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Customizable Tajaran tails, make both Unathi and Tajaran tails vestigial organs that can be removed

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Bear with me. This is a bold claim. It is no secret that Tajarans are perhaps somewhat based on cats except if they stood on two (digitigrade, optionally) feet, were sentient, were of the appearance of being humanoid and occasionally murdered one another over cultural disputes like any self-respecting humanoid would do.

And they have tails. This is another bold claim but I will die on this hill. What if Tajarans had tail customization as if it were a specific kind of organ they could change out for different tail types?


I think this would be cool to have such visual variation of Tajaran tails being very bushy or even being quite stubby and pathetic-looking. I don't think Unathi would have this kind of difference in their tail as real-life lizards don't have nearly as many breeds of similar inspired animals with such different organs.

Also, add a tail symbol on the targeting doll to indicate that you wish to damage a xeno's tail and for surgery purposes, also dismember xeno tails for those weirdos who like to deprive xenos of their pride and joy; their tail. Can also allow for weird body modification stuff I guess? Like, onto humans. That'd be so weird but probably hilarious to deal with in-game to attach a lizard's tail onto a human's tailbone. Seriously, allow us to staple xeno tails onto people's asses and it'll be the biggest moral outrage of those rounds. And it'll be hilarious

I apologize if this suggestion sounds fucked up already in advance but I'm sleep deprived and I get my best and worst ideas from resisting the call of sleep.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

It's such a specific type of attack only applicable to tajara and unathi that it's really just used for maiming them in that specific context. Not too interested

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I could definitely see something like adding extra Vaurca parts as 'tails'. Some weird bug anatomy like an abdomen (making the chest and lower body just the thorax) or something. This would also mean more opportunities for horrible mad science. I'd love this, and I think all it would need is organ sprites.

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I dunno how I feel about this, really seems like it's more work to implement than it's worth. At least the detachable tails part. Seems like a lot of work for a really niche feature. Making them customizable would be pretty cool though, but at the same time I'm conflicted because it feels like a wrong step in the furry direction. 

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