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I dunno.

I've bounced to level 1 with Sims, level 2 with Fallout and Just Cause, and a little bit of Battlefield, I played Jagged Alliance 2, C&C, a ton of Medieval Total War II, Monster Hunter, KSP, then I played FTL, SS13, and then I played Cataclysm:DDA, Caves 'o Qud, and played Dwarf Fortress without tiles/the proper way, so....

Decide for yourself.

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I make level 3 with several of those games, but I think the chart is biased as The Legend of Zelda, StarCraft, and Dead Space are some of my favorite games and I don't consider them level 0/1 material. Zelda is not particularly a "casual" game when you are as obsessed as some of the people I know are, including myself.

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Apparently I'm a jaded outcast. But I think the list really fails to account for tabletop games. Completely.

Also, no Aurora 4x? Lame.


Tabletop games are not rated as the adventure depends on how much of a sadist your GM is.

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So, question, but how the heck have so many people on the internet played HellMOO, yet it's a game that doesn't have more than 15+ people on at any time?

Because it's grindy as fuck unless you play the Inferno variant, which happens to have even less people playing it.

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