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THERE IS NO HIVESHIP - False Flag Served As Distraction For Massive, Coordinated Attack On Sol By Raiders - Hundreds Now Enslaved And Thousands Of Tons Of Supplies Stolen

Emotions best described as a mixture of horror and utter outrage are spreading through the Sol sector like a tidal wave, as the military has confirmed that the supposed Lii’dra Hiveship was in fact never there in the first place.

According to our best preliminary guesses based on reports from the military, several factions of raiders managed to strike the Pluto supply depot as well as several spacebound facilities in the fringes of the Sol system. The raiders took advantage of the withdrawal of the entire Sol border patrol to strike.

We are receiving reports of locations hit and preliminary casualties:
  • Three dozen mining or habitation stations in the Oort cloud, with 200 civilians and workers abducted and a dozen more killed or wounded. These stations have diverse owners but the majority are Einstein Engines refineries.
  • Two dozen stations in the The Kuiper Belt, with 50 people being abducted by raiders and dozens more wounded or killed.
  • The New Pacific station in orbit of Neptune, which is still locked down from multiple breaches. Over 100 people have been abducted and 18 people have asphyxiated.
  • The Uranus garrison in orbit with and stationed inside the floating settlements repelled the raider attacks, but Commander Jovana Melanija was killed by gunfire defending the station.
  • Saturn and Jupiter were both hit, with the remnants of the 11th fleet repelling the attack on Saturn while Jupiter was raided and 22 people abducted.
  • The asteroid belt saw 43 people abducted in coordinated raids, and there are reports of continued fighting within some Einstein Engines habitats.
In the chaos and confusion we were unable to properly authenticate these additional attacks beyond the attack on Pluto.

Fleets continue to rally to Earth, which now has over a dozen battleships in orbit of the planet.

Panic and chaos continues to sweep Earth and Luna. With no word or directives coming from Prime Minister Chater, we have no further information about what is happening. We will continue to try to parse through this flood of information coming to our station until we receive official word from the government.

For their part, the Grand Admiralty has issued orders cancelling the rally to Earth and ordering a defense of the frontier, but nearly all of the ships in orbit of the homeworld remain entrenched. Other individual ships are heeding the call, causing confusion and total disarray between and even within the fleets.

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Chater Bungles Response To Sol Raid: ATLAS Senator Calls For Revolution As Admirals Vow Revenge And Leave Sol To Chase Raiders

A plunging stock market, crippled supply chains, breached space stations, and major cities paralyzed all describe the situation in Sol today as the government begins a formal response to one of the darkest days in the history of the Alliance.

Prime Minister Chater gave a formal statement in New Kyoto where he described the events of this tragedy.
“I was informed at 8:15am Galactic Standard Time of a large unknown signature having been detected approaching our Interdiction Nets beyond the Oort cloud. I summoned an emergency meeting with the Grand Admiralty to take place on Unity Station, believing that the Interdiction Nets would function and provide us with 24 hours of time to prepare. However at 8:35am I received word from our tracking stations that the UFO had made it past our nets without slowing down and would reach Earth within 3 hours, and that it was identified as a Lii’dra Hiveship. At the same time, there were hundreds of smaller signatures swarming into the system, with several dozen breaking through the first layer of interdiction nets or evading them as the approached the outer fringes of the system. It was at this point I issued an order to have Unity Station evacuated and our entire naval force within the Sol system withdrawn to defend the homeworld from what we believed was a full scale Vaurcan invasion.

The Grand Admiralty agreed and sent out the orders, consolidating our fleets to Earth.

I’ve received much criticism about the combat readiness of the 1st Fleet. The fleet was grounded but we would have had time to deploy its full strength if this had been a conventional attack. It typically takes 5 hours to get a grounded fleet ready, out of 24 hours we believed we would have. Unfortunately this consolidation was a trap. The Lii’dra Hiveship was actually a ghost signature. The raiders used unknown methods to replicate the signature of the Lii’dra hiveship, mimicking its flight path from when it attacked Tau Ceti only days ago.

And the consequences are serious. These raiders and slavers abducted hundreds of Alliance citizens from their workplaces and homes, running off with them into the depths of space. This is unacceptable and horrifying.

