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Old-old saves


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I think the interest in actually getting people back their old character lists is long past, people have moved on, made new characters, including myself, and I think people would be more pissed than happy to have their old characters over new creations. Im more annoyed that I can't go back anymore and get the records and specifics of blood, skills, fur colour and records. The records things wouldn't be so bad if people could log into Sierra's record gen again and save new records, and get their hidden ones.

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Popping in just to say I've been wanting to copy details from my old characters from old code. Apparently the old server's been taken down now?


Old server's down, as I use that slot for testing now. But with my new-found familiarity on how SS13 character saves work, I'm going to be coding up an interface for the live server that'll enable you to view and pull the old saves.

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