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Playable simple mobs on extended

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Folks expressed interest in this on discord.


Basically on extended allow ghosts or players in the lobby to posses aggressive simple mobs. That way antag rounds could be made be canon and rare or if not, at least on canon rounds we can still have believable danger without breaking lore/the setting.


To my mind these mobs would originate outside the station and could weasel their way in or accost crew outside. They'd be low damage dealing. Enough to be a threat to someone not paying attention but not a crippling nuisance.


Perhaps they could be randomised out of a pool of creaturs or perhaps a player could choose. 


Give them a respawn timer, maybe 10 mins. If a player SSDs as them, they could despawn after 2-3mins to avoid clutter. Perhaps a flavor text details them burrowing into the ground.


Thoughts on this? Is it doable? Will the new NBT stuff be ready before this could be implemented?

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I could see this becoming a problem, and this is why:


Lets say I spawn as a space carp, I head over to where mining is and attack a miner in eva and end up killing him, I then hide and attack anyone who tries to help them


Again as space carp, I head over to bridge and try to vent the area, when I see the airlock open, I (swim?) away and wait for them to leave, then I go back and attack it. Rinse and repeat.

Overall, I feel this will lead to alot of shittery and I feel that there are way better ways to entertain yourself on extended. The entire point of it is a break from all the antagery you expect in an normal round.


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Critter RP is really good, and I'd like to see more small mobs scuttling around underfoot and being either cute or pesty. The fact that all critters on the station and asteroid are essentially mindless is kinda sad. Plus if these minor mobs try to start shit you can basically crush their skulls onehanded so little window of shittery there IMO.

(Only slightly related but when are Lizards getting the stuff that Mice have such as being able to put on shoulder and head? Lizard pets should be more popular.)

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Yes, yes, yes, please, oh give it to us. Will Ian and Chauncey also be included in this package? Critters already speak Non-Language (it's literally where you speak, but it isn't TCB and it can be understood by all other NL speakers) if you add a player to them so it allows critter-to-critter interaction

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