Rest assured I’m launching a full investigation and a through audit of the Sol system’s defensive and early warning apparatus. This is never going to happen again.”
Senator Michael Watkins, who had refused the Unity Station evacuation and prepared an impromptu militia of volunteers from police officers to cargo technicians to defend the station, was scathing in his open contempt for the Prime Minister’s speech. Still at the police station coordinating with the Police Chief the station’s response to the fallout from hours of panic and chaos in the streets, Senator Watkins was asked for his opinion on Chater’s speech and began going on in what became a fiery skewering.
“Our friends and families are being dragged away in chains while we speak and Chater speaks of never letting this happen again? How about bringing our people back, you massive diphead? This is completely typical of his kind. We were just bamboozled and made to look like idiots. We don’t need to audit or investigate anything - we need to kick ass! We need to grab every man and woman who can hold a laser rifle and fit in a ship and send them out to rescue our people and utterly and completely wipe out the savages that prey upon us.

Something this catastrophic could have only happened under his watch. If he isn’t removed by an angry mob storming the capital then we might as well all spit on our entire proud nation and roll over on our backs to wait for death, because that’s the only thing a Chater administration ever asks us to.”
Media outlets have condemned Watkin’s apparent calls for violence, but it has struck a chord throughout the Sol Sector.

The 1st, 7th, and 11th Fleets have bluespace jumped out of the Sol system following this speech without apparent orders, and we are unable to tell where exactly they are going.

Admiral Vasudha Lilavati of the 1st Fleet provided a justification for their actions, saying,
“We’re going to get our people back. We don’t need orders to defend our nation from murderers and kidnappers.”
Hundreds of regular border patrol forces are also pushing further out from their original deployment zones and are attacking pirate enclaves or hideouts in deep space around the Sol system.

In addition the Alliance Parliament and Senate have called an emergency session within Unity Station to craft a response to the crisis.

Across Sol the popular response continues to be shock and outrage. Popular protests have broken out in cities on every planet within every city. Social unrest has been magnified by SolGov’s sluggish response. This has complicated recovery as the turmoil is boiling over into violent clashes between protestors and security forces.

Admirals in other star systems have also broken ranks and launched unordered expeditions into deep space to fight pirate and raider forces.

Our military analysts have been debating how and why the raiders were able to bypass the interdiction nets, and so far our investigative reporting has uncovered the likely culprit.

John Daniels is a Strategic Affairs Consultant and during an interview with one of our journalists revealed that the interdiction nets have remained static and unmoving for the past 30 years. Mr. Daniels explained the problem during the interview, saying,
“Think of it like fishing in a trawler. You slowly move over the water while the big net drags through the sea, scooping up the fish. The net isn’t a giant field surrounding our whole solar system, but a bunch of massive nets stretched out to catch incoming vessels. Our interdiction fields work the same way - they’re meant to be mobile. If you don’t get the proper authentication you can be caught in them like a fish.

But I’ve been going through the declassified reports on the Fields and - while the last report was released 3 years ago - the nets have remained in the same places for the past 35 years.

It’s entirely possible that over time raiders and partisans managed to ‘poke’ and ‘prod’ our protection field to find the holes over this time. So yesterday they were able to all flood between the cracks. That just explains how they got through the nets - I still don’t know how they spoofed our tracking stations. It might have been an asteroid with a beacon on it that they dumped into bluespace. You never know.”
The entire Sol system remains in disarray as emergency services continue to respond to emergencies in the raided stations beyond neptune. Dozens of stations continue to suffer from decompression or critical damage.

Traffic also remains chaotic and unpredictable, and commute times to Tau Ceti have been delayed to at least 15 hours one way.

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Kidnapped Sol Families Return Liberated: Former Admiral Frost At The Helm

In an almost unbelievable development, former Admiral Michael Frost of the 33rd Fleet has returned to the Sol System and turned himself in to military police. With him were 238 Alliance citizens that he liberated from the band of raiders and slavers that abducted them little more than a month ago.

Frosts’ ship, the retrofitted corvette Holgate, was caught by Interdiction Nets along with two other civilian craft beyond pluto and the ship was forced out of bluespace and intercepted by border patrol corvettes. The border patrol agents were shocked to hear the voice of Admiral Frost through their radios as he asked for safe passage.

Reinforcements were immediately summoned and a Cruiser from the 11th fleet warped nearby. A squadron of marines from the Cruiser performed an EVA breach of the ship and the marines found Admiral Frost waiting for them in the bridge with over a dozen men, women, and children.

