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Add a ladder in the security lobby

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I always thought it was dumb for the last way of escaping of the main level was on the other side of the station. If the main elevators are out, the crew need to be able to get to the surface easily. That is why I think it would be neat if we moved it here:


This way, it'll allow us to move up and directly end up directly here:



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1 hour ago, Kaed said:

What about the construction layer between them? What's in that spot?

It's just open space on the asteroid.

This doesn't matter. The construction level ladder above the bar maint was also asteroid.

You can just put in a small buffer room there.

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And henceforth no sec officer ever rode the elevator again.

Jokes aside, it's a good idea. It's location is fairly public and sec can keep an eye on people using from both the sec lobby and the checkpoint should they have need to assume something from crew. The downside is venting control. When the sec lobby gets blasted and a floor tile vents, the surface is gonna vent too, and vice versa.

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