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LOOC White/Blacklists


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It would be kind of nice if players had a little more control over looc chatter, because sometimes it's important to convey some LOOC information to someone you're actually roleplaying with, but if you leave it on, you also have to listen to whatever chatter is going on between some ghost and a player or whatever.  Or you have OOC peole heckling you about your roleplay constantly, or being salty at you because you killed them and you're an antag.

Maybe being able to turn off LOOC selectively somehow would be nice?  Possibly just from ghosts/nonplayers/corpses

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No...no please. Bay did this and LOOC is so barely used, any hint of thing that isn't some mechanical help is chastised and causes LOOC bans there, I don't think we need to do this (especially since Bay's reason was because of the Staff complaining instead of the players themselves). If you can't deal with OOC, toggle Show/Hide OOC. Same for LOOC, problem solved. Staff can also mute it whenever so boom, problem solved.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Ive had ooc disabled for 2 years now and for the same amount of time ive had looc disabled because im personally not interested in comments from observers or ghosts. Having this ability would let me filter these channels without a total mute. Otherwise itll stay muted for me.


Ahelping snarky or crude jokes in looc or ooc is a waste of time. Its easier to ignore them with a mute.

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4 hours ago, ben10083 said:

I understand what you are getting at, but if looc is being salty, you can ahelp and the admins can deal with it efficiently (or mute it globaly if it gets too bad). 


Why do you feel we should add selective looc instead of moderating it?

Because it is far too difficult to moderate OOC or LOOC. "I was just joking", "It was just banter", "I didn't mean what I said, why are you taking me so seriously" are often mewled as excuses for OOC/LOOC harassment to the point where administrators can't be relied upon within their policies to put a stopper in that, especially if it's an odd occasion where the mod/admin in question decides one occasion out of hundreds is an event where they choose to defend someone's "freeze peach" to generally be unpleasant.

Having the ability to manually block someone is incredibly useful in the event you'd rather not read what a specific individual has to say. This is a functionality on Discord and it's useful, so what's wrong with it being implemented in-game? The block function is oodles more reliable in its net result than what you would not be able to guarantee from an admin or mod.

I shouldn't have to have the displeasure of reading a particular person's going on particular tangents as they might do in OOC to seek attention, or in the event the individual who happens to be notorious for calling people out in OOC doing as they do, but I also shouldn't have to be forced to disable OOC if my only reason for doing so is to totally shut out one person shitposting from my end of viewing. What if I want to chat with some friends in OOC but want to shut out the one person I have no interest in seeing chatter from?

There's also no tangible potential for abuse in which it actually negatively disaffects people with good intentions, though particularly unpopular people or known shitposters will certainly feel the effect of never being talked to in OOC. As it should be.

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I'd support this, for ghosts/observers only.
I've seen players help each other, clarify things or ask for voiding or "going AFK".

Ghosting and observing shouldn't be encouraged, this is exactly what ghost LOOC does. Not only that but it encourages people to start dumb peanut galleries and constantly chip in with dumb and frankly unfunny commentary to pretty much every situation no matter how serious it gets, it's nothing but annoying when people are dying and you're struggling to spot tiny black text between the fat, bolded, light-blue letters going "LMAO XDDDDDD" "XDD REKT" "GET REKT SHOTGUN LOOOL".

Now you can go, "Just mute it", well that doesn't work either. First off I'm muting everyone in-game as well, second off I cannot influence other people in turning it off and of course they react to the shit that gets posted LOOCly.
I've seen entire conversations stall because someone ghosting wanted to be hilarious.
If people want to use LOOCly so badly, they should at least be in the game.

Addendum: Didn't talk about selective blocking in-game because there doesn't seem to be an actual negative to it. Well maybe besides someone LOOCly saying they're AFK and you not seeing it.

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5 hours ago, Kaed said:

I would strongly prefer an ability to mute ghosts/observers to taking away their ability to LOOC.  I do not wish to punish an entire group, just give people an option to not have to listen to them.

I'd prefer the ability to extend to just anyone short of an admin, really. I don't want the ability to punish an individual either, I just want the option to not have to see what they have to say.

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9 hours ago, Scheveningen said:

I'd prefer the ability to extend to just anyone short of an admin, really. I don't want the ability to punish an individual either, I just want the option to not have to see what they have to say.

This is the best solution, I feel. I like having OOC/LOOC on, but I'd like the option to mute certain people on my end. Honestly, this could go a long way in reducing tensions among players. You're less likely to get heated and engage with someone you don't like if you just can't see what they're saying. I could mute OOC, but I don't like that I can't enjoy the good parts of it because there's a vocal bad part. I don't see any downsides to this.

As for turning off LOOC for ghosts/observers... Yes and no? It'd be nice if you could toggle it, as Kaed's last post says. I've helped new players as a ghost with confusing game mechanics, but I'm also guilty of trying to be LOL FUNNY in LOOC. 

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