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Two Ninjas instead of One


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Pretty much title.

We all know how there are a lot of clumsy Ninjas that fall down holes at roundstart, or get killed very early by security, turning the round into extended. Ninja is a gamemode that relies very heavily on one player being good, if they don't want to peace antag. So why not make it two ninjas instead? This was tried out yesterday, where the ninja fell down a hole and was recovered, then at that point it was basically extended. Another Ninja was bussed in, and it actually worked.

So, this suggestion is about making ninja have 2 ninjas above a certain amount of players, most likely 15.

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I like the idea, but it definitely needs more testing. The second ninja crushed all resistance quite easily - if we always have two, won't there always be a lot of stomping?


That's negated by the fact that we very rarely get ninjas that can crush resistance that easily. I think it's negated by that, personally. But I agree, perhaps this should be tested out like the chemistry changes.

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I think it's worth a shot. It allows for more gimmicks to be done with the gamemode with two ninjas; the first one popping in my mind being a Genji and Hanzo situation. They can work together but I'm fairly sure gimmicks that have the two at odds with each other would be more amusing and entertaining.

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I'm fairly sure this would be less chaotic than several other mixed secret round-types we already have (assuming this would be a mixed mode, which seems to make sense to me). If that is the case, then it would have a very low probability of being selected in the first place, making whatever special chaos it could bring a relatively rare and, hopefully, interesting round.

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