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Amory's sprites

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I have not coded anything, I just have the sprites.

-Sol marine uniform and fatigue given rolled sleeves sprites.

-Mechanic outfit no longer has a belt over its coveralls, and have a rolled sleeves version.

-Replacement heavy vest to better suit use with the Sol marine fatigues.

-Replacement military balaclava sprite, and replacement rolled up variant. (No longer exposes bald head, only exposes face)

-Replacement balaclava rolled up variant for both black and IAC balaclavas sprites.

-Darker red and blue bandanas sprites,

-Replacement clear visor gas-mask, tactical gas-mask sprites.

-Replacement mercenary military belt sprite.

- Replacement suspender sprite, to increase coverage past t-shirts, sweaters, ect


sol_uniform_un_r.dmi marine_fatigue_un_r.dmi mechanic_s.dmi mechanic_s_r.dmi iacmask_r.dmi band_bl.dmi band_r.dmi fullgas.dmi gas_alt.dmi fullgas_icon.dmi gasmask_icon.dmi helmet_tac_icon.dmi mercwebvest_icon.dmi solmarinewebvest.dmi helmet_tac.dmi militarybelt.dmi suspenders.dmi

balaclava_military.dmi balaclava_military_r.dmi balaclava_r.dmi iacmask_r.dmi swatclava.dmi swatclava_r.dmi

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These are looking fantastic, much better than they originally did. My only criticism is that the heavy vest could use less saturation to contrast the uniforms it will often go over. Lowering the contrast on the tactical armor is also a good idea.

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