Frost was immediately arrested and the military began aiding the civilians. The rescued citizens are all being brought to the orbital habitat Dosahobra at Jupiter. The habitat was attacked during the raid but repelled by the 11th Fleet, and repairs concluded yesterday. Shuttle services to the habitat have been overbooked as hundreds of families speed to the habitat to be reunited with their loved ones, and the Interstellar Aid Corps rushes to provide medical and psychological care in an ad hoc relief center.

Our reporters managed to get testimonies from the liberated captives as they arrived on the Dosahobra.

Kelly Reynolds, mother of two, was a cargo technician working in the Pluto depot when the raiders struck the station. She was abducted with sixteen other people who were sheltering in voidsuits in an emergency meeting area. She recounts the harrowing experience she and others suffered until their rescue.
“We thought we were going to die until we started being dragged out onto a stage. This Unathi was on the stage taking bids, and I realized they were for me and the group I was with. The slavers were saying we were good stock and could work in the mines, keep their houses clean… It was sick. I felt hopeless until Admiral Frost saved us.”
Daniel Lewis, father of one, was a security guard on a mining station in the Oort cloud. He was one of the first abducted in the raider attack. Lewis has his right arm in a sling and he looks battered and bruised as an emergency medical physician looks over him.
“The raiders singled out any law enforcement or security guards and took turns beating us mercilessly. It didn’t stop until Frost came with his boys. We thought we were going to die, but he got us all out.”
As hundreds of rescued citizens are reunited with their families, Unity Station is in a total uproar.

Frost has been transported under guard to the Unity Station jailhouse. The disgraced former admiral was responsible for the blockade and unsanctioned intervention into the Tau Ceti system last year. His intervention was ended by the 25th Fleet lead by Simon Bolivar, but Frost evaded capture and fled to the frontier where his whereabouts were unknown until today.

In the current dual emergency session both the Senate and Parliament is in a complete uproar.

GAIA representatives of the leading coalition, who strongly condemned Frosts’ actions from the beginning, are calling Frost a traitor and war criminal. Some of them are calling for Frost to be hung for High Crimes. Prime Minister Chater, a GAIA member, desperately attempted to maintain order from the Speaker’s chair as his party tried to shout over ATLAS.

The vast majority of ATLAS representatives actually supported Frost’s intervention into Tau Ceti and even during the operation they applauded his bold, direct action. ATLAS representatives are demanding Frost be pardoned and given a medal for defending the Alliance. Michael Watkins, the leader of the ATLAS party, gave a fiery speech over the howls and screams of GAIA representatives.
“I don’t know if Mr. Speaker’s memory is failing him,” he shouted in reference to Chater, “but I seem to recall that the Alliance colony of Tau Ceti was building an entire army of sapient war machines! And I don’t know if Mr. Speaker’s eyesight is failing him but when I look at that rogue colony today, d’you know what I don’t see? AN ARMY OF WAR MACHINES!”
The affair has caused a complete breakdown in standard decorum. Prime Minister Chater was completely unable to maintain order in the chaos and many are speculating that the GAIA-ATLAS coalition is in even further jeopardy. Admiral Frost has effectively torn an even wider rift between the two parties by simple returning to Sol and turning himself in.

Matching the fervor of the government’s arguing, citizens across the Alliance are also feeling a mix of relief, outrage, and an outpouring of gratitude. Frost is being coined ‘Frost the Emancipator’ by some, and ‘Frost the Traitor’ by others. Unsurprisingly the hundreds of families reunited with their loved ones are unanimously supportive of Admiral Frost, while others have said they’ve changed their mind on him. One social media post summarizes the pro-Frost mindset.
“One guy does more than our entire government, and I’m supposed to believe he’s a traitor? sorry, but I don’t think so.”
The former Admiral has not been able to speak to the press as he was immediately put in an isolated section of the Unity Station jailhouse. He is being held there under armed guard until a trial can be set. As a wanted fugitive, Frost is charged with High Treason by SolGov and Sedition by the military. Both of these charges carry the death penalty. There are over a dozen lesser charges facing Frost, with all of them involving prison time.

A dozen Frost loyalists renegades from the 33rd remain at large and are presumed to be the ones that aided Frost in the rescue operation.

