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[EVENT PREP] Heads of Staff -- Report In!


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With the recent upscaling of Pumpkingslice's event, it has become apparent that we need a steady, usable element within the community, that is capable of extending the reach of the Staff, and thus involve more of the community. We eventually decided that this element is most easily found in the Heads of Staff, whitelisted players, that populate our station and server. As such, we would like to try and involve you as the backbone, so that you may further involve the average player.

If you are interested in participating in this event as a Head of Staff, and receiving tasking on what to do during a round, given the time, then please fill out the form below in a reply to this thread.


[b]Character Name(s)/Position:[/b]
[b]Extra Notes:[/b]




CKey: skull132

Character Name(s)/Position: David Riden/Captain

Extra Notes: Also like to play HoS as David, but Captain would be a primary.

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CKey: XanderDox

Character Name(s)/Position: Emma Greenwood/Captain & HoP/ Carter Mason /HoS/ Mortimer Lore /CMO/

Extra Notes: Im usually on my computer all day during weekends, and 2:40pm to 2:40am on weekdays. Emma already took part during the round where raiders attacked the station, that went well, almost everyone made it out alive.

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CKey: Tenenza

Character Name(s)/Position: Alexis Shaw/RD,HoP,CMO

Extra Notes: For when you want a head that won't jump straight to solving problems and instead focusing on keeping people alive and happy. Excellent for Tea Parties, Epic Experiments, Sexual Harassment Seminars, and (ab)using the Request Consoles to their fullest.

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Character Name(s)/Position: Tony Adams, Head of Security

Extra Notes: I prefer slower, more RP-intensive rounds, also to be warned if the station is expected to go FUBAR (in such a case, I'll pass).

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Character Name(s)/Position:Jade Ravera, CE/Alistair Enright, HoP/Eira Yates, CMO

Extra Notes:Jade is level headed and defends her department well, with reasonable loyalty to NT. Alistair is a formal hard-ass that loves paperwork and praising NT. Eira is Eira- To the point, does her job, makes sure everyone else does their's too.

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