percent of you, and if you try and stop me I will detonate the nuke." I, being the HoS, naturally try and stop the AI. After much difficulty, and a decent portion of the station rioting and arming themselves, we finally breach into the command ring. At this point, there are a handful of people - two engineers, myself, an officer, and the captain. Then, Butterrober and another vaurca walk in on the scene. butterrrober mumbles something about not attacking the AI, which was so timid I didn't even see it, then proceeds to wordlessly follow us while talking in hivemind. We proceed to the AI lift door, and I try to tell Iok to get the other vaurca out of the bridge. At this point, I am holding the fireaxe I used to pry open the blast doors, and Iok disarms spams me while I was typing. He proceeds to take the axe, then chop me with it until my ribs break and I get internal bleeding. While this is happening, the other vaurca takes the Ion from the officers and runs away. Neither of these vaurca were antags.

Apparently, butterrobber ahelped for permission to fight on the side of the AI, which DocOct granted. (I personally think he shouldn't have, but that's beside the point). However, DocOct told them to NOT gank very specifically. This was absolutely a gank, with no rp. No rp was generated from this for anyone but the two vaurcae, as the only thing anyone else did was chase these two around to recover the Ion. I think they were eventually both killed. They added effectively nothing to the round aside from salt and self-antagging.

This complaint is focused towards butterrobber, however as he ganked the HoS as a non-antag. The other Vaurca, Itanimulli, was just following what DocOct allowed him to do.




Pierre Leonce says, "Iok, keep them back"

Riluxin Xrimqu-Tup: Why didnt the stupid crowbar work?

Himari Kitaru says, "Come on, everyone."

Hakra Drat shouts, "CYAN!"

[security] Brian Caruso says, "I just saw three armed persons in the main room."

Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur twitches their antennae.

Pierre Leonce: nerfed it seems.

Uwasv Sidanelv asks, "What are the bolt and ID wiresss?"

Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur twitches their antennae rythmically.

Himari Kitaru says, "Visitor."

Uwasv Sidanelv talks into the engineering radio headset

Himari Kitaru says, "Vacate this area, please."

Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur twitches their antennae rythmically.

Pierre Leonce says, "Iox"

Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur twitches their antennae.

Za'Akaix'Kiiv C'thur twitches their antennae rythmically.

Your armor absorbs the blow!

Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur attempted to push Pierre Leonce!

Pierre Leonce says, "Get the visitor out."

Za'Akaix'Kiiv C'thur attempted to disarm Riluxin Xrimqu-Tup!

Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur has disarmed Pierre Leonce!

Markus Flynch says, ".."

Za'Akaix'Kiiv C'thur attempted to disarm Riluxin Xrimqu-Tup!

Himari Kitaru says, "Sindalev."

Pierre Leonce attempted to disarm Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur!

Za'Akaix'Kiiv C'thur attempted to disarm Riluxin Xrimqu-Tup!

Himari Kitaru says, "Get me into my office."

Pierre Leonce has been cleaved in the upper body with the steel fire axe (Wielded) by Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur!

Your armor has protected your upper body.

Pierre Leonce has been cut in the upper body with the steel fire axe (Wielded) by Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur!

Your armor has softened the blow to your upper body.

A tiny puncture opens up on the heavy security voidsuit!

Pierre Leonce has been knocked down!

Your upper body hurts badly!

Za'Akaix'Kiiv C'thur has pushed Riluxin Xrimqu-Tup!

Pierre Leonce has been attacked in the upper body with the steel fire axe (Wielded) by Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur!

Your armor has softened the blow to your upper body.

The tiny puncture on the heavy security voidsuit gapes wider!

Something feels like it shattered in your upper body!

Pierre Leonce screams!

Za'Akaix'Kiiv C'thur attempted to disarm Za'Akaix'Kiiv C'thur!

Markus Flynch has been cut in the upper body with the steel fire axe (Wielded) by Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur!

A tiny puncture opens up on the engineering voidsuit!

Markus Flynch has been knocked down!

Pierre Leonce has been attacked in the upper body with the steel fire axe (Wielded) by Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur!

Your armor has softened the blow to your upper body.

The tiny puncture on the heavy security voidsuit gapes wider!

Pierre Leonce screams!

You feel something rip in your upper body!

The wound on your upper body widens with a nasty ripping noise.

Za'Akaix'Kiiv C'thur has been attacked in the upper body with the pickaxe by Uwasv Sidanelv!