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The Frost Interview: A Political Manifesto From Jail

The Department of Corrections has caved to public pressure and has allowed the Alliance News Network an exclusive interview with former admiral Michael Frost. The interview takes place in the Unity Station jailhouse inside the visitation room, with reporter Jack Rameswaram having been snuck in through a back entrance to avoid the mobs outside.
The entire front street of the jailhouse is swarmed with demonstrators and is completely inaccessible to traffic. Thousands of people are holding up signs in support of Frost as a counter-protest against Frost is kept separated with a police barricade nearby. The entire affair has shut down several streets in this area and even inside the jailhouse we could hear faint echoes of the shouting outside. Frost is escorted out of his cell and into the visitation room by two armed security guards. He’s in the green jail jumpsuit. We shake hands then sit down to begin the interview. Despite being surrounded by eight stern faced security guards, Frost seems casual and friendly when we greet each other, with him asking if the guards kept me waiting. He slowly becomes more serious as the interview goes on.

JR: Many people are finding it hard to believe that you could have conducted that rescue operation on your own with such apparent ease. Can you describe the operation?
Frost: The government has lost something in the past hundred years. Imagination. SolGov gives the navy the same dusty playbook no matter what happens and no matter how threats evolve. Raiders are both adaptive and stupid. But our official anti-piracy plans are laughably outdated. I’ve been saying this for years. If you have tenacity and adaptive approaches then you can decisively strike pirate forces. Since I wasn’t forced to play with the official playbook during the operation, I could make up my own rules. So I did, and they worked. Four corvettes and a handful of our best men is all I needed to hit all six of their holdouts.
JR: It’s remarkable that you would be able to overcome their advantage in numbers to just take what you wanted and leave unscathed.
Frost: Because you’re used to playing by the rulebook. You can’t even imagine any other rulebook working. You look at, say, the Unathi rulebook in naval operations and you call it foolish. I don’t. It works.
JR: What did you do specifically with your ‘new playbook’ to succeed?
Frost: What I had to.
JR: Can you elaborate?
Frost: No.
JR: Interesting. You say you had four corvettes, and you returned to Sol with one. Where are your other three ships and their crew?
Frost: Not here.
JR: If the captives were non-human, such as Tajara, would you have risked yourself and your men with the same zeal?
Frost: Yes, I would have. They may be non-human but no one deserves to be a slave.
JR: Why did you return with the people you rescued? You could have organized a way to get them back without you here, couldn’t you?
Frost: Because it was time for me to come back. Two hundred of my countrymen were abducted from Sol itself, and the response from SolGov disgusted me. I could no longer sit idly by in the shadows and watch as the nation I swore an oath to defend started to collapse in front of me.
JR: How do -
Frost: Just look what happened! We’re the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the history of the galaxy. Nearly all core systems have a single fleet stationed in them. Sol? We’ve got four. And these fleets are commanded by intelligent men and women and they’ve got under them the finest people in the galaxy. But even though we’ve got more than enough firepower here in our single system to take on every other conventional power, pirates managed to throw everything into disarray and kidnap hundreds. Why?
JR: So -
Frost: We all know why! Our defense infrastructure hasn’t been updated for decades! Let me explain to you how broken the system is. Every Admiral answers to an area command, who answers to Sector Command, who answers to the General Staff, but actual plans for an Admiral come from Committee of Strategic Planning, who only makes plans at the direction of a separate committee totally unrelated to the General Staff. The General Staff can't actually disperse plans given to them by the Committee to anyone except to the individual Admiral in question, since all orders are top secret. If an operation involves more than one fleet, the entire process starts over again for every involved Admiral. The General Staff answer directly to the Prime Minister but the planning committee is part of the Senate. The people who make the plans we can’t see are civilians with no strategic or tactical experience. We are not allowed initiative within the navy to develop war games or formulate our own defense plans without submitting them to the Planning Committee. System and planetary defense should evolve and adapt rapidly to respond to emergent threats, not be stuck in committee. It’s amazing that we didn’t face this disaster earlier.
JR: That leads into -
Frost: No sane military thinker would use a month old plan, let alone a decade old plan. And I have to tell you, the Admirals aren’t stupid. They know that these plans are a disaster. So they do what they have to. Our official playbook is worthless, so every Admiral has to create their own. And that’s why the fleets responded so chaotically. Every Admiral has a drawer filled with plans that they draw up to act on, written up by them with or without tacticians under them, and they don’t or can’t proliferate these to other fleets because it’s illegal to not involve the committees on fleet-to-fleet plans. What we saw was the execution of five different individual plans on our worst case scenario: a surprise invasion of Earth.
JR: Are you saying the military acts autonomous from SolGov?
Frost: With how broken the system is, there’s no one to act autonomous from in the first place.
JR: Speaking of this: many people, including the Prime Minister, accuse your actions in Tau Ceti to be acting autonomously from the government. You’ve been called rogue, a warlord, and even a traitor. Can you explain the motive to your intervention in Tau Ceti, and if you feel your resulting exile was worth it?
Frost: I was given orders in a sealed envelope signed by the Prime Minister. It said I was to conduct a blockade against Tau Ceti and intercept all traffic that did not meet certain conditions, and to officially call this action an embargo. In the prime minister’s own writing, he said that if the blockade failed to prevent the proliferation of sapient war machines by the local government and NanoTrasen, that I was to take “any necessary steps” to ensure the safety of the Alliance.
JR: I’m sorry, are you saying Prime Minister Chater sanctioned your intervention in Tau Ceti?
Frost: I was acting within the parameters of the orders of the Prime Minister.
JR: That is a remarkable claim. Do you have the order with you?
Frost: No. It was lost when Admiral Bolivar seized my flagship. If it were me, I would have destroyed that letter. I assume Chater did, since he’s a savvy politician.
JR: That is an extraordinary thing to say, and potentially very disruptive. If what you say is true, then your charge of treason is dead in the water. If investigation reveals that your claim has substance, would you expect a pardon?
Frost: I have never executed on any action that would harm this nation that I love or put my fellow citizens in danger. Everything I did, I did by following SolGov’s rulebook. To the letter, crossing every ‘T’ and dotting every ‘i’. And by following direct orders from the Prime Minister, I’ve seen my fleet decimated. Hundreds of my sailors and marines are sitting in prisons without the luxury of rank and popularity shielding them from retribution. I’ve been chased across the frontier. My name has been ran through the muck. My family is harassed, my spouse has every moment of their life under SolGov cameras. I followed orders and got tossed to the wolves when those orders no longer served the political ambitions of the people in power. I did nothing illegal, but I would not refuse a pardon.
The interview’s publication has already caused a fervor of debate within the Alliance and an incredibly scandal for Prime Minister Chater as social media explodes. The Prime Minister categorically denies the existence of the “Frost Letter”. Chater was hounded by journalists as he was getting into a car to be taken to a charity event. Appearing to get frustrated with his advisor who was urging him to get in the car, he turned around and addressed the journalists who were shouting for a quote.
“We don’t mail hand-written orders to our admirals. It’s 2460 not 2150 and I’m not a grandma.”
Parliament and the public remain divided on partisan lines on the Frost Letter. ATLAS senators and members of parliament are drafting a Motion To Compel bill that, if passed with a majority in both houses, would force the Prime Minister to “release all documents pertaining to orders given to Admiral Frost during his operations in regards to Tau Ceti.”

