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[Retracted] Geeves' CCIA Application

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CCIA Staff Application



Basic Information

Byond key: Geeves

Character names: Kuhserze Ioraks, Geoff Lufvio, Ka'Akaix'Sum Zo'ra, Za'Akaix'Zem Zo'ra, Za'Akaix'Loez C'thur, Aruzi Ozehko, Embrace of Rain (more than one person has this character name), Touch of the Light, Razor, S/Tpr. Mordecai

Age: 17

Timezone: +2 GMT, Pretoria

What times are you most available?: This is pretty difficult to judge, my times when I'm online tend to flare during holidays, but generally I'm available early 7 - 8 AM, then 2 - 8 PM again, with hour long spurts of activity inbetween.



How long have you played SS13?: One year.

How long have you played on Aurora?: One year.

How active on the forums, discord and/or server are you? I tend to lurk on the forums often, I'm incredibly active on discord, and I've been off-server lately owing to not having wifi-access, but this should change tomorrow (7 November), when it gets installed.

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Never.

Have you ever volunteered as moderation staff for any other servers, SS13 or otherwise?: I've been a moderator for a Barotrauma server once before, and I'm the host of my own discord server. I tend to be staff-lite wherever I go.

Do you have any other experience that you believe would be relevant to a position in the CCIA?: I'm a command main, and I play a heck of a lot of DnD. If I know something, it's managing a crazy party and faxing well. I also tend to get involved with the community a lot, gathering underlying opinions and such.



Why do you want to join the CCIA?: Well. Truthfully, I see that CCIA has.. a rather negative connotation, after speaking with Synnono at length, I believe it's possible to clear this misconception by putting the right person in the right place, be it me, or another person that surpasses me. The concept of corporate higher ups tickle me, and I feel like it can be great if used to its full potential.

What do you think are the most important qualities for a CCIA Agent to possess?: ICly, a company oriented view. They exist to fulfil the company's desires and as such would have to be intelligent. The success of the company hinges on the workers, and as such, they would have to be social, and caring.

OOCly, a person in the CCIA staff team has to be unbiased while handling IRs, quick thinking while handling faxes, and social when speaking to the "non-staff" playerbase. Finally, and most importantly, they need to be able to operate well autonomously and in a team.

What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is in an ongoing round?: They exist to drive roleplay. Be that prodding command, giving antagonists leeway, being funny when manifested as a Agent character, or heck, even creating fun mini-events.

What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is outside of the server?: Handling IRs, mostly. Writing regulations in accordance with the lore. I think, most importantly, taking feedback from the playerbase and injecting it into their work.

How do you handle stress?: When I get too stressed, I finish what I do to the best of my ability, and walk away. This almost never happens though, I tend to vent my frustrations easily. (And in good ways! Mostly!)

How well do you work autonomously?: As a command main, pretty well, I think. I don't explicitly need looking over, as there are guidelines in place. Following morals and such, it shouldn't be too difficult for me to work on my own.


Additional Notes:

I spoke to Synnono for quite a while before making an application, and we discussed some aspects of joining the team. At first I was intending to apply for moderator, as indicated by my joke "Bullyhunter" application, but Synnono quickly swayed me to the CCIA side. Additionally, I typed this on my phone, please tell me if I made a stupid mistake anywhere, I'll do my best to rectify it.

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I know I've been out of the game for quite a bit, but I'd say Geeves is one of the most upstanding members of this community and can be entrusted with a position such as CCIA. They've got a good head on their shoulders, and seems to genuinely care for the community and server as a whole. The fax machine will claim another soul.

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I think Geeves is a pretty upstanding member of the community, as IJ said. They're an excellent command player and know the regulations well enough to be a good CCIA member. They're active, and have showcased the ability to work together as command staff. You're mature and I have no problems envisioning you working autonomously or in a team setting. Overall, this is good. But I'm not going to say I don't have some minor concerns.

First and foremost, the other day you were talking about potentially leaving Aurora for another server. Later on you told me you enjoyed the server after some good roleplay, and it's why you stuck around. Still, I have to wonder. Do you plan on sticking around with the server? The last thing CCIA needs is another person who is active for a short time, then fades away or leaves. Being staff means doing more work, and some of it won't be fun. You're taking on the responsibility to do this, and the team is going to need to be able to depend on you. Do you still feel like you might be hesitant on sticking around, or becoming less active? How do you think this will affect your desire to stay active here?