You prime the flashbang! 3 seconds!

Za'Akaix'Kiiv C'thur has been pierced in the upper body with the pickaxe by Uwasv Sidanelv!

Pierre Leonce has thrown the flashbang.

Za'Akaix'Iok C'thur has been hit in the upper body by the flashbang.

Za'Akaix'Kiiv C'thur has been sliced in the upper body with the pickaxe by Uwasv Sidanelv!



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Although I dont agree with most of what you did this round, Im curious what you were going to do down at the AI core. There was a clear and present warning that if you started to fuck around, break cameras or try to assault the core, you would all die, and not even a minute later you break the camera in your own office.

I dont see how them taking you out was unreasonable at all, as you were endangering literally everyone with your actions.

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No rp was generated? Whew. Just whew. Your little isolated experience missed out on a ton, from other people trying to stop us, to people getting in an entire argument over access restriction on the mining airlock, to someone doin' some neat fear rp about the sheer presence of the ion due to having a mechanical heart.

With your little accusation of "no rp being generated," what exactly did you expect to come from ending the round 15 minutes into the gimmick? What rp did you expect from nearly wordlessly preforming the very actions the AI repetitively told you not to do? You couldn't really justify yourself in Dchat, either, instead opting to say that "the vaurca should have listened to you" even though characters are supposed to have different responses to situations. Your explanation about it being "natural" to stop the AI is abysmal, all of command spent the time in contradiction to eachother about the nuke's existence and purpose.

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Oh wow, this is something to wake up to.

Ok let’s get some background Infomation, me and Kiiv were Vaurca, which means we are gonna prioritize our own lives against unbeatable odds, which is what a nuke is. this was a generalization and should have not be included. I’ll leave it here for record keeping.

Iok is just doing Security Officer things, then the announcement comes and we have the warning, the declaration it has access to a nuke, and it’s abilty to use it.

Iok, understandably, flips his shit over a Nuke being on the station. And when I get back to the Brig, I discover you instantly violating the AI's most basic terms. So, Iok decides you're endangering the crew and the innocents aboard the station.

I get what I can out of the Armory, then link up with Kiiv, after some planning in hivenet and tactical phoron theft. We decide to steal with Ion Rifle and the Axe, which would stop you from breaching the AI core and buy us some time to figure how to keep you out of the AI core.

Considering you found the main issue to be the bridge conflict, I’ll go over it in more detail. Me and Kiiv trailed the Security team inside, and we picked our marks, deciding the Ion Rifle is the most important tool, and the fire axe would be good for getting around. So, I push you, steal the Axe and whack you a few times with it. Then we ran. We didn’t stay to pick a fight or to kill all of Security, we fucking skidaddled. Leaving you alive, injured, but alive.

Later, we hang around Mining, generate some RP there, then me and Kiiv got executed in the crusher because of the ruckus we caused.

Long story short, you were clearing violating terms set by the AI who, for all known intents and purposes to the crew, had access to a nuclear device. You yourself even stated there was a Nuke present on the station. And it wasn’t much of a leap in logic to assume that the AI, who has access to all electrical systems on the station, had gained access to the device.

I’m sorry for denying you your valids, but I don’t deserve to be banned for fearRP'ing.

Edit 2: electric boogaloo, I’ll be adding more detail to this later, I’m currently in school. And I’d encourage any staff that wants to DM me over discord,

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They weren't the only ones gearing up to do what the AI asked. People were nervous and on-edge about this nuke. My own character and several others were improvising weapons and preparing for either 1) A security purge or 2) To kill each other as the AI asked, to avoid being exploded by the nuke. The tension was clear and everyone was paranoid (A good gimmick, in the end). Many in cargo were saying that security's little charge was going to get us killed; we had no reason to believe anything you or the captain was saying about the AI "making up codes" or being unable to actually detonate it. Hell, the guards you sent to keep order were at risk of getting killed by several itchy trigger fingers, mine included. It's not bad RP to be afraid enough of an antag to give in to their demands, depending on your character.

I agree with Prate; seems like a reasonable action to me, given the gimmick, display of power by the AI, security ignoring demands of said AI, and the prevalent feeling of tension and fear gripping the station. I guess the only question here is if it counts as a gank. If it was while you were typing, then yes, that's pretty low form.

