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[Accepted] Doxxmedearly's Head Whitelist Application

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BYOND key: Doxxmedearly

Character names: Sikaevi Suhn’Krashzkrikh, Sazya Xichi, Rowan Fortune, Amadi Udoka, Nahjiya Khayaram, Ka’Akaix’Myrz C’thur, and Moth are my most played as of late. Full list in the signature.

How long have you been playing on Aurora?: About 5 1/2 months now.

Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I’m branching out and exploring all sorts of different jobs, now that I’m comfortable with the game engine. Command is… intimidating, but I’d like to experience playing such a vital role in rounds. It’s interesting, to say the least, and I want to know more about how it runs, and see what it's like to RP in such a vital role.

Why did you come to Aurora?: I’m very into roleplay, and have been my whole life. A friend showed me SS13 many, many years ago, where I played maybe three rounds on Bay. SS13 is… a very incredible game for facilitating roleplay. I randomly felt an itch to play, and looked for servers that would suit what I was looking for (HRP). The Aurora grabbed my attention more than re-looking at Bay did. This has since been my only server.

Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Several times.

Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? I believe I have three or four notes regarding minor mistakes I made with my RP, which I used to improve myself going forward. I have no warnings or bans.



Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay is like a collaborative story. It’s about placing yourself in the shoes of a character and letting them explore the world they’re in, grow, and interact with other people. Roleplay isn’t about winning or losing; it’s about the story you write with other people by trying to live it out as a character. It should be a collaborative effort between everyone to see “what happens next;” where the tale goes (no matter how mundane it might be), explore the narrative, and play out the struggles, triumphs, arguments, and friendships along the way. It’s just as much about exploring a character’s weaknesses and failures as it is their strengths.

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: OOC, Head of Staff are in a position that can sway the round, using tools such as code changes, faxes, and announcements to dictate general direction. They should never control the round, but they can provide structure to it when antag shenanigans hit the fan.

They should do their best to make sure the round is interesting for the players working under them. Communication, making sure the characters have what they need for their job, and enabling character interaction are things that heads can, and should, do. They are their own characters, of course, but as a head, there's an entire department (or several) that depend at least partially on you to guide them, answer questions, resolve disputes, and assist them where needed.

As well, Heads should be a person a player can depend on and go to when they need to learn about a job or job duties, and give a little bit of guidance. While any player can do this, I believe that a Head should be someone that should be depended on to do this in-game.

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: Whitelisted players have the additional responsibility of being an example, both with their IC and OOC conduct. OOCly, a player trusted with being a command member should be someone that can be trusted not to do things such as meta- or power-gaming, validhunting, or just having really abrasive/toxic conduct OOC (Even if their IC character is a short-tempered tightass). It’s an important whitelist to be trusted with, so you need to remember that you’re serving as a role-model to other players, especially the ones in your department.

I believe I can be such an example to other players. I plan to assist players both ICly and OOCly as needed, and work on improving my RP as always; hopefully, this will encourage other players to do the same. I’m patient when it comes to guiding others, believe I can produce solid RP, and will do my best to refrain from bad OOC conduct, such as insults, salting, etc. I'll be listening for any advice or criticisms of how I do these things, and work better to uphold what's expected of me.

Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? The biggest news right now is, of course, the Lii’dra incursion into Tau Ceti (And Zo’ra zzzzoda). While technically “over” (lmao no), people are still reeling from the effects of such a bold assault. Vaurca racism is on the rise, there’s paranoia about infiltration, emergency prepping for a return assault… and meanwhile, the enigmatic “Purpose” is involved with this, and the Tajaran ALA/Syndicate has made a bold move in infiltrating the Aurora to learn about the SM.

For my HoP, her fathers lived in the Hengsha Arcology, (one works at the Idris Incorporated branch there). While alive, the fear has left her permanently shaken, and paranoid about any more Lii’dra news. She believes Tau Ceti should surrender the Zo’ra queen, now. Career-wise, she has absolutely demanded more pay for working in hazardous conditions, and is networking with businesses in other systems, to have her foot in the door in case things get too dangerous.

