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Dragos Holo Cyber bartender borg

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BYOND Key: Drwago
Character name: ASTRID
Item name: Borg/AI Holosprite

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Astrid is the name of a set of programs made for crew interaction and hospitality, first designed as a software set to project a image for more of a kinder and less robot look for Bisels more elite night life interactions, the software was modified however to fit the stations needs for a bartending droid, however operating the same with the projection feature, certain elements of it were cut back due to bloatware in the coding process. The design is simple with it being essentially a floating orb that projects a image outwards for interaction on a more so less synthetic level to replicate the feeling of human crew talking to a human bartender without the cost in keeping a barkeep at all times

Item function(s):

The item essentialy functions as the holographic projection of the orb in which Astrids software is held, acting as a intermediate for the orbs own actions, a example being the hologram "pouring" a drink when in fact its the orb doing so but projecting it as if the hologram is doing so

Item description:

Flavor Text

Item appearance:


How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

I have gotten back into playing borgs and personaly since doing so playing as a borg in the bar has been my passion, I have enjoyed about every miniute of it and I believe I can use this to add abit more of Astrids character into my roleplay and provide others with more interesting interactions with my character aswell as bringing in more dialogue as if they are talking to a human bartender


Additional comments:






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The quality's outstanding, only gripe I have is that it might be a little stranger to implement the holograph imagery for the cyborg, especially if it were to, say, get shot and lose power. I think it needs an unpowered transition so that it loses its holographic image and reveals the actual frame bit, and then it'd be perfect.

I love it, it's great.

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This is pretty unique, though I haven't seen the 'borg in action, this kind of creativity is reaaaaaally refreshing and I think it'd reflect the variance in setting of 'Borgs p. neatly, one thing I'd warn you about Drago is that you may not always be able to go as a Service 'borg, I'd recommend you make a medical/security/Engineering alternate sprite as well as what Schev suggested -- Or anything else that you can think of. Other than that, +1!

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I like it. 
While it's really odd, something like a cross between an IPC and a Borg, but it's also very unique in it's own right being a hologram projection. Such technology already exists, and this seems like a cheaper alternative to Shells ICly, but OOCly it's really an ingenious design. You've got my +1

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I like it quite a bit. Always appreciate seeing new things being added in. Though it would be confusing to some that see it and you're a borg, not an IPC. Again nothing wrong with it! I like the sprite and it'll add flavor. Just thought that would be some lame complaint some would have.


Either way I'm liking it. +1

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