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IPC Cosplay, Comicon and Popcon

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Hello, just starting off, I played on the server for months, on and off. Many people may not know me well, but I play the IPC Opamator. Recently I went to Indiana Comicon in Indianapolis, last month. It was fun, first ever Comicon. I have been thinking of a new costume idea for IndiePopcon. I came up with the brilliant idea, to turn Opamator into a physical being! I have actually been ordering and working on the costume, nearing late April and now in May. I have two months, till the costume has to be ready. July 7th is IndiePopcon.

The costume project will take my maybe $400 to build. I will be making a functional Computer head, out of a old CRT that fits me rather well. This costume will be my one and only costume, for the rest of my life.

Some pictures of my current stuff I have bought and worked on.

Currently I have been working on the Taser rifle, CRT head, and the outfit itself, normally what Opamator wears.

Let me know what you think of this costume project, add ideas as well if you want.


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Guest Complete Garbage

This is really neat. I'll be interested to see how it develops, please keep posting updated photos as you continue making progress.

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Dude, I'd love to see your take on your ICP and wish you the best of luck.

Plus I've seen Op on the server a few times and think he's pretty cool.

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Thanks guys, I bought the CRT monitor for 30bucks for it was broken. And I had already took it apart, safely. I shall continue posting and updating.










Some actual photos

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So Its mid June, and I started finishing up the costume, in a few more days I will have the last parts. Its all trial and error. July 7th is Indie PopCon. The costume is super heavy as well.. So here is a list of items that make up my costume

1. 80s WYSE Computer Frame

2. Beret

3. 12" Digital photo frame

4. Digital 3.5" screen door hole viewer


6. Officer badge.

7. Cosmetic Security Vest

8. Security Backpack

9. Modular Security Belt

10. Toy Colt 45.

11. Toy Handcuffs

12. Nerf gun, converted into Taser

13. Prop Stun baton made from scratch

14. German Rubber Military Knee High JackBoots

15. Navy Blue Slacks

16. Light Blue button up dress shirt

17. Lead Acid Battery

18. Car Inverter

19. Robotic Cosmetic Gloves - coming in mail soon

20. Red Armbands - coming in mail soon

Thats about it.... I THINK. One or two more props might be made.

But so far this is what I have made.

Costed roughly $500 give or take

And much money wasted on stuff that did not work for the costume, which will be sold to someone else.







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The next post will be the finished costume of Opamator. Aproximately 5 more days, so STAY TUNED!! :D


I'm ready. My body is ready!

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ALL RIGHT, I finished the costume yesterday for IndyPopCon Today! I already went on a three hour drive to Indianapolis to go to Pop Con and now Im back. I had butt loads of people ask for pictures of me. The number one question was, "How do you see?" A camera. Anyways, others commented, I should be a costume designer and I would win a costume contest if there was one. A couple of the booth staff people said I was probably the NUMBER ONE best costume there. SOOO HERE IT IS, THE COSTUME YOU ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!




If there are any photos I find from IndyPopCon of me, Ill find them and upload them here. I will also upload pictures anytime I wear the costume to an event.

Thank you all for your support.

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I was honestly skeptical but, good job.

Also glad you didn't get heatstroke in that thing like holy damn.

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