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The Aurora Gamemode Challange

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One of the issues I see with our current gameplay loop is that it is very repeatable due to the somewhat limited amount of game-modes we have.

Therefore I am offering the following rewards for new game-modes that meet the criteria outlined below:

  • Development of a new game-mode suitable for Aurora (that does not currently exist in that form on another server): 100€
  • A port of a suitable game-mode from another server + adaptation for Aurora: 50€

Criteria for acceptance:

  • The game-mode must be suitable for Aurora.
    • You should contact the headdevs with a general idea of what you want to do, to ensure it is fitting.
  • If you wish to claim the reward for a new game-mode, the game-mode must be innovative and original (not just a slight adaptation of a different game-mode)
    • Again, talk to the headdevs if you want to clear that up.
  • The PR must go through the review process (community feedback, developer review, testmerge, ...) and get merged on the server.

This offer stands until further notice (or a total of 200€ have been paid out)

The following gamemodes are being worked on:

  • Syndie-Commander (Arrow768)


If you have ideas for gamemodes, please do not use this topic to post them, but rather open a topic in the suggestions forum so feedback on your idea can be gathered in a proper fashion.

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Hm, how about Poltergeist?  People like spoopy events, afterall.  

You'd begin with basic ghost abilities- write in blood, flicker lights.  You'd be able to blow out candles and turn off lamps.  You would have a drain lifeforce feature, where if you hovered over someone and activated it, they would get a bit of text saying something like 'a chill goes down your spine', which would slowly give them pain damage but no actual physical damage.  However, drain life should only work in low lighting.

As you gain more lifeforce you unlock more abilities- the ability to be visible for a short amount of time, the ability to pick up and move objects, the ability to possess people, etc.  Ideally most of these would be flavory, used to set a tone more than anything- spraying blood on the floors, knocking out lights, etc.  You would not be able to enter the chapel.  Holywater would immediately cure possession.


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So. And dont lynch me for this. But. We have vampires. Why not werewolves?


Vampires run off blood. Werewolves would run off mass. Meat. You gain mass by eating. Raw meat from the kitchens, or other organic forms. Even crew. 

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The First Extrasolar war saw the mighty Sol Alliance break under tensions and splinter into the Coalition of Colonies. The war dragged on for a long 9 years, leaving colonies in ash and usurping the once mighty council that ruled the Alliance. Rebellion had smitten everybody's mind, and NT was there to supply a much needed advantage for each side: Arms. NT's benevolent hands reached down and granted experimental weapons to favor each side. Once the Interstellar War ended, the sales of Arms went to Adhomai, a snowy wasteland where an alien species fought over internal politics. It seemed that war was universal, and the flow of guns could not be staunched.

Even now, guns find their way into every conflict, wedged into every official government and covert terrorist group, and every gun has the NT stamp on it, even if it is not visible. NT uses its own loyal employees upon their own stations to help let the guns rain down to those who state a high enough price.

But today is the day those buyers rebel.

On the NSS Aurora, there are many employees part of this company scandal. Both those implanted and those whose loyalty is above them is chosen as the dealer. Other employees have hidden the weapons--They may exist under the floorboards in a dark hallway, or in a chest in a maint shaft, or hidden in plain sight as a cargo drop off. It is the job of the singular dealer to get these weapons and store them in a safe place, whether that be in their satchel or in a vault.

The dealer would expect to hold on to these weapons until the shift is over, to hand them off to another dealer. However, today their buyer has instead come to them. And they are fed up.
Perhaps they are tired of the flimsy dealing networks that often result in their guns being mixed up and lost, or would rather not pay for the guns.

ALA soldiers who desperately need the weapons, or the syndicate? Or has NT decided that they want the weapons back in their hands? A syndicate operation? The scourge of the Lii'dra? ATLAS agents? Rogue Tup Commandos? 

The Gun Runner must keep the guns safe until the shift, to get his promised money (which is quite the number).

The buyers must find the guns, at all costs.

How will the station play into this?  

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Please do not post your gamemode ideas in here.
Create a topic in the suggestions forum so proper feedback can be gathered and link it here if needed.

I updated the main post with that info aswell.

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Unpopular opinion probably but I like the xeno rounds. I think I've seen ONE round played on Aurora 2+ years of playing here. Though I don't play everyday.

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I would propose that the stale feeling comes from the fact that the premise never changes, regardless of the antagonist - you're always working for NanoTrasen in one role or another aboard the Aurora. Breathing new life into the game would require a shift of that formula, even if only for select game modes.

For example: introduce a "prison" setting in which there are fewer types of roles (prisoner, guard, maybe a warden, you get the idea) or a "city" setting that more closely mirrors civilian life.

We can still have antagonists (and probably the same antagonists, with a few exceptions).

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15 hours ago, EvilBrage said:

I would propose that the stale feeling comes from the fact that the premise never changes, regardless of the antagonist - you're always working for NanoTrasen in one role or another aboard the Aurora. Breathing new life into the game would require a shift of that formula, even if only for select game modes.

Aye, aware. We're also slowly working on that. Tho it'll take a whole lot more doing.

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