As well, you've had some criticisms of CCIA. What do you think are some issues that should be addressed, and how do you plan to work on these as a team member? I worry that you may get discouraged if it's not what you expect it to be, or if you can't bring all of your changes forward.

And finally, just out of curiosity, how do you feel about your ability to remain impartial if IRs/faxes involve friends or people you don't get along with?

I'm going to remain neutral for now; you're a good guy, and a friend, and so I owe it to you to be fair and honest. I'd like to see your answers to these questions and your interview before I decide to toss in my support.

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I talked a bit about potentially leaving the server because of the toxicity that it inherently has. After "some good roleplay", I noticed the real reason why I stuck around in the first place. The friends I've created on Aurora overshadows the toxicity of the vocal minority. I suppose this could be seen as community service, then. A thing that my father always told me that stuck with me is that you should always work until you've finished your job, then you can rest. I refuse to cryo as a command member, and I refuse to just fade away after being given responsibility. I want to have this.

I am extremely vocal about my grief with staff and players alike. I'm sure many of you have heard my complaints on discord. For the CCIA, I believe there exists a disconnect between the playerbase and the CCIA team, and they are seen negatively because they are only deemed the "fun police". I think it is possible to demolish this viewpoint with some careful planning and charismatic spearheading. I'm quite difficult to stop, once I grab onto an idea.

(Quick edit: I noticed I never said what I'd actually do. I think having more mini-events, like CCIA coming aboard would be great. For non-command characters to interact with the CCIA in a positive way for a change. I realize someone has been given a staff complaint for doing something like this in the past, however.)

I tend to get in character pretty heavily when I do things my character would do. In the event of an IR, I would do the same as my character would do, irregardless of whether someone is my friend, superior, or stranger.

Thanks for the feedback, by the way. I really appreciate it.

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I love Geeves. Great personality, good attention to detail, very active. Your answers paint the picture that you have a pretty good idea about the duties we handle as CCIAAs, and I would love to have you on the team. The biggest question I have is how flexible is your schedule? There are players from many timezones, and an IR can become a scheduling nightmare if, say, I as an American have to arrange an interview with someone in eastern europe. Do you think you are able to field those kinds of mundane challenges to close an IR in a reasonable amount of time [namely a week or two]. I always struggle as someone with a full-time job.

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I feel like I'm in a very convenient time-zone, with some flex from one player, I'm able to reach from Australia to Western America in one day. Geographically I lie about between Germany and Italy on the latitude lines, meaning I reach far to both sides of the world. On top of this, I tend to always have free time, and I often work pretty fast. (I blame all of this on still being a student.)

I guess, in short. Pretty much yeah, I can flex it, hard.

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Well. You've made some really excellent replies to my feedback. I'm actually really impressed with how you handled my questions.

I definitely have noticed you sticking it out as command, being receptive, working as a team, and overall trying to improve the quality of everyone's time. I didn't know that it was such an epiphany for you, but I like the sentiment. Which brings me to another question/point. There is a definite problem with toxicity on the server, though I like that you try to see through it. As staff, though, you will likely be exposed to it even more, and in a more direct way. I hope you can handle it. I'll admit, you seem much more driven about it than I initially expected.


I am extremely vocal about my grief with staff and players alike. I'm sure many of you have heard my complaints on discord. For the CCIA, I believe there exists a disconnect between the playerbase and the CCIA team, and they are seen negatively because they are only deemed the "fun police". I think it is possible to demolish this viewpoint with some careful planning and charismatic spearheading. I'm quite difficult to stop, once I grab onto an idea.

You're definitely dedicated to your ideas, which for this, could be both a good and bad thing. On one hand, being driven to handle your responsibilities is great. On the other, you still need to be receptive to the reality that some ideas change in scope, and sometimes you might have to let go of some.


(Quick edit: I noticed I never said what I'd actually do. I think having more mini-events, like CCIA coming aboard would be great. For non-command characters to interact with the CCIA in a positive way for a change. I realize someone has been given a staff complaint for doing something like this in the past, however.)

