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QOL Suggestion: Make Station Time Consistent Across Rounds (Titled edited)


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So, the dates on all forms, PDAs, etc. adhere to IRL dates, with about 450 years tagged on. I think it would make sense to keep station time consistent across rounds, rather than have it randomized (at least that's what it appears is currently going on? don't really know) each round. I'm imagining this being fairly easy and straightforward in my head, but I'm also very sleep-deprived atm so maybe I'm being dumb.


I think this would help some characters who "stay during transfer" RP that they're working a shift longer than 2 hours. Which, for me personally, is something I do quite often.


Lmk what you think, or if I'm being dumb. Cool, thanks

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

So you want 5am in Chicago, to be 5am on station?

Currently, in our setting there is Galactic Standard Time. GST is based on earth's Central Standard Time, Chicago. Whatever time it is in Chicago, it is the time in the whole galaxy. This is also the time zone that the server is hosted in.

How does this impact IRL time zones? What time zone would we go with? Chicago again?

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The idea is less so about which time zone to choose, and more that the time from the last shift continues on to the starting time of the next shift. I am suggesting we use UTC, Coordinated Universal Time (Zulu Time) as that is what is most likely used on the ISS. 

Basically, I just really like continuity. So when I stay on the shift after transfer and then spawn in my office for the next shift, the time should line up, not be like..10 hours different, on the same day in game.

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On 14/03/2019 at 14:16, Zundy said:

Essentially don't randomise the time is the suggestion?


I agree BUT that will mean some times zones always play at night and visa versa. I'd argue that this a cool thing. Night shift boyes represent.

This. Probably could've worded it a bit better. I was very sleep deprived when I wrote this.

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An question I raised after being made aware of the night lighting issue is this:

Is night lighting good?

This might be better put in a different thread, but as it was raised as a consequence of this, I'll leave it here for now. Personally I've never found it to be a particularly fun or interesting feature, which doesn't even make much sense. I can't think of many real world examples, but the obvious one is planes. But this is a safety feature, intended to mean that if the plane crashes in the dark, your eyes are adjusted, not something to do with natural sleep cycles or whatever the IC blurb is. And speaking of ICly, this STILL doesn't make sense. NT hires Dionae, a species which require light to live. Turing off the lights at their workplace sounds harmful and an unnecessary risk. Maybe I'm missing something?

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2 hours ago, Zelmana said:

In game time moves faster than IRL time, no?

I think it runs 1:1 but I may be wrong.

Instead of basically repeating what was said earlier, all I'm going to say is I like this. If removing night lighting comes along with it, it is a system I will not shed a tear to see go away.

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9 hours ago, Zelmana said:

In game time moves faster than IRL time, no?


7 hours ago, William Murdoch said:

I think it runs 1:1 but I may be wrong.

It should run 1:1, but things like server lag and crashes fuck with it. You'd have to somehow sync the clock with a real timezone if you wanted it to be consistent.

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The topic of night lighting is only tangible relevant at best. I dont want (certain) characters of mine exclusively work at night. 


"But what is the difference in space?"

In space, none. For RP a big one. Why would my father of 10 exclusively work at night? Just an example, there are plenty more 

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To echo those above, I'm not a fan of this change since its ultimately locks certain players into exclusively playing at night. I like that the current station time offers a varied experience, one that lends itself to the fact that we also aren't consistently playing our characters.

Also yeah night lighting can be hellish depending on your role or race.

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Personally, I struggle to see the issue with people having characters only work at one time of day. I can see that you would be saying "If you live in Chicago (Because I think that's the time zone we use) and only play in the evenings, all your characters can only work in the evening." and that would suck if you wanted to make a character for a different time of day. But as it stands, the shift times are just wrong imho. Humans are creatures of habit and routine, so it makes very little sense for my character to work a shift from 4-6am then another at 6-9pm that day, followed by one at 11am-1pm the next day.

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13 minutes ago, KingOfThePing said:

Have you ever worked shifts, mate. If I'd work early 6am-2pm one week and night 10pm-6am the other week I can be a creature of habit and routine all I want, since it doesn't matter. 

I don't work shifts, but (perhaps this is just my limited experience) most people work at a fairly consistent time.

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I like the ability to play my character at different times of in-game time despite it being not that time irl.

Breakfast roleplay is slightly different than middle of the graveyard shift roleplay, and although slight, I do not think one should have to login at those times to experience and roleplay those scenarios.

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