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thank you <3


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I just wanted to say thank you to the server. People might not know me because I don't OOC a lot, but I play Kizzy Jenson and Owl the AI.

I'm moving out tomorrow, back to university to study. So that's going to take precedence alongside partying hard. Being back home sucks majorly and this summer has been pretty awful. We all have our own reasons for playing, but in my case it's because this server is a wonderful escape from daily life and the grind of being back.

So yeah, thank you staff for keeping the server afloat. I used to be an admin and I know just how shitty and thankless putting up with it all can be. You're saints for keeping it up as long as you have and not getting jaded or showing your frustration. And to the mappers and the devs who add so much to the game and work just as tirelessly as the modmins, thank you too. This new map has been a lot of fun to learn and explore, and it's very well designed. Your years of work have seriously paid of volumes, even if not a lot of people have said that. Specially, thanks to Skull and YeahChris for making this all work after the Apollo split, I know the latter isn't here anymore but Skull... good work you.

And lastly, to the community; to the players who come here day after day and make the server what it is; the people who forced me to get discord and sought me out after talking to me in-game, people whom I've talked to every day for the last two months (you know who you are), thank you.

I wish you all the best! Take care and don't forget to focus on what's important.

I'm proud to have called this server a part of my life for the past three (four(five?)) years.

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