A nice idea, if one that can even be realized. However, I don't know that this is enough to help resolve the disconnect you said you see. I'm more interested in knowing what "careful planning" and "charismatic spearheading" entail. I think any disconnect is going to have to involve some OOC changes, as well. There are tons of OOC gripes about regs and the IR system, for example. I hope you can work together with the team to plan some changes for the better.


I tend to get in character pretty heavily when I do things my character would do. In the event of an IR, I would do the same as my character would do, irregardless of whether someone is my friend, superior, or stranger.

I don't have any trouble believing this, coming from you.

Still looking forward to your interview questions, but, honestly? I'm really impressed with your dedication and how seriously you're taking this. Enough to give my +1, for whatever it is worth.

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Funny story, actually. Synnono approached me about some griefs I had about the CCIA and managed to redirect the sentiments I had about it into a more positive outcome. As.. you can see, yes. I still hold to the idea, but I'm changing how I approach it.

While I heavily dislike toxicity, it does not get to me. I considered leaving because of my inability to do anything about it. My satirical piece about "Bullyhunter" seemed to make the community as a whole a happier place, and made me see that I can actually do something about it, looking back at it now.

The mini-event is just a small, quick and easy idea. I already talk and cooperate with players, now I just need to do it with a badge on my chest.

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I know I've been out of the game for quite a bit, but I'd say Geeves is one of the most upstanding members of this community and can be entrusted with a position such as CCIA. They've got a good head on their shoulders, and seems to genuinely care for the community and server as a whole. The fax machine will claim another soul.


This, pretty much.

+1 endorsement on my end.

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Interview with the applicant:


12:14 PM] Synnono: Alrighty. All set? I have time if you are not.

[12:14 PM] Geeves: i'm all good

[12:15 PM] Synnono: Okay, we'll just jump in. Most of these are prepared questions, but I think you already know what to expect for the most part. More might creep into existence depending on your answers.

[12:15 PM] Geeves: yup

[12:15 PM] Synnono: To start, what is your idea of an ideal conflict for an antagonist round?

[12:18 PM] Geeves: i hate this one, because it varies from person to person

ideally, in my own opinion, it's a properly escalated explosive round. Where antagonists and crew meet face to face instead of heckling eachother over the radio, and then it splits up into a TDM, although that's just me

if it doesn't turn into a TDM, a proper good crew + antag mischief is good, as with the antagonist group that literally stole the entire bar

whatever conflict there is, it has to be enjoyable, properly escalated, and involve both sides

[12:20 PM] Synnono: It does vary from person to person, but don't worry about giving an ideal or 'right' answer to any of these, we're mostly interested in how you think.

[12:21 PM] Synnono: Also that's a good summary for me, moving on.

[12:21 PM] Synnono: How do you feel CCIA staff members should be perceived by the playerbase? Does this differ significantly from how you feel CCIA characters should be perceived in the world of our setting?

[12:26 PM] Geeves: The players should OOCly see the CCIA players as people who handle their IRs, and faxes the command crew, as well as writing new regulations. Nothing more, nothing less. Although it isn't like that at the moment, I'd like if it could be changed that CCIA are known to sponsor and encourage fun stuff, mini-events on extended, goading crew to interact with antagonists more.

This of course differs from what their characters would perceive the CCIAA to be. The Agents are basically HR, you really don't want to be sent to HR. But, if you meet them at your place of work, somehow, they should be fun to chat to, and open to be chatted to.

[12:31 PM] Synnono: Could I ask you to expand on 'fun to chat to' IC? There's a sort of balance to strike between approachability and playing the face of a megacorporation we have made out pretty heavily to be one of (many) Bad Guys™ in our setting.

[12:34 PM] Geeves: Well, as I said, while you don't want to be sent to them with a complaint, you'd want to be able to talk to them without feeling that they're there to screw you up. Basically, if you did bad, oh boy, it's bad. If you did nothing wrong, it's just another guy (who can destroy your career). I wouldn't see why the face of a corp would be a literal demon to crewmembers at all times.

[12:34 PM] Synnono: Alrighty, that clears that up for me.

[12:35 PM] Synnono: In your opinion, how much of a role should Central Command play in the affairs of the station? When is it appropriate for them to directly intervene in a round, and how much should they attempt to shape the round when they do?

[12:40 PM] Geeves: I think, if it's an antagonist round and they have no pending interviews, they should hold off until Command faxes them. No point in doing anything to the antagonist before you've been notified of them, right? On antagonist rounds, with the exception of ERT and HAPT (which I doubt CCIA can send), or those huge BSAs when stuff gets real bad, Central should be an outsider, a life-link to somewhere safe.

