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Basic Information
Byond Account: PersephoneQ

Character Name(s): Yhara Atiyeh, Sanaa Al-Mansoor, Lady Verline Steerpike, Parting Glass, Shirin Abbasi

AI Name(s): N/A

Discord username + tag: faye#4607

Age: 20

Timezone: EST 

When are you on Aurora? Usually day-time and evenings EST. I am a student presently, attending class in the spring and winter and working during the summers. On a free day, I usually play one or two rounds.


How long have you played SS13?: Since last October.

How long have you played on Aurora: Since last October - Aurora was the first server I played.

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I know medical like the back of my hand, and I love teaching it. I know service pretty well, and I am fairly alright at security. I think my weak areas would be engineering and science, though I'm sure that can be amended.

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: Nope! 

Have you read through the criteria thread and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: Yeah.

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Never been banned, have been warned once. 


Why do you play SS13?: I love writing, I enjoy roleplaying and I adore my characters. Sharing this love of writing with others and seeing their own love of character development and collaborative story-telling is a lot of fun to me.

Why do you play on Aurora?: Aurora was the first - and only - SS13 server I've played, and I do not have any desire to play anywhere else. I enjoy the quality of RP and the community greatly.

What do moderators do?: Moderators ensure the role-play experience on the Aurora and even outside of the game remains smooth and consistently of high quality. They mediate disputes, educate and inform players, and wind 'Darth Vader the Security Cadet' on occasion. 

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: I think the easy answer is that a moderator is a skilled writer, communicator, and is knowledgeable of gameplay mechanics. Additionally, you should be an active member of the community and up to date on the lore. I think what's most important, however, is that you have a passion for playing the game and sharing that passion with others. Problem-solving, attention to detail, initiative and other stereotypical interview answers are all good and important, but none of that matters if the passion isn't there. 

Why do you want to be a moderator?: A few reasons! I am a firm believer of action over spoken word, and I'd like to finally put my money where my mouth is.  I do sincerely care for this community, and I should want to see it be a safe, comfortable and welcoming space for everyone. Also, I get the feeling that moderation has quite the workload, and wouldn't mind another hand or two. 

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I like to think that I am patient and understanding. I am a nursing student IRL, and have spent many an hour working with assisted living residents or as an in-house caregiver. I enjoy seeing people learn, and to see another person learn and understand something they didn't know before is one of my favorite feelings ever. I think it's why I like teaching medical interns so much, haha. I think everyone has their heated moments or moments where their emotions get the better of them, but at the end of the day we're all someone behind the screen. Kindness and empathy can go a long way, and I think I might have enough of that to do pretty well on moderation. I also know command gameplay fairly well, and I think that's a boon for any moderator. 

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I'm pretty cool with insults, I think. Being someone with the identity I have, you learn to be pretty level-headed with insults and taunts. With stress, I know when I'm tilting and know when to step back, as well as having a support network of friends and activities to destress. On my last application, I was told by Alberyk that I needed to work on my OOC behavior before and remarks in LOOC before reapplying. Since being declined in September, I've changed my attitude in regards to rounds and bickering OOC'ly, as well as refraining from most confrontation in Aurora reated servers.

Edited by Faye <3
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I reiterate every point I made on her last application, and more! Faye is fucking phenomenal. I would trust her with any position she saw herself ss fit to take, let alone moderator; her judgement, her commitment to the Aurora community, and her unwavering strength in the face of any true adversity make committing any more text to the idea seem unnecesssry on my part. Plus one. Plus ten, even.

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I think Faye is an excellent member of our community, displaying desirable traits the server benefits from in passionate players. Her characters are well-rounded ICly, and Faye seems to have a strong grip on human lore, if not general lore as a whole.

I was silent on your last application, as all of the concerns I had were brought up from others. I thought it would be unkind to dogpile, and even then, the concerns I had were not enough to stop me from supporting a trial run. Your passive-aggressive behavior in most OOC mediums has been significantly diminished since September (from my observations), though I rested on the receiving end only rarely prior your earlier application. 

Regardless of that, my single concern is that you seem to have a very strong idea of how things should be done, and we've occasionally butt heads in civil conversation on this topic. The spectrum of playstyles among the Aurora Community is very large. Many people have differing opinions on what is okay, and what is not. My concern is if you can separate your own personal beliefs on server-play and successfully enforce the moderation team's broader standard of play? I do think you are capable of it, as I've seen you in dsay after rounds say lines similar to: "That round was not fun. It was just not my cup of tea." Which, I think alludes to you already having an understanding of this, I only bring it up because I wanted to see what you had to say over the matter.


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Faye is phenomenal. There's no denying that. I expect moderators to be approachable and Faye is the type of person I know I can drop into DM's, tell them something/ask for advice/vent to and not be judged. Hell, I'll walk away with guidance towards a solution,crafted of gentle guiding.

