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[Resolved] Player Complaint SleepyWolf

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BYOND Key:Gollee

Game ID: The round before, bQj-cAwJ. As well as one the day before that, and I think the day before that.

Player Byond Key: SleepyWolf

Staff involved: Alberyk (Sort of)

Reason for complaint: Unrealistic and frankly ridiculous behaviour as a Loyalist HoP. Since I have come back, I have seen Sleepy's two HoPs both act completely irrationally during Rev rounds, up to and including conducting public executions (I don't have a problem with this, they spice things up), while being a HoP, while there is either a loyalist Captain, a Loyalist HoS, or loyalist officers, or all of the above. I have also seen them engaged in running gun battles with security and others at times. There is a limit to what being an antag entails for your character, Loyalist especially. You are expected to stir up trouble to get the Revs riled up, but you are also loyal to NT and it's ideals and order, so completely forgoing to chain of command and the separation of departments to install yourself as the primary antagonist, despite technically being subordinate to the Captain, and not meant to be anywhere near the HoS' department. I have no problem if they are acting captain, and I have also been informed that loyalty implanted crew are no longer automatically loyalists.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No, because I sorta forgot it was a thing.

Approximate Date/Time: 05/09/27, 04/09/17/ 03/09/17

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I don't know where I stand on this. I was able to experience the one round primarily mentioned in this complaint and while I feel Sleepy's HoP took it to ridiculous extremes that were just sigh inducing, they did something as a Loyalist to turn people against Loyalists. So many times Rev goes like this : Loyalist issue something slightly shady that's not even that bad, Rev's literally start killing people in the hallways and screaming into comms. Sleepy's Loyalist actually did some very strange things to incite rebellion and revolution, but they were things nonetheless. I feel they might need to tone their gimmicks back a little to try having them borderline resemble something logical. I just can't get too mad at them for actually trying stuff.

It's a very strange spot for me. If this type of behaviour has been done prior to that round and continues, I can fully understand the complaint and wanting something done. Still I don't want people to misinterpret the complaint as "Loyalists can't do anything interesting."

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What? Am I hearing we should restrict antags from you know... Being antags? I enjoyed their loyalist rounds. A loyalist captain can litterly be Hitler killing xenos on the station.

Just because you are loyalist does not mean you have to follow NT orders perfectly. If the captain and HoS is a loose end, then they have the full power to try and remove them.

If people are punished for this, this would make Rev rounds be more extended.

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I was the HoS in two of such rounds where sleepy was a loyalist HoP. In the first round, I was a loyalist too. Sleepy raised his own private levy and started acting like a captain, ordering security and making an example of a dead rev in the holodeck. All that was fine in my opinion, as I reacted and rallied remaining security elements to stage a coup, which ended in a bloodbath and was followed by vendetta guerilla warfare after conversation and rp. All in all, it was a very fun round, at least for me, and it wouldn't have happened if Sleepy did not act as he did. The other round was almost a carbon copy, but I was not a loyalist and released the inmates for lack of evidence. Sleepy had his own men again, and attempted to arrest me and the captain (who was essentially only a figurehead without giving orders or taking part). Loyalists are antagonists too, and I believe that the chain of command in the case of antagonists is not to be an obligation they should follow. As long as there is roleplay and fun, antags can do stuff that do not abide by IC rules.

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I don't know if i'm supposed to post here or not, but I feel like this is something that needs to be said, if it is true. The Revolutionaries are not the main Antagonist. The Loyalists are as much of an Antagonist as the Revolutionaries are, it was made this way to actually encourage people to join the Revolution. The Loyalists aren't forced to be 'Loyal' to NT.

The Revs could just be Revolting against the Loyalists taking over the Station, in the interests of NanoTrasen... it can literally go either way. It's like saying a Ninja is forced to roleplay as a Ninja or a Wizard is forced to roleplay as a Wizard, which is not true. In my time of playing i've seen Loyalists set up mass executions and not get in trouble, the key is following the Antag rules, isn't it? So that should be what you single the player out for, not if they were breaching Loyalty to NanoTrasen, because they had that covered when they became a Loyalist, which can be more than just a faction Loyal to NanoTrasen.

If I was in the wrong for posting that, which i'm not sure about, just delete it, and i'll avoid doing anything like this again in the future.

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Really don't see an issue with this. As I said before, Loyalist are permitted to do as what needs to be done in the benefit of the company, within what they precieve as a character is beneficial, doesn't have to be 100% sense nor entirely logical.

I don't believe Sleepy has violated any rules of codes as a player but I'll leave this open for 24 hours incase anything else needs to be brought in.

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I remember this, when he did that I was the head loyalist and me and a loyalist HoS got a random security officer with us ((I was also Security officer)) and we went to go arrest him, it was a cool stand-off and you saw the loyalist get in a mini-civil war with a Head Loyalist supporting one side. Overall after I died in the process along with the HoP Sleepy stated that he mainly did that since we already shut down the revs and the round would become extended if he didn't. Overall He basically saved the round, this is no reason to report him, he was RPing like he was supposed to.

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