On extended however, you could be more lenient with what they're allowed to do. I'm not sure how IAA's and CCIAA's cooperate, but Official Central inspections (not often enough to make it overbearing, please), sponsored little celebrations for the crew on the various holidays, stuff like that, uh, spice of life stuff, should be good.

As for how much they should shape the round, it should be gauged by how the non-CCIA react. If things go from bad to worse, shape it more. If it stays relatively stable, let the antagonists or crew themselves pick it up. I think it's a bit.. iffy to go as CCIA just to become a mastermind over a round's progression.

[12:44 PM] Synnono: The next few are going to be specific faxy-scenarios for you to 'respond' to. With each one I'd appreciate if you explained how you arrived at your course of action as well. Assume for the most part that the information in the question is all you have, but feel free to ask questions if something confuses you.

[12:44 PM] Synnono: Early in a round, command staff faxes you about a Central Command Update that you did not send. The fax asks you to explain why the station is being leased to another company. How do you respond and why?

[12:48 PM] Geeves: I think it's possible to check which round type it is as CCIA, as well as access AOOC.

What I'd do is confirm that it's either Rev or Traitor, and if it is, ask in AOOC for which gimmick said antagonist is going for. After which, I shape the reply in a way that keeps the gimmick up in the air without quite proving or disproving it.

If it isn't an antagonist that did it, I'd probably say that it was a false announcement, or something. Not really sure how that'd happen or how you guys deal with that.

[12:50 PM] Geeves: Actually, to add onto that, I hadn't thought of any Updates another CCIA member would send. If it wasn't an antag, I'd ask the team about it and THEN send the fax.

[12:51 PM] Geeves: ..gosh, Admins can make CC Announcements too right?

[12:51 PM] Synnono: They can.

[12:51 PM] Synnono: We have a staff channel that they and we can access, though.

[12:51 PM] Geeves: Whew. I'd ask in.. do you guys have access to the in-game staff chat?

[12:51 PM] Geeves: That works too

[12:52 PM] Synnono: That is what I meant, yeah, there are a bunch.

[12:52 PM] Synnono: Ours is CCIA and admins.

[12:52 PM] Geeves: Aight, I'd check it it was an admin, then an antagonist, and then proceed. I'm not totally clued up on how exactly both can be sent.

[12:52 PM] Synnono: Alright, and why would do all that again? What's you main thinking here?

[12:55 PM] Geeves: Well, assuming it's done by an admin or an antagonist, the announcement was either a distraction, or a part of a larger gimmick arc. If I can judge what the intention was, I can help execute the intended purpose of the announcement. If it were a distraction, I could just deny it. If it were a part of a bigger whole, a helping hand to forge the story.

[12:57 PM] Synnono: When we are supporting the Revolution game mode, CCIA can optionally choose to take a more antagonistic approach to its interaction with the crew.

The Head Loyalist of the round creates a Central Command announcement early in the round. It states that all Tajara employees are to be 'heavily scrutinized' due to reports of widespread terrorist acts across Tau Ceti. You receive a fax from a concerned, non-antag Head of Staff asking for details about the specifics of these instructions. How do you respond and why?

[12:58 PM] Geeves: Antagonistic as in Loyalist only?

[12:58 PM] Synnono: We treat both Rev and Loyalist generated announcements as canon as long as they are believable together. If not we can work with them to sort out any conflicts.

[12:58 PM] Synnono: In this case though, it's the Loyalists being gimmicky.

[1:06 PM] Geeves: Righto, this is a tough one. I think, for the sake of the round, playing along with the Loyalist head would be a good idea here. I haven't been in the position to see antagonistic CCIA in action, so I'll just guess what the course of action would be.

The intentions of the Head Loyalist is pretty clear, they appear to want to turn baddie by surpressing the Tajara employees. Siding with them, I'd express that there were indeed terrorist acts commited by random tajara. They are to kept under close watch and randomly searched and interrogated.

[1:06 PM] Geeves: Apologies for the delay, I got a call for a second there.

[1:10 PM] Synnono: No worries. If you have to step away for a long period of time, just toss me a quick note though.

