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Make Clerical bot useful.


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At the present time the Clerical module gives the cyborgs paper, a grabber for paper, crowbar, a denied stamp, and maybe one or two other things. This bot can be useful in certain departments, but the one it is in ruins it's potential. I propose the following things:

Give Clerical bot command radio channel instead of service channel

At present time it gets only service department radio, which gives you only HoP, captain, janitor, hydroponic personnel, chef, bartender, and janitor. Besides HoP and Captain, the others have NO use for the robot, so I propose that clerical bot is given command radio instead, as command staff are MUCH more likely to use it than service department.

Give Clerical bot ID gripper

A Clerical bot is basically a secretary, able to work at a office while others do the more....exciting tasks. I propose a ID gripper so the Clerical bot can use ID console or ATM and other things, the HoP would likely be the person who utilizes the Clerical bot the most, so it should be able to help the HoP more.

Give Clerical bot more stamps

At the present time the Clerical bot gets ONE stamp, a denied stamp, and THATS when its emagged. LOOK OUT HE HAS A STAMP!I recommend having the ability to have a stamp module that can toggle between denied or approved (or head of staff when emagged) to allow the clerical bot to do more with paperwork besides holding it and writing on it.

Give Clerical bot a portable fax machine

Allows Clerical bots to fax papers to centcom or other command staff, robots cant access fax machine since it needs a ID card. Command staff will not be forced to meet up with the bot everytime they want to collect paperwork. This will also allow the Clerical bot to give papers to anyplace that has a requests console.

Remove variations of Clerical module.

There are too many variations and/or the variations are not specified, causing confusion as some have a handlabeler, some don't, and etc. It will be easier to have Clerical module have at least their variations labeled or just the same modules for every bot selection.


The Clerical bot is a bot that has poor tools and the wrong radio channel, and these ideas can help make Clerical bot MUCH more useful.

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The gripper on the Clerical Module can already pick up Stamps as well as Pens and Paper, I am pretty sure. What i'd suggest to give the Clerical Module some more power, is to make the Emag Denied stamp into a toggle-able multi-stamp. That would be sure to raise its powerlevel, at least when it's an Antagonist. Some QOL stuff like the ID thing, as well as a Coffee brewer and other junk, would be pretty cool, though.

But it should only really get all of the Stamps unlocked like that if it's hacked, even with the 4 Laws, I doubt NT would give a 'borg authorisation to stamp with Head authority at will, it should have to be allowed the Stamp to do it, either by physically gripping the Stamp or being swiped with an ID Card as Xander said. But that's just my opinion.

I'm not sure the 'Swipe' mechanic is that feasible though, because you already swipe to open their lock. So, aside from setting a needed intent, IDK how that'd work with multi uses.

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Swiping the ID you want to give access with while the cover is open might work. Borg-code is notoriously horrible, though, so a coder would have to actually give input on the feasibility of that. Everything else seems perfectly fine, though- even when someone does bother to pick clerical borg, which is rare, I've never seen anyone actually make use of them. Hopefully they actually can and will with these additions.

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giving borgs a head of staff's stamp completely voids the point of a stamp, it should rather get a generic department stamp instead.

Heads of Staff stamps are there to confirm the captain read it and approved it, it's no longer a confirmation if a borg who can be ordered by laws did it

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Ok then, I am fine if Head of staff stamps are not usable by Clerical modules, but at least all the bot accepted and denied stamps, as you shouldn't need a emag to do so. I am more interested in the other suggestions in this topic approved, like command channel.

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The whole point of Head of Staff stamps is that they are given to someone with years of experience and corporate loyalty, to authorise dangerous, expensive or department affecting changes. Do not put this power in the hands of random borgs. The clerical borg is not a stand in HoP and they should not have Command access.

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EDIT: the multi-stamp suggestion was changed, it is something that can change between approved or denied, but if emagged/hacked it can do Head of staff stamps, to allow clerical bots to be, to put it bluntly, useful as they could technically fake captain authorization for cyborgification or other forms.

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Fair enough, I see your point in not having centcom access for the robot fax, but the other places will work. Even if only a portion of these changes are implemented, it will make the Clerical module a more viable option. Clerical bots cannot even interact with bundles or take things out of filing cabinets, but the WORST is the fact they cannot rename papers

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I agree.

The clerical module as-is is pretty much dead weight. These suggestions can make it way more useful.

I wonder if it's a good thing for someone to be able to "claim" a clerical borg (by swiping an ID), giving it access to their comms and stamps. If it's an assistant of the HoP, it doesn't need the items for assist the rest of the heads.

If we look at Polaris, they have a command role called "Command Secretary" (which is basically an assistant with bridge access, and command channel) for RPing with command staff (and helping them). Baystation has the "Bridge Officer" for this. What you're suggesting is basically a borg version of the same thing.

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I have sort-of plans to merge the Mining and Clerical Modules into a greater 'Supply' module.

Clerical was intended to be used as an aid for the HoP/Captain/Command/etc, but it never really was used for it, and Cargo does tend to have to do paperwork and stuff, and this'll make the Mining Module able to help Cargo in general a lot more overall similar to the Medical/Engineering modules.

Do you think this'd solve your problems? ?

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