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New Subforum: Fanfiction


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Now hold on I know a lot of you stopped reading at the word fanfiction but hear me out first.

The thing is as far as we're concerned we only have three subforums regarding writing

Character Stories - Intended for character stories

NanoTrasen Public Network - An IC internet sort of thing

Personal Query Terminal - An IC tumblr sorta "Ask this character" deal

This doesn't offer a lot of options does it?

What if I want to write a story about a character I never actually played? What if I wanted to tell a story about a certain place at a certain time where my character couldn't possibly be? What if I want to write about two lovers that were denied fate by a stray bombing run? What if I wanted to write about a detective who saved the world from a cult but died in the process? What if I want to write a short fantasy flick about Dragons and Magic and flying goblins with daggers for nipples?

I bet plenty of people have a story they want to tell and share with us, all of us but there are so many things that stop them.

"It's unrelated nobody will care."

"I don't want to spam discord and even if I did not that many people would read it."

"I don't want to send it to individuals, it feels to personal and I don't have any real friends/buddies/buckos/pals."

Plus I think even our lorewriters have stories they'd like to write that just aren't specificaly canon or perhaps aren't really supposed to influence the lore just give a more realistic feeling or give a story about something that they can never replicate on-station.

Also props to Zundy for telling me to make a suggestion.

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As I said before, though this doesn't interest me I know others are interested and therefore if there's a big enough need a separate sub forum would be good for this.

Yes we have other forums that this may appear to fit into but let us remember that this isn't IC interactions nor OOC feedback, it's a blend of IC to OOC which I think (if there is enough desire for it) could do with being separated.

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I'm in love with the idea. Lore can be confining at times when there's things I want to write, but they would be too snowflakey or couldn't possibly be canon. At worst wr get dumb stories, at best the players get to explore new horizons based on our setting.

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