[1:10 PM] Geeves: Nah, it was a quick one, will do tho.

[1:11 PM] Synnono: As a follow up to that question, let's say an hour goes by and the crew has kept (for the most part) sane about all of this. There's no real attempt from Tajara players to resist the Loyalist effort, and no counter-effort from the revolutionaries has materialized. There may not even BE an opposing team. Would you want to involve yourself further, or not, and why?

[1:14 PM] Geeves: Eugh, I'd contradict myself if I said I'd want to push further now, but we've already established ourselves as antagonists. Assuming I'm the only staff on the server at that moment with no one to discuss a follow-up fax with, I'd just go ahead and lightly prick the head loyalist with some new inspiration without taking over their gimmick from them. Something like "Oh no, the Unathi seem to be involved too!", I suppose.

[1:16 PM] Synnono: Why's that again?

[1:18 PM] Geeves: Ah shucks, sorry. Since it's just a fax, and that I've stated that CCIA should goad antagonists and crew together a little, giving one person the tools to drive some conflict without making it known to all, meaning it's still their choice, should be an effective way to keep a round rolling. Although, I suppose I'd have to ask in AOOC first. Hrm.

[1:20 PM] Synnono: Is there more to that hrm, or should we move on?

[1:21 PM] Geeves: Not really sure. Do CCIA usually ask Loyalist players if they want a fax before faxing it?

[1:21 PM] Synnono: I wouldn't say it's a usual step, but it isn't beyond the pale to talk to them about propping up the gimmick a bit if it's needed, or especially if they ask for help.

[1:24 PM] Geeves: Right, and if you could see that nothing much is happening, you'd be ingame already. Generally you'd fax reactively instead of proactively, so it's difficult to say. I'd proceed without asking the player themselves, since it's up to them if they'd like to use the fax anyway.

[1:26 PM] Synnono: Alrighty.

[1:26 PM] Synnono: Late in a round, you receive an EBS broadcast from the station AI, requesting an immediate Emergency Response Team. How do you respond, and why?

[1:26 PM] Geeves: Are they straight up just asking for an ERT, nothing else?

[1:27 PM] Synnono: Pretty much. There's the suggestion of some sort of severe, unspecified threat.

[1:27 PM] Geeves: Is there a way for a CCIAA to communicate directly with the AI?

[1:28 PM] Synnono: Only if they're playing at the moment the message goes out. You can click a reply button in the chat to send a one-off message as an anonymous central staffer directly to the person who sent the message.

[1:28 PM] Synnono: If we just see it in Discord, no.

[1:31 PM] Geeves: Got it. The whole headset buzzes and you get to say a cool one-liner thing, right. Well, judging by how incredibly vague it is, and the possibility of an Ion Law (I think those are canon), I'd fax any current head of staff members if there are any to confirm and explain exactly what the threat is. The thinking behind it that it's rather bad towards the antagonists for an AI to instantly just send an EBS and oh boy here come the killsquad. I've seen CCIA / Admins only act upon a request for help 30 minutes after it's been sent, although I'm not sure if that's intentional or not.

[1:32 PM] Geeves: Also, I don't think responding directly to an EBS thing's good, since it isn't an actual line of communication, and I thiiiink it's expensive? I can't exactly recall.

[1:34 PM] Synnono: That works for me. The possibility of an ion event disrupting a lawset is canon, yes, though it's nowhere near as likely as it is to happen in game.

[1:34 PM] Synnono: One more of these.

[1:34 PM] Synnono: You are playing in the round as the Captain. After a heated argument with your Chief Engineer, Central receives a fax from the CE asking CCIA to intervene in the dispute on her behalf. You are the only CCIA staff member available. How do you respond, and why?

[1:35 PM] Geeves: I don't think staff are allowed to take things that concern themselves, are they? Atleast not ahelps. Am I the only CCIA staff member ingame, or are there none online on the discord either?

[1:37 PM] Synnono: You're the oooonly one who can react to this, for the purposes of the question.

[1:40 PM] Geeves: Oh jeez. Well shucks, it's bad to leave them hanging, and I trust myself to not let bias creep into my fax. I just personally believe that taking a fax that concerns me directly is a bit immoral. But uh. For the purpose of the conflict, I'd try and push it onto an HoS or IAA to decide, instead of myself clearing it up.

[1:40 PM] Synnono: Even though they can't counteract you as the Captain?