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It's hard to prove if something was done while typing. If someone doesn't use hotkey mode it can't be proven at all, because they don't get a chat bubble if typing in the command bar. And if they did, that relies on eyewitness testimony to prove they were typing, which some people likely won't even remember if there was a speech bubble there or not. It's why these things need to be ahelped immediately instead of waiting an hour after the event where everyone forgets this minute detail.

I, myself, got a /lot/ of RP out of this scenario. Including people attacking security. I play Ameline, your cute(JK) Dominian chef, who was on the verge of tears half the round in the middle of a panic attack due to believing she was /going to die from the people tasked to protect her/. Myself, and half of Cargo felt the same way, we just had different responses to the situation. Some took their panic out on Kiiv and Iok, some decided to go mining to clear their heads. Some decided to scream at people and flip out. It all depends on your character. Saying it didn't generate RP is entirely false.

Prate is correct, it's entirely reasonable that within thirty seconds you start breaking these edicts left out by the AI, that people would call you on your shit and not want you to succeed over fear of dying. Not only would the Captain be the only one who knows about the Station Failsafe, you contradicted yourself about whether it existed or not a lot during the round, which simply made people not trust you.

Sorry to say, I don't think Butter's at fault here at all.

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The nuke, as I was informed by the captain, could not be activated by the AI. I chose to believe the captain over the AI, and that the AI was merely posturing about the nuke. The real threat was from the crew rioting and the AI venting all the air out of the station, as far as I was concerned.




Perhaps it was rash to say it generated no RP whatsoever, but that was hardly the focus of the ban request. Fighting for the AI was authorized by the admins, but wordlessly walking up to me and breaking my chest with a fireaxe was not, and that's the issue.. And I am sorry, the gimmick of "I am going to slaughter 99% of you" is not something any HoS player would just let happen. The AI gave me absolutely no opportunity to roleplay aside from trying to keep the crew calm, which I attempted over common best I could while also trying to wrangle the least helpful engineering team I had ever seen. Additionally, only the captain knows of the nuke's existence, so ICly I was as confused as you were.



Thank you for assuming I was merely valid-hunting by wanting to take down an AI that, once again, wanted to kill 99% of the station, which everyone seems to forget. What was I supposed to do, go along with the gimmick and let everyone die? Every time I play HoS or captain I try very hard to accommodate for gimmicks in creative ways (for example, I successfully convinced the captain on a vamp round that "blood" was just the nickname for a new, dangerous drug that killed blood cells). This round however, there was literally no way to accommodate the gimmick. The AI said "I will kill you all, and if you try to stop me I will kill you all with a nuke." Then the captain, who I have much more reason to believe than the AI, tells the entire station "The AI cannot nuke us." Naturally, the only rational response from there is stop the fucking AI from killing us all.

Long story short, a non-antagged security officer wordlessly walked up to the head of security and broke his chest with a fireaxe, then stole the only weapon he could use to fight the antagonist with. If you want to justify this with fear RP, I apparently cannot disagree as everyone thinks it was proper RP, including the admin that authorized it. I do find the actions themselves to be in clear violation of the rules, however, which is why I made this report.



I had absolutely no problem with cargo or other crew arming up because of the AI threats. I think the crew rioting was literally the only thing that made this garbage gimmick mildly salvageable, even if it was a complete and absolute shitshow from command side. The crew panicking was good fear RP, and it gave everyone the opportunity to interact, which I hope my officers did. In reality, I would've much rather dealt with that as it would've been more fun than dealing with the AI, but at that point it would've been just a rev round.



The proof that it was while I was typing is the fact that I gave an order to iok AFTER he started attacking me, while I was typing out said order. And I do use hotkey mode, so the bubble was indeed there. Even if I didn't use hotkey mode, it was still evident I was talking considering the fact I had said his name and turned around. There is no doubt in my mind he knew I was typing.

Once again, I hold no issue with people not trusting me or having fear RP, and it was hasty of me to say that they generated no RP (even if the RP you mentioned would've happened without the vaurca anyway but wtv). My issue is the fact that I was wordlessly ganked (and yes, almost killing me with a fireaxe is a fucking gank even if you run away after) by a NON-ANTAG.

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I hope I did not imply that I thought your actions as HoS were wrong with my post (If I did, I apologize!); of course, you're going to want to do what you feel is best for the station, and trust your captain, and do what ICly your character feels is correct. As has been stated, every character reacts differently depending on who they are, and what knowledge they possess. OOCly, I have zero issue with your HoS thinking the AI was bluffing, and leading a charge on the core, especially since the captain assured you such, and weighing the fact that there were many lives on the line (Whereas my ganger character believed the AI over her corporate bosses, and was only concerned for her own survival).

