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Add synthetics to the crew manifest.


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So- Aurora doesn't have borgs and the AI visible on the crew manifest. I think this is bad, and would see them returned to the manifest as is standard with most servers; a SYNTHETICS/ STATION UTILITIES/whatever section at the bottom listing the synths.

The reasons I have heard they are not on the manifest/the positives to this:

  • This reinforces the fact that borgs are not crew and are instead tools.

The reasons I believe that adding them to the manifest is good:

  • This allows players entering the round midway through to see whether AI and borg roles are filled from the manifest button.
  • This allows borgs to open up the manifest and see who their AI is, and who the other borg is. You can see who the AI is by checking your laws, if you were bound to them at roundstart- but an AI that joins mid-round is unknowable, and the other borg is always unknowable.
  • This allows the crew to see whether there's an AI active. No more asking "Do we have an AI?" and not knowing if the AI doesn't exist or is just AFK or whatever.¬†

While I get the reasoning behind reinforcing that they are not crew... honestly, having them on the manifest just adds convenience without detracting from the theme or the rest of the game, in my perspective.

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