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[1 Dismissal] Mice Bites 2: Electric Boogaloo


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Now that the dust has settled, mice should be able to bite (albeit with literally 0 damage, like getting an empty candy wrapper thrown at you). I'd recommed having them deal 1 holodamage perhaps?


This is not a meme. If you think the idea is silly by all means say so.

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I like this suggestion and it doesn't sound like too much to code. When I lower myself to play a mouse, as much as I like developing a relationship with everyone, I probably shouldn't be too keen on people picking me up willy-nilly (unless they feed me).

Not sure about the holodamage though. Not effective enough at screaming, "YOU SHOULDN'T BE PICKING UP THIS WILD SPACE ANIMAL"... Maybe a pain message for those characters that can feel pain instead?

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