I wasn't watching the actual attack, so I will not comment on whether or not it was a gank. But I will say that his status as a non-antagonist has really little bearing on whether or not he SHOULD have attacked you. One of the rules states:

Conflict is acceptable, even if you are not an antag, but it needs to be believable, and meet roleplay standards. The average Joe will not simply decide to blow up their workplace one day. Keep in mind, the more drastic the action, the more motivated your character has to be to commit to it, and the consequences it brings. Unless you’re an antagonist, this motivation has to be developed through roleplay on the server: backstory cannot legitimize drastic things, such as trying to assault security staff because of a bad childhood, for example. It is also very much encouraged that you roleplay out the consequences to such conflict where possible.

Conflict as a non-antag is acceptable, and as people have pointed out, the motivation to do so was there. People believed that your actions posed a very real threat to their lives, so they tried to stop you. I only bring this up because you're highlighting the fact that he wasn't an antag. That's not a rule violation in itself. I wasn't, and I wouldn't have even ahelped before attacking crew (RPing it out first, of course) because it felt like a natural reaction for my character, based on the situation. Again, only quoting this to comment on the non-antag part. I'm not commenting on whether it was properly RP'd out, or a gank, or whatever. That's for witnesses and logs to decide.

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[mention]driecg36[/mention] you seem to forgot that was your own actions that sent the AI onto its Rampage.

The first announcement clearly stated that the AI was not going to kill anyone as long as it’s terms were followed. And the first thing you did was violate its terms, and endangering the crew.

Me and Kiiv heard the announcement that said if the AI core was breached the nuke went off, so we were desperate to stop you. So yes, we tailed you, go close without saying anything, because had we said anything you'd have gunned us down. We were vastly outnumbered and used the element of surprise to succeed in our skirmish.

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The VERY FIRST announcement the AI made was "Only Five of you will be leaving this station today." How was I supposed to let that slide? Naturally I would use every single mean to fight against the AI, including the destruction of cameras and whatever other bullshit it had forbidden, because the captain assured me it was bluffing about the nuke.

Additionally, no matter the circumstances, ganking other crew who have not proved hostile or aggressive towards you whatsoever could not be more against the rules. It doesn't matter if you were outnumbered or not.

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I mean, you could say this is about "ganking." But you made it pretty clear that you were going to go for a ban sheerly because of the fact that you found the Vaurca (Iok specifically) rebelling to be bullshit and that he should not have made any effort to think outside of the HoS's orders under the currently presented circumstances.

You clarified for all of us in dsay several times that it didn't make sense to you that Iok would try and prevent a potential nuke if "you told him the AI can't acess the nuke." You initially had no real issue, either, until you learned that it wasn't rev. You just went "Those revs were annoying" and then learned that the round type was not indeed revolution.

You were then egged on by TehFlaminTaco to make a complaint. Sure, sure, a complaint is fine, maybe get a warning issued, but you went straight for a ban, stating that "this wasn't over" and that you were still salty.

Sorry man, even though this complaint isn't directed at me, and I fully understand the reasoning behind your dismay, I can't let you just claim things that don't add up. Your problem was with the gimmick, the failed AI shutdown, and the idea that Iok wouldn't slagree with what you said. I will re-iterate over and over that you made it clear in dsay of your opinion.


Ban requests are ONLY for reporting outright grief that occurred when admins were not online to handle it, or extremely serious cases that are not suited for a player/character complaint. Examples: Phoron griefing for the former. Violation of laws such as distributing illegal content for the latter.


If the infractions described in the ban request have already been dealt with by a staff member, a ban request will not change the outcome of this. If you feel that the outcome was unjust, you are encouraged to post in the Staff Complaints section of the forums.

Staff was present + handled it, I'm almost 99% sure of that. Make a player/character complaint. That's what this is, ultimately.

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I specifically stated that an admin had okayed this RP, and that the only thing I was reporting was the gank (which is why you are not in this request). I did salt in d-chat, yes, but I tried to carry over as little as possible of that into this report. I also clarified multiple times that I was absolutely fine with the fearRP of crew doubting us and preparing for the worst. In fact, it was literally the only good thing about this round, if you ask me.