The bill is currently trapped within committee and GAIA politicians have expressed their contempt for the bill and no GAIA member has gone on record in support of the bill. Without the support of their coalition partners the bill is expecting to die before it reaches the floor.

But the claim has struck a nerve with the public at large. Opinion polls show that 39% of Sol citizens and residents believe that Frost is telling the truth, compared to 30% that believe he is lying and 31% that are unsure. Mass demonstrations both for and against Frost have grown to also address Prime Minister Chater. Hundreds of demonstrators are marching down the main avenue of Unity Station holding up anti-Chater signs.

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Former Admiral Frost Escapes Jail! A Dozen Conspirators Arrested As Police On High Alert
Police are scrambling across Unity Station and locking down shuttle service across the major Sol sector after an announcement that Michael Frost has escaped from the Unity Station Jailhouse late last night.

The echoes from a dozen distant police sirens could be heard when the jailhouse Warden briefed the press on the steps of the courthouse.
“A cabal of conspirators managed to smuggle Frost out of the jailhouse. Two guards put him in a maintenance technician jumpsuit and walked him through a security checkpoint where another conspirator allowed him through. After escaping via maintenance tunnels to the outside delivery area he was put inside an unmarked van and driven off out of range of our cameras. Security teams soon discovered the breach and Unity Station Police were summoned and all six conspirators were arrested.”
A spokesman of the USPD described the chase for Frost outside of the jail.
“Officers found the van inside an abandoned warehouse but we believe Frost changed vehicles at a rendezvous. All shuttleports leading out of this station have been put on high alert. We have officers at every street corner. Rest assured, we are going to capture this fugitive.”
Hundreds of passenger shuttles leave Unity Station every day alongside almost over five hundred cargo shuttles. Apprehending Frost may prove difficult for the police department which is spread thin. Military police have been summoned to assist in the combing of Unity Station for the fugitive.

