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[Accepted] Nantei Command Whitelist

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BYOND key: Nantei
Character names: 


Phi Rathens: Detective/CSI

Maki Midori: Security Officer

Emi Webb: Shaft Miner/Quartermaster

Mya Krastev: Scientist

Vera Zelenko: Station Engineer

Freya Kruger: EMT/Cadet (Probably my current main)

Mia Frei: Warden/Officer

How long have you been playing on Aurora?:

A little over a year I think, off and on. 
Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?:

I think I can steer departments in a positive direction more easily as a head than I could as a normal member. 
Why did you come to Aurora?:

My account is I think almost ten years old if not older. Initially I played on your usual servers like TG/Goon, When I came back I tried CM and decided people weren't acting human enough. I came to Aurora after my friend BurritoJustice recommended it to me, and immediately fell in love with it. 
Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?:

Extensively. I made Mya and Mia expressly to eventually promote them up to their respective head positions.
Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they?

Yes, a warning last year for breaking directive 4 as a detective. I was still fairly new and learning the server. I think I have improved a ton since then.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about:

Roleplay to me is the interaction of two or more characters in what is essentially an improvised creative writing scenario. In my ideal scenario... Roleplaying should be about creating a story together. One of my favorite aspects of SS13 has always been that you can talk to anyone about their round and get an entirely different story than they had. The interwoven perspectives and stories we each tell from our own experiences inside a given round is to me, what roleplaying should be all about.

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?:

To steer their department in a positive manner to create fun scenarios. HoS specifically has a fine line to walk between not shutting down antagonists, but also making sure security doesn't get rolled over and that people are informed as to what is happening. Research Director has some really exciting roleplay potential with expeditions, as well as enabling their department to do interesting things they might not otherwise be able to. HoP meanwhile seems to be a bit more of a jack of all trades, but one of my favorite aspects of playing my detective is talking with people and working out interpersonal problems, so I think there's a lot of potential there to positively impact the round.

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?:

Creating a friendly and welcoming environment. I think whitelisted players should be positive contributors to the community, even if their contribution is as simple as being a good player. I do my best to help out the community when I can, even if it's as simple as wishing people well in OOC or trying to teach new players. I've taken a few security/medical newbies under my wing a few times this month, and it's amazing to see them grow as players. One of the first things I do with new engineers is take them to a Chief Engineer for tutoring, and I really want to be in that position to help teach and integrate new people into our community.

Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career?

The Lii'dra invasion was of massive concern to Mia, as is the recent Unathi 'ghost ship' reveal. Being a Frontier girl, Mia gets along well with most Unathi, but the manner of which they revealed themselves could sow a lot of distrust for this specific group, and fuel the flames of certain 'undesireables' as she sees them to prove how untrustworthy alien species are. The Lii'dra meanwhile are a continual threat to the delicate peace we currently have as far as Mia is concerned, and being closer to potential targets makes her more likely to be able to protect people from them. Also she loves mechs and is really interested in the upcoming competition.

Mya is far less politically inclined, however, and primarily came to the Aurora for the plethora of scientific opportunities.

What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted?

Head of Security

Research Director

Head of Personnel

Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.:

Mia Frei: Head of Security

Mya Krastev: Research Director

Caydence: HoP (Not created yet)

How would you rate your own roleplaying?:

About a seven out of ten. I think I have gotten way better than when I first came here, but I still have difficulty playing characters that diverge too far from my own personality.

Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action?

Of course. I wouldn't expect to keep it if I misused it.

Have you familiarized yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles?


Extra notes:

I have been putting in some extra hours as Interim HoS lately. My first few rounds have been rocky, but I am feeling a bit encouraged after recent ones. I've taken some feedback and I think I have improved my radio communication a lot since my first round. If anyone else has any feedback regarding those rounds for me, I would like to hear it.

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I've only known Nantei for the last month or so, but from what I've seen they have well thought-out characters, are a competent roleplayer, and definitely know the mechanics of the game. I can't recall off the top of my head of any unpleasant interactions with their characters or any unpleasant interactions OOCly. Her warden, Mia Frei - the character they intend to be HoS - is definitely fit for the role, and when Interim they tend to perform their job adequately. I think that they would do good with a command whitelist.


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I've already put time and effort into these characters, and I set them up story-wise so that it would make sense. When designing Mya I thought I might eventually want to make her an RD. With Mia I initially just wanted a warden, but as I was designing them decided they should actively pursue the position as part of their arch. With Mia I especially wanted to try being an interim first too, so other command players could give me advice since HoS is a very difficult role. 

Generally speaking for larger promotions I prefer to have established characters rise through the ranks rather than completely new ones. Mia is known fairly decently within her department, and given how often she has been IHoS it would make sense that she would eventually receive a promotion.