What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Head of Personnel. After a trial of getting used to command, I would like to try my hand at Captainship. With a bit more engineering know-how (Atmos, you're so scary), I could see myself doing a CE in a month or two.

Please pick one of your characters for this section, and provide well articulated responses to the following questions.

Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.:

Beatrix St. Claire (HoP – New Character)

Ms. St. Claire is a Tau Ceti native. She enjoys a middle-upper class life, and has over 20 years of logistics management and financial experience, as well as a Master’s in Business Management. She expects much from those under her, but does not micromanage; she would rather pull strings from her cozy office and enjoy a fine wine. She is the type to demand respect, present herself at her best, and be a definite narcissist. Despite her demanding attitude, she quietly cares for her workers, and will be communicating with and on behalf of them if they may be endangered.

Mari Tanaka (Captain - New Character)

Mrs. Tanaka is a woman in her 60's, originally hailing from The Democracy of Yinglishen in the Frontier Alliance. She came in contact with NanoTrasen first as an independent consultant for system and station management/expansion projects. Around 2447, she took a position with them officially as a project director. She had originally planned to retire permanently in late 2458, but after a year, began to feel restless without work. An old friend offered her a comfy position as a station captain, overseeing operations on a research facility. She is the type to let departments manage themselves where they can, and a stickler for paperwork. She's a firm believer in the Yinglishen motto: "Together, We Survive," and will do what she can to foster cooperation between all departments.



How would you rate your own roleplaying?: Solid. I can play a lot of roles and I’m confident I can make fleshed-out characters that behave reasonably and realistically. People seem to enjoy their interactions with me, but I know I can do better. I need to slow myself down a bit, and now that I actually know a lot about the game mechanics, make sure I’m not meta-ing anything. So, I’m confident, but recognize there’s plenty of space to improve. There's a lot of good players here that I'm still learning from.

Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? Absolutely.

Have you familiarized yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? I have, and I will probably keep them open while playing for the first long while.

Extra notes: Finally going for it! It’ll be a rough start as I learn the mechanics of command (faxing, ID changing, etc) but I’ve been a quick learner so far.

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All the time I've played with Doxx, I feel like I can vouch that she's wonderful to RP with, and I enjoy her characters immensely. I trust her to pull off a HoP as well as she pulls off her other characters. She makes mistakes, but everyone does. What's important is your ability to learn from fuck ups, and how to improve, which she does, I would say.

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What, Doxx doesn't have a command whitelist already? God damn.

I haven't done as much roleplay with Doxx as I wish I had, but the times that we have interacted have been enjoyable, at least to me, and I've seen that their characters are all believable, well made, and fun to interact with. They've also perfectly upheld all the alien whitelists that they have under their belt, and I'm certain they'd make an excellent member of Command as well.

Huge +1.

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I can't give someone a more enthusiastic +1.

Doxx is always a great time to roleplay with, and each of their characters are both interesting and unique. The reason I think they're so well suited for a command role is their OOC attitude - They are incredibly willing to take criticism to heart, and constantly work to create engaging stories that involve as many players as possible. I imagine that in a command role, they'd have more power to organize events, and I know they'll take full advantage of this opportunity. Speaking more of their attitude, they are patient and understanding, which is perfect for helping guide new players. They know when to cut off anything that makes people uncomfortable, and I have full faith they'll excel as a Head of Staff.

Now, commenting on Beatrix- I tend to like command officers who 'pull the strings' rather than try to do the jobs of those under them, so it's great that you've mentioned the importance of this. She seems like a 'hidden heart of gold' character, and I think those kinds of characters work well with command roles. I look forward to see her in-game.