As for Faye's strong idea of how things should be done... Well yes, we all have that. I do, you do, Faye does. Alb does. Each admin/mod brings their own special flavor to the staff, and it's that wild unbalance that balances things out. I won't get the same response from Abo that I get from ShesTrying, and that's okay. If Faye does something that's too "severe" or "out of line" then we have a system of checks and balances that'll ensure it's taken care of.

And I have complete faith that *if* that happened, Faye would take it in stride. Admit fault (if it's ruled that way) and push forward.

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9 hours ago, Butterrobber202 said:

Your passive-aggressive behavior in most OOC mediums has been significantly diminished since September (from my observations), though I rested on the receiving end only rarely prior your earlier application. 

Thank u! 

9 hours ago, Butterrobber202 said:

. My concern is if you can separate your own personal beliefs on server-play and successfully enforce the moderation team's broader standard of play?

I think that like with taking any public-facing position, you sacrifice much of your "this is how I think we should be doing this" in favor for "this is what the rules say about doing this." having standardized procedure is important for ensuring that the rules can be clearly understood and followed, as well as fairly implemented. i do not think I would have any issue with this, and if i was unsure in responding to a ticket or otherwise i wouldn't hesitate to reach out to someone else on staff for their opinion.

Thanks for your feedback ^^

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I really think Faye has done a great job on improving on the feedback from her last application. Sincerely; the evidence that the behavior has changed is right in front of us, every day. She's very active, I see her online often, and at this point it's just a good fit. +1

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Having had the opportunity to examine Faye's roleplay as a Head of Staff, and witness their OOC behavior as of recent when certain situations devolve rapidly, I can safely say that I think they have the right attributes for staff and will genuinely do good with the position if they are accepted.

Big +1 support from me.

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honestly there's not much I can say that hasn't been said. The vast majority of my interaction with Faye has been ICly in security, her as Shirin. The security/antag interaction is arguably the one where there is the most risk of rules being broken and players feeling like they've received unfair treatment (I don't know the actual stats on where ahelps come from, and I'm not staff, so get a grain of salt reading this) because it's one of the most unique, in that someone wins and someone loses. Everyone makes mistakes, even staff, and that can lead to people being upset, but I've yet to see faye do anything that in my opinion, would make me go "that seemed a little unfair" or anything of the like. When playing HoS, faye has been, in my eyes (though I don't play antags, so again, grain of salt), competently able to balance the line between doing a good job as HoS and countering the antags, not being totally unfair to the antags and giving them a fighting chance, and through it all, roleplaying when an antag wants to roleplay, or going full commando when they want that. In my eyes, someone who is able to balance that out in what is probably the most stressful job on the station would be able to balance personal interests with server policy, and balance both sides of a two-sided incident when it comes to staffing matters.


tl;dr, +1 from me.

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I've had the pleasure of maturing alongside Faye in the community and enjoying jokes, conversations, and quality time with her. I definitely think she has the mettle for the position, and I've noticed too a lot of feedback mentioned on the last app has been put into practice. While I can't say we talk every day or are close friends, I nonetheless am happy to interact with her or see her pop up, and I would definitely trust her to take my ahelp. The amount of times I've seen her handle a conversation with a stern hand and grace afterwards is impressive!

Anyway, enough gushing. Taking ahelps means sometimes giving people you dislike a fair shot, for whatever reason you may dislike them. Have you considered that this position means being open and accessible to everyone? Do you have any methods of dealing with or recognizing bias?

Good luck, Faye. 

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I've interacted with Faye on and off both IC and OOC ever since returning to playing regularly on the server again. In that time, I have had nothing but pleasant interactions both IC and OOC with Faye and their characters. On an OOC level, I have the impression that Faye is incredibly level-headed, and well-versed on the mechanics while being helpful to newer players. While they are level-headed, I also don't think they are a pushover, and stand their ground on topics, which I think is an important trait to have when carrying out moderator responsibilities. 

Now after reading through Faye's interview, I think it further backs my belief that Faye has a good decision-making process, and at least plans on covering all their bases when dealing with moderator issues. I think that they would be a great fit as a moderator, and hope to see them succeed! Definite +1 from me! 


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In my experience, I would say I have found Faye's character to be good, typically speaking, and I think she has a good understanding of roleplay and the server rules and such, and would do well with helping out newer players with mechanics or whatever else they might need. OOC, I think that she has shown herself to be levelheaded and, based on previous comments here, able to separate personal bias from server rules and such. Overall, she has usually been good to interact with both in-character and out of character. The interview, in my opinion, showed relatively rational and quick decision making, so I don't really have any doubts that a trial at the very least would be good to see.

My only real possible point of concern at the moment would be, like some others have mentioned briefly, the fact that Faye seems to hold some beliefs very strongly, which could potentially be cause for concern in certain scenarios. Of course, this can also be seen as a positive thing, as it means being able to stand your ground and such. Regardless, I still don't think it will be a problem, and I have no other concerns.


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Reading every single comment above all I can say is I've seen only truth, Faye is an exemplary member of the community and I believe if she made it to the Moderator team she'd do nothing but improve the server.


I'm very excited to see her hopefully make it to the administration team, so this is a big +1 from me!

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