The escape has been seized upon by the GAIA elements of SolGov. GAIA remains feverently dedicated to seeing Frost tried for treason and other high crimes. Leading GAIA senator David Gerold, Venus, gave a fiery condemnation.
“This is a clear act of desperation by a coward. If Mr. Frost insisted he was innocent of any wrongdoing then why did he not prove it before a court? This is a nation of laws and due process. Clearly Frost has no faith in the government that he claims to love so much.”
This rhetoric is being countered by ATLAS’s Michael Watkins, who has lambasted GAIA’s eagerness to see Frost “thrown to the wolves”.
“Admiral Frost walked into that cell willingly after rescuing hundreds of people from a terrible fate. He has been thrown to the wolves and turned into a scapegoat. You’ve all been tearing into him like rabid animals! All this huffing and puffing is being used to mask the fear within certain minds that Frost is innocent of the crimes he is being accused of. Frost’s so-called treason has been proven to be direct orders from our beloved Prime Minister. Chater already made the Frost Letter disappear - and if Chater is willing to burn incriminating evidence then how could Frost see a proper trial? Chater would see a hero burnt at the stake to save his own career!”
As the capital roils in the bitterness within the leading ATLAS-GAIA coalition, social media has seen Frosts’ popularity drop sharply. Many people are asking why he escaped from jail, while others are upset with the behavior of the government towards the crisis.

One of the guards in on the conspiracy, Miranda Terry, was quoted as she was pulled out of the jailhouse by arresting officers. As she was escorted to a police van reporters were shouted at her, asking why she did it. She is heard shouting at the crowd,
“Frost saved my dad. He’s not a criminal!”

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Admiral Frost Returns With More Rescued Captives: Repercussions Rewrite Entire Alliance Political Landscape As GAIA Faces Defections To Growing ATLAS
Michael Frost has returned to the Sol System a hero despite being thrown into prison yet again, and plunging the Alliance into crisis.

After having escaped from the Unity Station jailhouse, Frost managed to flee the Sol System with the help of unknown conspirators. According to the rescued captives that he returned to Sol with, Frost had managed to return to the remnants of his former fleet and, coordinating with the the Artemis Initiative, organized a new rescue operation. They attacked a raider enclave in the New Zunibal system and were able to rescue the hundreds of people being held captive for auction.

After the successful mission ATLAS Senators, the Artemis Initiative allegedly contacted Michael Watkins, leader of ATLAS, about the successful mission. Watkins and aides quietly contacted the families of the liberated Solarians and arranged to have them all meet at the Anthony-Terrace Shuttleport in orbit of Saturn, telling the families that they would receive news about the fate of their lost relatives.

Border patrols did not know the inbound shuttle coming through the system’s bluespace gate was anything more than a cargo shipment, so shuttleport authorities were shocked when, after docking, Michael Frost himself emerged from the shuttle onto the tarmac. Following him from the shuttle airlocks were the hundreds of rescued captives flooding into the terminal.The waiting families expressed shock and exuberance and swarmed past the checkpoint to the arrivals area. Journalists there by invitation from ATLAS were also surprised but reported tearful reunions. Many of these families have not heard from their lost relatives for years.

In the crowd Frost was being praised by the liberated Solarians and their families. At this point the authorities had been notified and law enforcement began to bee-line to the location. Armed security emerged from the terminal and began to force their way through the crowd. Tensions were exacerbated as police used pepperspray and handheld flashes to subdue people as they moved to arrest Frost.

Frost ended up willingly surrendering to police, and he was pulled away by a dozen officers as the crowd around them began to shout at police and in some cases chucking litter at the officers. He has been moved to a maximum security prison beneath the surface of Venus. The hellish landscape that scours the surface means only one shuttle can arrive and depart from the facility every seven days.

But as commentators note, even though Frost is almost literally buried in a hellish vault, his impact on the greater Alliance is nothing short of spectacular.

