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Capesh's Arlo AI core sprite application


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What do you mean this is not for O.R.B. how dare you play anything else

BYOND Key: Capesh

Character name: Arlo

Item name: Arlo's AI core sprite

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Following Arlo's standpoint of utilizing easily recognizable, but ultimately faceless holographical appearances when conducting interaction with crew personnel - always in the form of a voidsuit or RIG variation - it's come as no surprise that the AI has modified his core appearance as well. Realizing that the standard choice of an uncanny valley depiction of a humanoid face would never suit his standpoint - since he's an artificial intelligence, after all; why try to be organic? - he settled for a hollowed, reverse triangle encapsulating representations of his nodes, his 'being,' and a vague outline of an eye, for something to focus on during direct conversations.

Item function(s): This works as a core resprite for whenever Arlo gets customers to his core, and for some more characterization for the AI himself.

Item description: Representations of the AI's path-logic flit across the screen like silent lightning, giving background to the sharp triangle in the middle and the hollow eye in its absolute center. Pricks of stars gleam in the chasm of the eye.




How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

As most who's encountered Arlo knows, he enjoys to copy any and all voidsuit-wearing crewmember he can get his eyes on to serve as his holographical representation. Arlo knows he's an AI, which is why he abhorrs the idea of ever representing himself as anything definite organic in nature; crewmembers relax around a recognizable voidsuit, but doesn't necessarily require to know who's behind the helmet, which is perfect for Arlo's 'known unknown' view on interaction. I've been running the core 'heartline' for a while, but with this I believe I can put a final touch on the second form of appearance for AIs: their cores.

Additional notes: Apparently I'm the second person to submit an AI core sprite? Oh, and I've gotten conflicting reports concerning how many custom items one ckey can have. This application puts my number at two. Sprite work goes, once more, towards Itanimulli. Also a true shame custom holographic appearances doesn't work.

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The justification makes a lot of sense to me. I kinda wish it went a little more into the background than the rationalization, but other than that +1, Capesh is well known for their ORB character and handled the sprite fine, and I have faith they'll handle this sprite fine and use it to foster roleplay as well.

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Arlo always appeared to me as one of those AI that truly speaks and acts like artificial beings. Nothing but raw logic shackled by lawsets and regulations.

Reading through the application, I recalled Arlo contacting my Paramedic character once and ask him to wear a voidsuit so it could scan him and use the appearance for his holographic projections.

Capesh is a good roleplayer and his characters reflects it. It's a +1 from me.

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I've been meaning to give my meaning for a while now, but I kept forgetting for some reason. Sorry Capesh

I think the sprite's great. It'll add something unique to the core when I eventually rip it apart with a fireaxe.

Being a sprite, and a good one at that, I can't really think of a reason not to give my +1. So, here. +1.

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Bump! Capesh roleplays amazing synthetic characters, ORB being no exception to this rule. Characterization through aesthetic is something I've always enjoyed and I hope to see more of it in the times that'll come, but I +1 this app in particular, largely because I trust Capesh as a roleplayer and know he's capable.

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I want to approve this app, but I can't. Although I do like the sprite, I'm not permitting a sprite that's just a blatant rip like that to popular media. Yes, we have lots of references or straight rips from popular media (e.g. RIPLEYs being Powerloaders), but that doesn't mean we need more, and I'm not gonna permit it. I'd probably be okay with it if it was something smaller, but not if it's 100% your character's looks because that bleeds into who they are as a character and/or it's just utterly lame and unimaginative.

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