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New Forum System

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As most of you probably noticed we changed our forum system.
All Users, Topics, Posts as well as private messages have been migrated.

The design you see here is not final.
It is just the default design the forum system came with.
Over the coming weeks it will be replaced with a more suitable design.


New Features
The new Forum System has quite a few new features.
However I had to disable quite a few of them following immediate abuse by certain community members.
These Features will most likely be reactivated over the coming weeks with misuse resulting in warnings.


External Services
Our Wiki and our Web Interface relied heavily on the Forums for certain features.
The Wiki has already been changed and it is possible to login with your forum username.

The WI is still using the old forum database (you will be able to log into the WI with your old username/password).
In the coming days it will be changed aswell.


New Services
The new forum system has certain capabilities that the old one does not have, therefore enabling us to provide new services to you.
Some of those should be ready in the next weeks / months.

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29 minutes ago, DeadLantern said:

But can you tell us what the new services might be, what the disabled features are, how will the design change, etc etc

New Services:
No, not yet

Disabled Features:
Reactions, Prefixes, Tags, Event Calender

Design Change:
Once we have a few designs that are in the closer selection I will make another post about it

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I would really really really like to be able to edit posts again. I went to go update my character story and discovered I can't edit the posts which contain the actual story. (also, CCIA business requires post editing in the CCIA forums.)

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Adding my sentiments to the above by Kaed, Butter and Mofo, just in case they happen to matter more here than they have previously in Discord or in the staff subforum. We should be able to edit our own posts. If there are any forums where that would be a bad idea, let's let admins write rules for it and require attention be paid to timestamps and edit reasons, rather than just turning it off.

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