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Add Directives (or something similar) to encourage heads to distribute assistants across departments

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Off the back of this:


Simply add a directive or something similar to encourage if not obligate heads of staff to distribute the assistants on station across the various departments based on said assistants qualifications if any. This could perhaps be largely directed at HoPs. These jobs would be low level (Medical Orderly, Cooking Assistant, Cargo Assistant etc) but help players get a feel of roles (if they're new) or just be a nice RP tool for players playing assistant characters. It also gives the heads or at least the HoP something fun to do roleplay wise as they read up on qualifications and then distribute where suited.



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I am not sure if having another directive just based on assigning assistants is worth it, however having a CCIA notice about it would be more acceptable

Regarding Assistant Assignments:

The Head of Personnel is obligated to assist with assigning assistants to a department in which their skills will best serve them in, however, assistants may choose any alternative department with an applicable low-level job, but such requests are to be approved or denied at the Head of Personnel or Captain's discretion.


Thoughts? @Zundy

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Yeah sounds rad. Just a nudge really to help out assistants. I like this notice because it doesn't twist a HoPs arm to force them to be proactive but reminds them that they can do this and opens the door to assistants asking for allocation.

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The final decision on whether to accept them or not into certain department should fall into that department's head.

The HoP should promote and recommend assignments to the heads, but it should be the heads' decision to accept them into their department.

Otherwise, I'm fine with the idea, and think it should be a notice instead of a directive, as well. 

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