I did ahelp, and was told to make a report on the forums by the admin. Staff explicitly DID NOT handle it and told me to make a report (did not specify which type, IIRC), as it would be easier to clear up all the information. I made a ban request instead of a character report, as from my point of view, what butterrobber did was a clear and conscious violation of ganking rules, for which he should get a ban. If the admins decide that this is better suited for a character report, they are free to move it, though I would disagree.

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No ganking. While antags will sometimes kill, it is expected for you to provide interesting roleplay to your targets first, if your goal is assassination. This does not mean that you need to monologue your opponent before killing them: roleplay leading up to a murder can take place over the course of the entire round, for example, leaving the murder scene itself to be “wordless”. Collateral damage is acceptable within reason, but this means you must use common sense, and avoid creating scenarios with a lot of potential for collateral (setting bombs in high-traffic areas, etc.)

- The Rules


Following the Rules set here, I did not gank you due to the fact I left you alive. Both me and Kiiv minimized collateral by only hitting you, (to prevent you from lasering us to death) and a few others as we made our hasty retreat. Me and Kiiv also emoted growing a bit more hostile in front of the Skrell, who didn't pick up on it at the time. I'm sorry you were not present, but our actions did generate conflict and RP.

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Sup, its Hartburry.. I was Hakra that round and was there. This shouldn't be a ban.. There was lots of craziness going on and I think that the attack was justified and within believablity for what was happening that round. I myself was a little uncomfortable with our "siege" on the AI, I felt that security was just sort of bum rushing the core and it felt weird to me.. The Captain and Security even requisitioned my axe of all things in order to "open doors".. Like why would you need the atmos tech's axe in order to open doors? The round was still early on and I felt that security was acting like they didn't even care if the station would get nuked... Like if someone's threatening to nuke you do you bum rush them with a couple engineers and a couple grunts or should you negotiate and try and talk them down? Also the actual "gank" (which was ahelped) didn't just stop sec in there tracks... Hakra, the other engineers, an officer and the captain all made it down to the core so its not a very big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Also one more thing.. Why is this a ban request?? This should be a complaint!

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I participated in the round and generally had to deal with the wounds presented, and saw some of the actions performed as well as listened to them in comms. I don't know if that's enough to comment on this so I apologize if it isn't.

I genuinely thought it was Traitor + MALF or Rev + MALF because of this and was surprised to learn otherwise given the behavior of the Vaurca involved. One of them even went as far as to steal the vital 50 sheets of phoron from chemistry without a word, so I thought it was traitor. I was considering actually ahelping this at round end upon learning those two were not antags as the phoron itself was needed, however I suspected that the people involved would've ahelped it anyways and they would've painted a better picture of the situation.

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Attempting to kill someone counts as ganking as well, even if it is not explicitly stated in the rules. Hitting someone with a fireaxe 4 times in short succession is ABSOLUTELY lethal force, and I would've most certainly died had a medic not shown up to the bridge instantly (something you had absolutely 0 guarantee of happening, considering the circumstances). The fact that you didn't "intend" for me to die, but were absolutely fine with causing potentially lethal damage to me is more than enough to warrant it being a gank (especially considering the fact that you are an officer who has access to a stun baton).

Otherwise the only other interaction I had with you the entire round was you barging into my office and begging for the vaurca rig suit, which I believe does not exactly count as "roleplay leading up to it."



I needed the axe because a recent update made it so that you needed a fireaxe to pry open blast doors - which the AI had lowered. The captain even ordered me to forcefully take the axe from you, which I decided to not do as letting you participate would be more interesting for everyone involved.

Security ignoring the nuke threat makes complete sense, considering the following, which I have stated before:

A) The captain, who's word is more trustworthy than the AI, assured us the AI could not trigger the nuke.

B) Even if the AI could trigger a nuke, it would end up killing 99% of the crew if we cooperated. It was damned if you do, damned if you don't under those circumstances. It was best to simply roll the dice and hope it couldn't trigger the nuke.

C) The crew was rioting and getting armed, and lest we end up in a civil war and kill each other anyway, we needed to destroy the AI.

Going off of all of these, the most certain IC way to minimize casualties was to eliminate the AI before it could turn the crew against each other.

EDIT: On top of that, were you even there? I remember you almost shocking yourself to death trying to hack a door, and medical showing up. As far as I remember, you never entered the bridge with us, though I may be wrong.


As was mentioned by itanimulli, I thought this round had revs in it, so I did not bother to ahelp what butterrober did (as even though it was a gank, that was slightly more tolerable if they had an antag status, as they would have some justification for using any means to fight the HoS and command). I only ahelped it later, once I died and was informed in dchat that they were not antagonists.

