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DnD 5e Campaign! Players needed!

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I am starting a Fifth edition DnD campaign set in the world of Fleallaryon, my homebrew. This will be my first time DMing a campaign. I encourage and would prefer new players to join and play along with me. I am comfortable enough with the mechanics of the game to help people learn who have always wanted to try but never have due to the barrier for entry. Below i will give some details.

What platform?

This game will be played through tabletop simulator along with discord voice. You must have a working microphone.

What time?


Saturdays at 2200 hours ZULU time. If you happen to be on the east coast in the USA that is 6:00 PM for you. Sessions will run a minimum of three hours and preferably four hours. 

What kind of campaign is it?

It is an undead and necromancy themed campaign. I have designed the initial acts to teach new players how combat, skill checks and the game works. The rule of cool may apply SPARINGLY but overall this will be a pretty serious story.

What kind of person is welcome?

You will first need to decide for yourself if you can afford the time commitment. The game works best when we are all punctual and available for the sessions entirety. If you frequently cancel things last minute or ghost people when you make arrangements then i am sorry but i do not think you will fit into the game. If you're chill, punctual and amicable to solving social issues at the table then you are always welcome in my game. 

How many people do you need?

I am looking for a minimum of four players and a maximum of six.

What kind of character can i make?

Any legal 5e character with some restrictions. 

-Nothing that can fly at first level

-no chaotic evil alignments or races that tend to be chaotic evil

-stick to a humanoid. the more exotic your race is the more trouble i will have slotting you into the story. 

I would also STRONGLY DISCOURAGE an evil alignment but i am open to discussing it if you have a character concept in DMs. Your party of characters is expected to have some level of teamwork or interest in the groups effort. Regardless any character will need to be oked by me so that i am more prepared at slotting you into the story. all you have to do is send me your character info in a DM and we can discuss it. 

How do i sign up?

I will treat it essentially as first come first serve. Simply send me a DM on discord and i will put you on the list. It will be your responsibility to come prepared with a character and the free time. 

I dont know how to make a character! Help!

That is no problem at all. If you're seriously interested in investing the time in playing then you can send me a PM at pretty much any time and i will do my best to help you pick a character. 

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Age: 20

Timezone: GMT+3


D&D and Roll 20 experience: Very little to none, but I do like roleplaying. I'd rather be honest from the start, so I don't let anyone down. I can learn fast tho'.

A few things about me: Well, my job has a shifting schedule, but I will notify you of my program each week. This means I'm not guaranteed to be free on weekends. 

About my character:

Name: Michael Idionski

Age: Around his late 20's perhaps early 30's

Class: Guy posing as an adventurer (I wish to start small and trough out the story to attempt to become a class, like a wizard perhaps.)


Background: Fatherless nobody

Michael was born in 'Lundy Woods' a village in a steepe biome, which's main trade is the farming of cows, wheat and pigs. The village itself was rather deserted after a recent war with the hordes of greenskins that attempted to plague the local lands and pillage whatever they can. Most of the folk around were aged or too young to leave this place they call home and most would remain, only knowing the life of a farmer or perhaps a monk. Idionski however, was not going to stay. With his father, an militia soldier and a potato farmer, killed by the feral green horde and his mother recently passed away, the towering fellow paid for his mother's burial and sold the land, paying some of the heavy debts his family left on his shoulders, running and never turning back.

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18 minutes ago, SHODAN said:

I'm down to make a wood elf ranger or druid - probably a ranger as its my main

Whichever you prefer. Send me your character sheet by saturday.

1 minute ago, AccointNaim said:

I'm in.

Make a 1st level character and send me your sheet by saturday

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I really thought about wanting to join this, but as I was typing such I realized that I already feel my weekends are short and that I play in a game from noon to 6pm EST already. While I currently live in that house I won't soon and that means travel time would make me late anyways. Oh well. If you ever run one in a differing slot, I hope you let people here know as I'd love to see your GMing style. ((I play other RPGs, I have only the most basic understanding of 5E as I've never played that edition.))

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Just now, stev said:

I'm interested in playing a Paladin and am very experienced with 5e, both as a player and as a DM. I can't make the first session, unfortunately, but should be able to make following ones reliably.

Thats fine. If we have a spot for you next saturday you are welcome to come. As discussed on discord i cannot guarantee it. 

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