[1:44 PM] Geeves: Fugg. Well, as far as I remember, Head of Staff are only to follow orders. As it's worded here, I assumed it's just be a workplace arguement. If it's refusal against an order, they're to begrudingly execute it and then file an IR after the shift's over. If it's the latter, I'd gently tell them to execute the order and then file an IR.

[1:45 PM] Synnono: Alright. I think that's about the end of that. The next few have to do with IRs.

[1:45 PM] Synnono: What do you believe is the purpose of the Incident Report system?

[1:47 PM] Geeves: The Incident Report system serves to support the HRP Corporate theme we're using. Sometimes I believe it's a bit silly for an ahelp to change a character's behavior. An IR is the IC way to correct a character's behavior. (If it's still within the realm of possibility, of course.)

[1:48 PM] Synnono: With that in mind, how do you see them compared to something like a character complaint?

[1:50 PM] Geeves: I believe character complaints are used when the actions of a character are way too far out of the realm of possibility, and that they would be fired near instantly with no question about it. It's like a last ditch effort to correct a player's use of their character. Naturally, it can also be used if a character only does bizarre things when antagonists are around.

[1:50 PM] Synnono: Alright, that's a good clarification to make, I think.

[1:50 PM] Synnono: After claiming an Incident Report to work on and sending out notices to the people involved, you realize that the players you are trying to meet with can't accommodate your timezone and schedule, and it is unlikely you will be able to meet with enough of them to proceed for several weeks or longer. What would you do, if anything, to address this issue?

[1:51 PM] Geeves: This is the funny one to me. I'd like to ask a background question first, do you guys have the ability to check in which timezone a player plays in before dibbing the Incident Report?

[1:52 PM] Synnono: Oftentimes, it's not written anywhere. If they haven't told us and it isn't something we know from just knowing the players, it's anyone's guess.

[1:52 PM] Synnono: Not to mention we don't have enough coverage to only take cases in our own timezones.

[1:52 PM] Geeves: Mhm, got it.

[1:54 PM] Geeves: Well, if it's literally impossible for you to get a meeting done with the players, then you would be forced to either spread the load across yourself and the other members of the CCIA, or conduct the meeting over a longer time period through discord. The latter being frowned upon because of the logs thereof not being saved onto the server.

[1:55 PM] Synnono: This almost sounds like I've talked about this with you in the past!

[1:56 PM] Geeves: No way, must've been Peeves. But anyway, yeah. Since it's ideal to keep it on-server, I'd ask my fellow staff members if they would be able to handle some of the meetings in my place.

[1:56 PM] Synnono: Oooone more for you for now:

[1:56 PM] Synnono: After completing your investigation of an Incident Report, you find that an officer escalated to a forceful arrest when a crewmember resisted detainment. While the original reason for the arrest is determined to be invalid, the officer argues that in resisting arrest, the crewman legitimized the detainment. How do you interpret this event?

[2:02 PM] Geeves: Alright, resisting arrest is when you don't cooperate with the arresting officer according to the little blurb about it. However, the next explanation says that this means the crewmember did something like shoving the officer or running away.

Depending on whether the officer was ordered to arrest the crewmember, a warrant was out, or the crewmember was acting suspicious under code blue, it could swing either way. Generally, cooperating with the officer that is arresting you is ideal, and the act of resisting means that you either are doing something shady, or that you do not wish to cooperate with Security.

[2:06 PM] Synnono: (Sorry, I've been holding on in case you had more, I keep seeing you typing)

[2:06 PM] Geeves: Oh no, that's a glitch, this is all I got.

[2:08 PM] Synnono: Alright. Well, considering you don't know as much info as you would if you were actually investigating, I'd say that's about enough.

[2:10 PM] Synnono: Most of the things I'd have asked you about your application I've already asked (or the application might not even exist) but, what did you mean when you wrote "The concept of corporate higher ups tickle me, and I feel like it can be great if used to its full potential?"

[2:11 PM] Synnono: More specifically, with the understanding that this is a staff group and not a bunch of players in the game, what is its full potential to you?

[2:15 PM] Geeves: Now I need to think back to what sleep-deprived Geeves thought. So, as a staff group, you've overall got more control over the round than most people do.