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+1 for doxx and +1 for beatrix.

doxx is legit solid af and displays not only the mechanical proficiency to carry out the tasks associated with big roles like command, but also the roleplaying chops to use that to work in the interest of the story, not just their character. they don't powergame, which is one major concern for any head whitelist app.

where i wager most of my +1 here is doxx's incredible ability to portray believable, engaging characters with depth and detail, and i trust that putting them in a command role would really allow them to stretch their wings and carry along the story of each round.

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Everybody loves Doxx vocally AND unequivocally. Every character they play is consistently a pleasure to interact with, as is Doxx. They are considerate of other players to a fault and habitually work together to make a fun and exciting game for everyone. A standard plus-one is insufficiently supportive, so I brought this.



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I've had good interactions with your Doxx, some very fun interactions. I've seen you in other jobs than civilian showing you aren't afraid to step out of your box and experience new things. Always important, always important.

One issue, might be minor, might be great. This phrase:

"She is the type to demand respect, present herself at her best, and be a definite narcissist. Despite her demanding attitude, she quietly cares for her workers"

The "her workers" is the phrase I want specified.

Mainly due to the fact that in recent moths the issue of people being shit at communicating has gotten so bad that during an event we've had a 4 way complaint which escalated into two whitelists being removed and a stern warning. Thus I would like to specific what exactly "her workers" mean as departmental elitism and favoritism only ultimately harm the game.

Otherwise good application, so far has my support.

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Mm, yep, I was a witness for that IR and involved during the round in which is happened. That is not something I'm looking to repeat, and honestly, I feel like communication by command staff has been pretty lacking in most rounds.

It was meant to show a bit more of her attitude and how she'll speak. It's sort of like... cockiness mixed with care. "My" workers: "My" as in a reminder that they work under her (Cocky), as well as "my" as in "the crew is under my care."

While HoP is the direct supervisor of the civilian department, I haven't forgotten that they serve all employees. HR isn't limited to service and supply. I definitely do not plan to segregate departments further from one another, as that is the last thing that the game needs. While the nature of being closer to the civilian department may lend itself to some small IC favoritism due to familiarity (Leniency, extra breaks, small rewards), my goal as command would not be to place the importance of one department over another, and I'm aware of my OOC responsibility to not cause even more issues between communication and cooperation.

Hopefully this addresses the concern?

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Quick note: After speaking to other players and having them assure me that captain isn't as scary as it seems, I've added the name and a small blurb of a captain character. I will be mostly sticking with Beatrix until I am comfortable in command, but thought it might be prudent to list this other character.

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My voice may not matter much given my relatively young age here on the forum but I still want to give my appreciation.

I absolutely appreciate everything Doxx me has done for someone as simple as me. A great example has to be my one round of rev. Generally I don't play antag but I joined the rev because it seemed fitting at the time and it still is my favorite round of antag of all time.

Doxx was an ERT and when my character (Faith Wilkerson) willingly surrendered there wasn't shouting or rude talking. Instead, her trooper was kind and polite and helped my character relax as Faith truly felt remorse for what she had done and Doxx's character had actually supported her character when she was taken to the HoS during the evac. It truly shows that her characters give emotions and feelings and has to be an amazing point of roleplaying.

OOC is also very respectful and is a true role model of what it means to be both an amazing role player as well as a respectful and helpful person.

+1 from me :)

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I have gotten a short taste of "Doxx Me Dearly" playing as a head whitelist. The way she plays is much smoothly and very respectful to other people's RP. There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who plays head whitelist well... and those who don't. No matter how hard a lowly human tries, they will never be the same as someone who was RP worthy... They're just born with their RP talent right from the start. That's right...just like you. That's why I have so much respect for you all. Ah, just so you know, what I feel is different from admiration. Admiration is wishing you could be like the object of your admiration. But what I feel is not so self-serving. How should I put it? What I feel is more pure. More like a selfless love that wants nothing in return.





Isn't that right, Hajime!?

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