Opinion polls on Frost have reversed course sharply. After Frost’s initial escape polls stabilized with 38% of Solarians saying they believed Frost is not a traitor. The polls have now spiked with 50% of resident Solarians believing that Frost is not a traitor.

The primary fallout from Frost’s return are the accusations from lawmakers that ATLAS aided and abetted a fugitive of the law for political gain. Prime Minister Chater told the press such in a dramatic news conference on Unity Station.
“Michael Watkins is an accessory to an act of treason. He used a paramilitary force as a political tool. As Prime Minister and the leader of GAIA I cannot, in good conscience, support acts that violate the law of the Alliance. It is with this reason that I am ending GAIA’s relationship with ATLAS and will cooperate with law enforcement agencies on seeking appropriate charges for Watkins.”
This is a sharp turn of course from Miles Theodore-Chater. Since his election following the Unathi Crisis of 2457 has been embittered trying to keep the leading ATLAS-GAIA coalition together. But this action has backfired spectacularly, as many formerly GAIA politicians have declared they would be ignoring Chater’s announcement, or defecting to ATLAS entirely.

Only an hour after Chater’s announcement yesterday, Reynold Mathews, GAIA representative for the United Americas, held a press conference.
“We find it irresponsible to effectively dissolve the government over our disagreement on the Frost Question. GAIA and ATLAS have much in common and it would be a waste to throw out all of our accomplishments. I’ve been in constant contact with my friends on both sides of the aisle and many of us have to disagree with the Prime Minister’s decision. For this reason we are working with registrars to adjust our party membership to ensure the technicalities of parliamentary majorities allow us to continue functioning effectively without requiring a coalition to lead the government.”
Already we are seeing a rout from the GAIA party into ATLAS, whose ranks are being swelled within parliament. Over a dozen members of the Senate and Parliament have already defected, citing the wishes of their constituents and a desire to keep the government functioning.

The survivors within GAIA have reacted quickly to stem the bleeding. Senator Duncan Thorne, the leader of the Martian “Red Front” bloc within GAIA, held a grueling 4 hour meeting in the Pohl Arcology on Mars with leading senators and members of parliament from the far left Utopian Front and Worker’s Party. After the nonstop, closed door meeting, all three parties announced that they would be merging into a reformed GAIA party. Senator Thorne announced a new era for the party in a controversial speech that included some personal attacks on defecting GAIA politicians.
“We don’t think it’s right that a jackass like Mathews gets to talk all tough about what GAIA stands for. I didn’t make peace with GAIA to see it fall into the hands of totalitarians. So I’ve got a message to our former friends leaving to hold hands with ATLAS: We ain’t gunna associate with you, we ain’t gunna tolerate you, and we ain’t gunna see you around for much longer.”
Senator Thorne has seen fame and infamy in the past for orchestrating the reassertion of Mars in Alliance politics and seeing an end to the Treaty of Olympia.

After the defections to ATLAS and the unification of three parties on the side of GAIA, the proportional seats in both houses have changed drastically.

ATLAS now makes up 40% of the seats in the Senate from 32%. They also now make up 49% of seats on Parliament, up from 29%.

The new GAIA front has retained a majority in both houses only thanks to their unification with other parties. GAIA now has 42% of seats in the Senate from 33%. They also have 51% of seats in Parliament, up from 44%.

Due to Alliance law, the Prime Minister will remain in his post unless a vote of no confidence is triggered.

Politicians from the Worker’s Party and Utopian Front who refused to join the coalition have defected and retain their remaining seats in both houses.

Within just a few days, the political reality of the Alliance has been completely rewritten. Already analysts are pointing out that this sort of momentous event has only happened a handful of times in the history of the entire Alliance, and has always preceded monumental societal change.

At large, the public is responding with growing radicalization. In the more urban inner colonies and core worlds there are protests and counter-protestors taking to the streets. Martian arcologies and urban areas all over Earth are seeing hundreds of thousands of demonstrators blasting ATLAS. But at the same time the more rural outer colonies and frontier worlds are turning increasingly to ATLAS.

With both parties now diametrically opposed to one another the functions of government are slowly starting to shut down from the sudden rise in political partisanship, turning even more people against either party.

As the chorus of shouting echoes through the streets of every major city in the Alliance, Michael Frost remains in his cell in Venus, completely isolated from the galaxy at large.

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