I was thinking of a crew morale front, a happy crew is a working crew. More mini-events like the calender thing, (although tinier than that). Something to strive for besides the right here and right now.

With the ability to ICly change, for instance, an extended round into more than just another extended round. Put a spin on it by asking the Chief Engineer to build something awesome. For the Research Director to please send a Ripley to Central. Heck, hosting a christmas party.

[2:15 PM] Synnono: Application denied for bringing up the calendar.

[2:15 PM] Geeves: I believe something like the play Mofo did a while ago, which would have been impossible without the help of staff.

[2:15 PM] Geeves: YES, something else to blame Alb for! :P

[2:16 PM] Synnono: More seriously, that is a good mindset to have, above. In fact, when we had more people active in more rounds, some of the former members used to do things like this.

[2:17 PM] Geeves: Yeeeaaah, since it's vacation next month, I could be much, much more active. (Although it seems we're going away for it, whew.)

[2:18 PM] Synnono: In any case, for now I don't think I have anything more for you. Thanks for your time!

[2:18 PM] Synnono: If you have any questions for me, I can take them before we're done?

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I believe geeves' general answers are good, with maybe a slight problem at the "fax involving your captain" thing. But that's no big deal, it can be worked on.

I also like his views on how ccia should be more involved to further roleplay, and his presence could give a new aura to the whole situation.


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So I obtained chatlogs from a certain half-public server, not officially affiliated with Aurora but with admins and moderators present.

In there I had witnessed behaviour which I would call as "bad", simply said as this because I lack a better word.

You've complained, quite vocally with a certain group of other players about the trial system in place for the selection of heads, the reason I'm a bit miffed at this is because I've never witnessed these complaints being raised anywhere in the public discord, the head of staff forums, the policy suggestion forums or as a private message to any member of the whitelist team.

So it was quite the donkey punch.

Now the main driving force behind CCIA is the abillity to make decisions and confront issues of others. How do you plan to do that when you'd rather take an issue you have and privately complain about it rather then using the NUMEROUS devices we have to solve it, or even trying to communicate with the team responsible when you plan to work with them in the future?

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Oh yeah. On that server, I said that the trial system for command application is pretty dumb, since in my opinion, command players only tend to turn sour some time after getting the application.

When the arguement started turning into finger pointing towards staff, I quietly butted out.

The reason I don't intend to make a complaint about the trial system, is that even though I think it's dumb, it does do its job. Why would I suggest something to replace it if I had no better thing to replace it with?

I went back to the server and grabbed the logs. This is the extent of what I said. "trials are really dumb, i agree, i'm glad i got mine before trials came in, as a command player, the trial system seems super dumb to me, you tend to become bad command after some time of playing it, not after starting."

This was posted alongside some viscious complaints toward staff in general, but as a whole, I don't see how calling something dumb, because I think it's dumb, on a private server could mean too much in the grand scheme of things. I can understand if I were groupped with the aggressive persons, since you could have just gotten impartial logs. The arguement was pretty heated.

Besides, have I not made it expressly clear that I am pretty vocal about things I do have ideas to change for? Taking one outlier example among the midst of many examples and applying it as a whole seems a bit harsh, but eh. The whole situation was pretty dumb, and hindsight is 20/20.

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To elaborate, I've realized that what you've said might have seemed way too preachy to me due to the controversial argument from someone else it came with, thus I do apologise for the seemingly agressive assumption of you being a lazy weiner.

Further having a solution ISN'T REQUIRED to bring up an issue we might not potentially see, we've been involved in this process for about a year and thus can miss critical stuff other people have easier view of.

So for everyone reading this, pick up your bag and give feedback to us and to Geeves.

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No need to apologize, I'd already assumed there was a misinterpretation of sorts, happens often with the massive amount of data that passes through the server as a whole.

I'd almost assumed that it was common knowledge, what i feel about the trials, but I suppose that's yet another silly assumption to make. Going to keep that in mind and encourage others to do the same.

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He is already on trial, I know, but someone once said better late than never.


Geeves is one of the players I respect the most, and, in my humble opinion, he is so good at communication he could criticize someone (to help that someone so he can improve) in such a way that even the most arrogant player would read him and even accept his mistakes, because Geeves says everything in a helpful way with the best manners, and always with the intention to help, not to destroy the one who made the mistake.

I'm so happy he was given the chance. I'm sure he will show a superb peformance.

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