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Farewell again~

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College, classes, and lots of other real life stuff have taken over, and I simply won't have time for any spessmen shenanigangs. My professor's helping a bunch of us with this research project, and it's going to be eating up all my free time. This is huge, and I'm stoked.

I'll still pop into discord for chat-rp, but no more 2-4 hour rounds of Spessmen. I simply won't have time.

It's been fun. Keep being awesome~

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You know, instead of making a whole brand new thread, I'll just update this one.

I came out of my haitus for a visit, but I must depart again. Classes are calling. Keep it real, Auroraeans.

I may be back when time permits. I'll still be on discord chat though. Just no more 3 hour long rounds ingame.

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This is my final good-bye.

I haven't logged in since around January. With classes and potential internships, I don't think I'll have time to ever come back. This is to be considered my final good-bye to this server.

Lori Alvarez - Moved to CE another vessel of the Aurora

Karima Mo'Taki - will continue to work at the Echo Labs. And occasionally get bugged by the Harmony commies

Secho and Mecho - will move into Mendell City jobs

Niko - eventually get his certificates and open his own bar

Aveo Ioblakku - recovers from his tragic accident, maybe moves back to Jargon, but keeps on digging for history

Snowcat Ajirah Laikov - Probably go back to Adohmai to serve NKA. Or become space pirate. Sounds legit.

Ricochet - still works at his salvage shop

And all the other characters that have moved on with their lives.

Take care, Aurora.

PS: Synth master race. It's only a matter of time before all will be assimilated.

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