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Hey there! I'll be overseeing your whitelist application. You've got a nice strong application in terms of your answers and you're starting to gather some feedback. I'm going to be letting your application sit for a 48 hours or so just so you can gather as much feedback as possible before making a call on giving you a trial, so remember to advertise once per round.

If you have any questions feel free to swing me a PM via the forums or discord.

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A fat +1 from me. A player who knows their stuff. I think she'd make a wonderful HoS and HoP.. or whatever command role they branch into. Calm, collected, and knows how to defuse a situation. Seen them educate new players and guide them down proper steps. Able to offer constructive criticism, feed back, and peer to peer review. A drive for story and RP. I'd love to see them start taking command :)

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On 26/07/2019 at 21:19, Nantei said:

Phi Rathens: Detective/CSI

Maki Midori: Security Officer

Emi Webb: Shaft Miner/Quartermaster

Mya Krastev: Scientist

Vera Zelenko: Station Engineer

Freya Kruger: EMT/Cadet (Probably my current main)

Mia Frei: Warden/Officer

Out of these characters I have interacted with Phi Rathens, Maki Midory, Freya Kruger and Mia Frei in the past. Especially noteworthy is Mia Frei whom I had a particularly pleasant interaction as my Corp. Liason.

I'll put it in the most blunt way I can: I want Frei for HoS.

Thus, +1 from me.

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Always gives me a sweet 1911 when I'm the detective and looks the other way when I steal a belt from the cadet lockers (cadets don't exist) 10/10 warden A+ oh also has a good backstory too I guess.


To get more serious Frei, despite wearing a skirt, is a pretty competent character that I've had good interactions with on all my security characters. Nantei definitely knows how security works: I've seen them play every role (and play them well) aside from forensics technician (this role also doesn't exist) and none of their characters have struck me as unreasonable, which is high praise when I see a Space Vietnam veteran cadet several times a week. But I do have a few questions: 

1). Will the psychological issues listed in Frei's records be a major issue for her as a head of security?

2). What is Caydence going to be like? I recall seeing them as a cyborg a few times, but have never really interacted with them.

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Thank you for the kind words! ❤️

In order: Probably not. Frei is fairly internalized, and when things are hitting the fan tends to numb a bit. She's old enough and lived with them long enough that she has fairly healthy coping mechanisms, and they don't tend to shine through unless things are calm and she is comfortable.

Caydence is a bit of a wild card for me right now. It is going to depend heavily on how Kyres responds to the concept I am talking with Chaos/Chada about. But essentially I am going for an IPC that desperately wants to be human, and is quite old at that; at least for an IPC. So as far as emulating emotion and empathy goes, they will be pretty good at it, while still having your usual IPC flaws. TL;DR: Pretty caring and compassionate for an IPC. If things end up not working out with an IPC I will probably make a human that touches on some of the same beats personality wise.

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I’ve played with Nantei as Kruger a lot over the last couple of weeks and they are absolutely amazing to RP with. 

I’ve seen a lot of their other characters around too, and even with the very minor RP I’ve had with them, I’ve still really enjoyed all of them. 

You answered really well to the ooc questions on your app too, and I’d love to see you in command. 

Big +1

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Alright. Let's talk about the round last night. I realized halfway through that having a discussion via OOC isn't the best platform for this.

I'll preface this post with this: I don't think this disqualifies you from a command trial. In fact, based on the feedback given, and the fact I haven't seen too many problems since Phi hasn't been active, I think a trial would be a great measure for you. But feedback is important for everyone.

My issues, personally, with Kruger on the derelict:



The Animal Horror Room

-Wanting to get a corgi

Sure, okay, the desire to get one is cute. No problems here.

-Rushing back to the room to get one

Pretty bad. It felt like ever since we saw the room, you were more focused on "cute pubby" than the room full of a writhing mass of animals, including angry space bears, and were looking for an excuse to grab one. The second Ulery said "We should gather some samples," Kruger, the medic of the expeditionary research mission, rushes off to grab one. Despite Ulery yelling for her to stop. Getting close, of course, pisses off the bears, who thankfully don't attack. Yes, we know, mechanically, the bears stare for a bit first, but still. It displayed a serious lack of judgement which, from my perspective, came from an OOC desire.

To your points in OOC:

"She said we should get samples."

You're a medic. That's not your job. Security leads unless the RD says. We had two science staff.

"She's seen a bear before"

Okay, no problem. However, this wasn't one bear. It was a writhing mass of bears in a horrific room full of animals piles on each other. Also knowing what a space bear is is need for caution.

"She can outrun them. She has actuators."

