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[Accepted] Borya's Wetskrell application

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BYOND Key: BoryaTheSlayer

Character Names: Lucy Thompson, Vesper, Akila Jaethia, Katie, Hasam May'Dar-Al-Kandari, Rahaat Ikram-Almas, Agramakova May'Dar, ED-1S-0N

Species you are applying to play: Skrell

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Purple

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yup!

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Cause I got character ideas! Honestly, I wanted to write this for a while, but never got around to it because of my previous apps I opted for. Skrell have a very unique view on the world that I want to experience, and show people what I can do with them. Despite some lore elements that I and, likely, many others don't like(glorsh cough cough), it all still makes skrell stand out.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: There are a few points that stand out the most and I'll try to be prompt in explaining them:

1)Biological differences. There are many of them, but those that stand out the most are the psionic abilities, the amphibious nature of Skrell and all the physiological differences such as the headtails, lack of teeth and etc. This alone makes Skrell quite different from humans.

2)Developed on their own without the influence of other species. Skrell, being the most advanced in the galactic scene, had been spacefaring long before humans came into the picture.

3)the Skrell government, the Jargon Federation influences the mindsets of its citizens quite heavily, considering it's an authoritarian government, where the aim is to shape the citizens into an ideal picture. Of course there are non-Jargon skrell, but the point still stands.

Character Name: Yuhuce Fuegu

Please provide a short backstory for this character: Yuhuce Fuegu was born in 2325 on Xaqixal into a relatively small family, having lost most of it long before her birth to the Glorsh-Omega's tyrannical rule. Due to the small union that was taking care of her, she had plenty of time to develop independently in her childhood. This fact, however, did not show itself while she was growing, showing herself to be an exemplary student and an ideal citizen of the Federation. After finishing the kindergarten, Yuhuce, like many Skrell, pursued a scientific career and started studying anthropology, going through colleges to deeply study archeology, culturology and historical science.

After many years of hard work and research, Yuhuce started getting recognition for her findings on the planets of the Traverse, popularizing the different cultures of the many settlements in it. This eventually, along with her exemplary attitude and extreme passion for her work, got her the status of Idol, a goal of many Skrell that she strived for.

Despite the time it took her to get to this place, it did not take long for Yuhuce's fall to begin. On a visit to one of the skrell exile communities living outside the Federation space, a sudden attempt on Fuegu's life occurs by a glorsh sympathizer--a knife to the abdomen. Despite the attacker being swiftly dealt with by the guards, this event had left Yuhuce traumatized, planting the seed of the doubt in her: Why are such radicals allowed to share their ideas? This brought about her change, and the start of her belief in the Suur'ka. 

She started doubting the Federation's methods, but not its ideals. It was not fair for such scum to be allowed their ways in her eyes. Realizing this, a paranoia started taking her over, because of which she started spending more time in the her underwater laboratory. It is, however, hard to keep secrets--and soon after she was found out, she was stripped of her idol status and penalized for her Suur'ka belief. Unable to bear the situation, she left the Federation in shame and anger, hoping to find work in Tau Ceti. Her ways did not change, however--and she strives to convince the Skrell of her rightness.

The events had left a mark both on her body and mind. The tear stains mark her suffering, and the shamed, yet still proud Fuegu tries to carry on, now working onboard the NSS Aurora, hired by NanoTrasen as an anomalist.

What do you like about about this character? I was really afraid of making skrell scientist number 686969, but I think Fuegu turned out quite unique. She's also one of my more intense characters, which I don't have many-- but when I do play something controversial, I try to enjoy it. I'm pretty sure I'll get tons of amazing interactions on Yuhuce.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I'm decent, you know, just limited by the pace of the round and mechanics, maybe. I've said how I rate myself in previous apps.

Notes: Thanks to everyone who helped me with this app :) 

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Love Vesper and Hasam. OOC a cool dude, too. Having Vesper ask Borgs like Kaiser about what is happening and being grateful has made him consider her what others may call a friend. Even sending PDAs at round start that Kaiser will repair damages and so on... Good times with this guy. Let's see your skrell!


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Borya has a good understanding of Aurora and her players, throughout their time in this server they have showed many times that they are capable of creating new character concepts and whenever I log on I'm happy to see them on the connected players list. 


You deserve a big fat 


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Borya's a pretty quality extreme role player, with Vesper and Hasam both being good characters even though I have no idea how to spell Hasam's name. I'm confident they will be telling us that the robots are going to steal our reproductive organs in no time at all if they get skrell, so they have my support. Remember to put a green +1 before you upload this post Schwann!

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On 22/07/2019 at 03:27, Bear said:

Sounds like a neat character. +1

Why does it sound like a neat character?


On 23/07/2019 at 17:10, SmallGreenAnt said:

I look forward to interacting with them in science. +1

Why do you look forward to interacting with them?

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57 minutes ago, Aboshedab said:

Why do you look forward to interacting with them?

I've not had the opportunity to role play in any meaningful way with Borya's characters, however whilst reading their outline for Yuhuce Fuegu, it's clear that they have a strong foundation for both their origin and the drive behind the decisions they will make once introduced. At the moment, I find myself thanklessly getting science levels up and then manufacturing the occasional Kinetic Accelerator. Having someone new and as seemingly engaged as this community member on the radio will hopefully lead to some less lonely rounds. That coupled along with the glowing praise offered by individuals fortunate enough to work along side their other characters inspired me to show support and excitement to learn of this stranger and the mind that created them.



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Application Accepted.


Here is why:

1- The answers to the ooc questions are sound, while it does not cover everything, that's to be expected as the player gets more engrossed and immersed, they begin to catch on more cues and learn more about the lore itself.

2- The character concept from my perspective is unique and in a good way. A federation citizen with beliefs that's been shaken, fallen from grace as an idol, moved to Tau Ceti for a new life following a new belief. Honestly, sounds immensely good and brings a level of friction to the more Federation aligned citizens on station. 

3- Witnessing the player themselves, both as a person and their play style, I believe there will be little to no issues from them on server with this whitelist, nor do I see them abusing aspects of the Skrell to push the line of powergaming and metagaming. 

4- There's some good puns here. 

On 22/07/2019 at 08:57, niennab said:

I am excited to see them play a skrell and I am confident they can do so swimmingly.


Locking and archiving.

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