To reiterate, this is a ban request because I think butter's actions are ban-worthy. He took dococt's permission to fear rp on the side of the AI way too far, to the point where he ended up excessively self-antagging and ganking.

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It's up to the administration wether or not this is either ban-worthy or a gank.

As far as self antagging goes, you brought it on yourself. The AI clearly said breaching into the core means boom. And.....you intended to breach into the core. What you believe is excessive....does not seem to match with even those in your party. I've spoken to a few people (who I will not name; they will join the conversation on their own terms) and it's in general agreement that you are the only one who holds this issue in such a light. Please refer to Hakra's post.

As for Burger. Genuinely sorry bro. We were looking to live a long time without having to stock back up on phoron. Iok located phoron, and I, being the bartender, agreed to grind it up. I'm not really sure what the phoron in chemistry is used for. Perhaps I shall inquire with you later.

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[mention]driecg36[/mention] you seem to be misunderstanding the goal of the scuffle between the Vaurca and Sec,

Our Goal was to steal the Ion Rifle and Fire Axe, it was never in the plan to kill you. It wasn't even attempted murder, since, had I been trying to murder you, I'd have kept hacking until I saw the death message

Me barging into your office demanding the Vaurca RIG simply didn't happen, I did ask for it, but at this moment in time I was attempting to find out if it even was there, so I was attempting to borrow your security camera console, since the Brig was out of power.

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Yes, I made the post for the admins to decide. Kind of the entire point. And how the hell can I bring self-antagging on myself, when I did the only reasonable course of action available to me as the HoS? Did I somehow mind control butterrobber into ganking me?



To reiterate: " The fact that you didn't "intend" for me to die, but were absolutely fine with causing potentially lethal damage to me is more than enough to warrant it being a gank "

Your intention does not matter. You, a non-antag, left me in a state where I had a very high probability of dying via a gank. You didn't use any non-lethal measures you could've against me, and you hit me on the ground with a high damage melee weapon.

And the point is that we didn't interact meaningfully, not what you actually did, the semantics of which are completely unrelated to the report.

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So after a few days of considering actions and how this should be handled, I have made a few observations from this.

Butter could of handled the interaction better, there was a lack of buildup to the event but the escalation was indeed there and was valid, as confirmed by Doc allowing them to side with the AI in a  way. The Head Of Security was acting in a  irrational way towards the threat and instead of going along with it to preserve life, he made rash decisions that ultimately led to his death after he multiple times tried to directly make or cause issues with the AI to end it, even going as far as to try entering the core itself.

@Itanimulli wont be punished as the issue remained between butter and driecg36 .

However with this being said, my verdict on this will remain as:

Butter will be given a warning for the lack of buildup to the situation and due to past instances of behavior, had there not been a past instance of this behavior, this would only be a note.

Not targeted at anybody involving this but a good note, when playing a round, its best for everybody to ensure you can be reasonable at times when the antag might not be, this helps drive a more positive experience for yourself and others involved in the story

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18 hours ago, DRagO said:

Not targeted at anybody involving this but a good note, when playing a round, its best for everybody to ensure you can be reasonable at times when the antag might not be, this helps drive a more positive experience for yourself and others involved in the story

Not related to the report, but for the sake of argument; there are times where it is outright unreasonable to negotiate and act peacefully towards an antag and I think this needs to be made clear. When an antag, especially one with as much potential as the AI, comes out guns blazing by threatening the entire station, it is simply poor RP to play along and try to negotiate. While it may result in more interaction overall to negotiate, the only possible negotiation here was obviously a waste of time from an OOC and IC perspective, and would've gone along these lines.

  • AI: I am going to kill all of you but 5.
  • HoS: Could you not kill anyone?
  • AI: No
  • HoS: Ok well I guess I should stop you.

I'm rather annoyed that I am being constantly accused of playing irrationally, but presented absolutely 0 half decent alternatives beyond what I listed above (which is completely ridiculous and would've just been a waste of time). "going along with it to preserve life" means ABSOLUTELY nothing when the AI had come right out the gate saying it would kill everyone, and then threatened to nuke us.

I do agree that it is more fun to give the antag leeway to work with, and I try to do this with every antag that gives me a chance to do so. The onus is on the antag to give the crew a chance to negotiate/not fight immediately, not the other way around.

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