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Simple Elevator Door Balance Changes + Door Shocking Tweaks

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As someone who plays AI quite a lot, the notion that elevator doors hold some kind of magical power over regular doors is absurd. Why do they function differently than any other door on station? Elevator doors IRL are easy as fuck to pry open and keep open. It just doesn't logically make sense that an AI doesn't have access to the most basic of basic doors that carries an electrical panel.

Just another way to nerf something that doesn't really need to be nerfed. so the AI locked an elevator door open. If you're an antag, this doesn't really bother you much. You probably have maint access. Go climb a ladder.

What it does do is hinder the AI from helping when an elevator door needs to be locked open quickly for an emergency (which I have done quite a bit as an AI.)

Furthermore, I'm not sure why shocking a door should be routed through some APC hocus pocus. You do understand it's fairly simple to short circuit a system and have it release an electrical current... right?

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IC Explanation: Because elevator doors are connected to the elevator system, as opposed to the general station. AIs wouldn't need to control elevators as there is already a machine system that handles elevator doors remotely.

OOC Explanation: Ladders don't exist on every level. The AI is seriously powerful when it comes to locking down people on the sublevel or sometimes on the main level. You are literally and absolutely fucked if the AI bolts all doors on the sublevel unless you have a multitool, insulated gloves, and wirecutters. AI is balanced for mrp servers where everyone knows how to hack a door and steals insulated gloves. These items will not be typically used on Aurorastation because of realism issues. Not everyone knows how to hack, so you're absolutely fucked if it's MALF and the AI decides to be a shitter.

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I have two concerns about this:

Nothing prevents the AI from just clicking at all the elevator doors at roundstart to hack into them and gain access over it so it can instantly control them afterwards.

So this seems a bit like a band-aid fix.

Tieing electrifying to the ai control wire on the APC is a very far fetch.

You can already cut power to the environment (or was it equipment) on the APC and the doors are all powered down (and no longer electrified)

But as long as the door has power and the AI has control over the door, there should be nothing to prevent the AI from electrifying the door, since the electrification status is controlled by the door and not the APC.

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I'll probably remove the APC checking, however I believe that elevators should be a closed circuit unless hacked by the AI. The philosophy here is that they would have to break a potential powergaming barrier to touch elevators, which makes them less likely to do it in the first place and give antags a second chance. Also the amount of time and effort they would go through to hack all the elevator doors would be tedious and many probably won't do it. [mention]Arrow768[/mention]

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What makes elevator doors a "Powergaming barrier" as opposed to a regular airlock?


All you need to do is bolt open one elevator door and they're stuck on a z-level. Imagine bolting open 6. You'll have to hack all 6. You can also bolt it open on the floor above, which means that the panels itself are inaccessible and unable to be hacked.

Bolting someone inside a room is different as there is usually an alternative way out, such as breaking glass.

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The AI if antag needs lift control, especially AI lift, to buy it precious time to muster forces. AIs also use elevator doors as a way to stop it from being used, however, that can be fixed by just having an engineer unbolt it. Overall I see no reason for this nerf and it overall causes more harm than good. -1

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Voting for a "No".

There exist fairly easy counter plays to this which an experienced engineering or science team should be able to apply. Further, this stuff can effectively be done by literally anyone who knows a few wires in a matter of seconds, so this "balance" actually makes it unbalanced.

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Also voting for a "no" for the above reasons, as well as the fact that I've seen non-AIs bolt elevator doors more than I've seen AIs do it. I've done it myself as a non-AI. This prevents the AI from being able to fix that for the crew. Also, if an AI actually does this in a case where it's OOCly unacceptable, it can be ahelped. As it stands, the majority of cases where the AI bolts an elevator are valid or IC issues, and can be dealt with ICly. There is simply no reason to make elevator doors special except to nerf AIs, because of the behavior of some supposed "bad AIs".

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