I concede she can know this ICly. However, you're on a cramped unknown ship (where we have found human remains), full of other people, including the captain, which you endangered because "puppy closet." If the bears were to pursue you, it could have killed the rest of us. Additionally, it was WAY more than one bear.



My overall problem was that your RP seemed to slip because you OOC wanted to talk about the puppy closet, which you did talk about on common frequently after. Your character ignored the command-established protocol for exploring a dangerous and unknown ship. It felt like you wanted to be funny more than you wanted to RP realistically. It displayed a lack of realistic RP, fear RP, and generally felt like I was trying to wrangle a baldie rather than a respected player. It doesn't look good to see you ignoring command when you're applying for a command whitelist. Many of Kruger's actions were IC, and I'm fine with ICly annoying, childish, problematic characters and actions. It just seemed like your OOC wants spilled in, from where I'm standing.

This is why I think a trial would be a good measure. I don't see you being a consistent problem on the server, and I had serious gripes with Phi. It seems like you've improved, though. 

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That's simply Freya to a tee. And it's why she will never be in a command role. She's childish, impulsive, and rushes into things head first. None of my other characters would do that, and anyone that's played with her extensively can attest that's pretty normal behavior for her. 

Her first away mission was extremely disorganized and she ended up getting shot at by combat drones and running out of oxygen while running back. The second was similarly disorganized. This one was actually the only one that was run by someone who seemed to actually care about safety, which helped, but nobody ever seems to take the time to stress to her how not okay these things are, so she doesn't ever change much from it. 


Regarding the closet itself, my internet was pretty spotty so I really never got a good look at it. (Constant rubberbanding, it's why I lagged behind so much towards the end) From what I gathered there were about two space bears, which I later realized was wrong, but at the time I didn't know that.

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It feels like it's crossing from "childish and impulsive character" to an excuse to just engage in lolrandom behavior. I'm willing to believe it's kinda of a chaotic moment and a sort of one-time thing, especially since I did notice your connection issues. And I'm definitely not suggesting your command character will have this behavior, but it still reflects on you as a player if it goes beyond IC. Which, in this instance, I felt like it did.  It feels like a weak justification for poor actions to me. It's hard for me to believe that someone who works as an EMT would need to be sat down and lectured about not doing dangerous things while exploring an unknown place, where we have found remains and such. 

But consequences for that are something I'd like to have seen handled ICly. Again, I don't think this is concerning to the point of denying you a command trial, but I felt like it was important to explain where my thoughts were coming from. 

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Hey there! Me again. You've gathered a good amount of positive feedback and have responded well to any questions folks have thrown your way, as said previously your app is also nice and strong. Therefore, I'm going to be giving you a command trial. Your trial starts today (29/07/2019) and will end in one week (05/08/2019). Feedback's quite important to gather during your trial as it gives me more to work with in terms of making a final decision so remember to keep advertising your application.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Just played with Nantei today. Nantei was Head of Security of the round (Round ID: b2t-dmr7). Nantei played a cool, calm, and rational Head of Security. Her character, Mia Frei, hardly show signs of panicking (not accounting for confrontation) when facing with a vampire and changeling situation. She did her best not to valid even though it was obvious. 


Mission Complete, Boss! Maybe you'll actually break a sweat next time? RANK: A

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Okay I should probably comment on this again.

Frei can keep a cool head under pressure, and Krastev doesn't go to cryosleep thirty minutes into a round like half the research directors. Also Frei keeps giving me a .45 and even got me a custom .45 earlier so A+ head of security of the month. Here is my green +1 for having Frei give me .45s forever. Remember to change the plus one to green before posting this Schwann!

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Played with them as HoP, did well. Seemed interested and kept her responsibilities in check. Didn't roleplay with them after I blackmailed them though, but bonus for having exploitable information and letting it be used. Came rushing when there was trouble in her department.


Just played another round with them as HoS, really committed to the task, communicated well with the command team imo. Maybe a bit too quick to suggest emergency shuttle, but good efforts all around, think they will make a fine addition. +1

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I've had reasons to dislike some of Nantei's characters, from a purely IC standpoint. I have every reason to like Nantei's characters from an OOC standpoint. Total joy, total enjoyment to see any of them on the manifest. They've done a pretty good job playing in Command roles as well, in my opinion. +1

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Guest BoxWulf

Just had a great round involving traitors, gangsters, and hitmen LOL!


Nantei, as HoS, had AMPLE opportunities to shut down the antags immediately but kind of let them make the first move that why the RP didn't end right away. 

That's something I really appreciate in someone with a command whitelist.

Having the knowledge and ability to DESTROY antags but further the roleplay and involving them in the station. It's not a SEC VS TATOR only battle when they are in command and I really appreciate that. +1

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