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[Accepted] Kryostro's Command Whitelist

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BYOND key: Kryostro
Character names:

Screenshot (1490).png

How long have you been playing on Aurora?:

One year and a quarter, by now! 

Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?:

Well! I like to play janitor and all, EMT and whatnot. Varying roles, but as I've branched off on other servers that don't have whitelists. I've decided to be risky and play things like IAA, aka NTI, or HOP. And to be frank, I very much enjoy these roles. They have real responsibility and are the gears in the machine. And I feel like I'd be able to bring at-least active role-play to NTI. Which is my planned whitelist.

Why did you come to Aurora?:

I used to play back SS13 in 2012, I was terrible. I was gonna play further in about 2016 but I forgot my CKEY and my old email got doinkered on so I abandoned all hope for a bit. Then I started playing SS13 as a whole a little in 2017 when I first started. Didn't get it, got a warn on Goon for saying the sweetest words. Then I stumbled upon Aurora, like a sort of pilgrimage. And I stuck to Aurora, had good roleplay and, yeah.

Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?:

Yes, I'm ready to be a desk jockey of the sorts. Got Chain of Command in my head, Corporate Regulations. Paperwork, and the NanoTrasen page bookmarked. I got this all bookmarked so I don't get trashed if I don't remember something clearly.  

Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they?

I believe I've only had one ban? I know I only had one, which I remember was just being a bit of a meme a year ago, and cleaning whilst in the middle of a gunfight. Which of course, was poor conduct reflecting back on it. So it's a valid ban. I have other warns as well, a few of them being just for realistic character behavior when I was getting into the swing of things. And the other was for killing a vampire antagonist when they were handcuffed.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. 
Got it.

Give a definition of what you think role-play is, and should be about:
Role-play is a large scale performance, people playing characters, their effects on the environments on them with their design, whether it big or small. The second aspect of role-play, is to accomplish & fill in roles, and playing those roles correctly. Having character designs, flaws and pros to a character to make them feel realistic, to make them real. To make them fit and be approved by the standards of the time and place they have grown and lived in. You play out a story, a story of your character interacting with other characters. Which can of course lead to many encounters and occurrences due to the unique perpetual role-play flow--, however, characters are not meant to be heroes or villains or to be kings or queens. Most of the time, they can and will be staying in their respective roles and behaviors, changing as their situations progress. TL;DR, role-play is playing a piece in a large puzzle, and those pieces inevitably come together to form the greater picture.  

 I think role-play on Aurora and in general when it comes to HRP should always be about a always changing environment, with characters either as complex as they get or as simple as they come. Merely trying to navigate through their lives within commonsensical manners, to make cordial relationships or competing enemies. To progress as a person, to make others feel although these characters could be real themselves. Giving you a satisfying experience when you commit to a good roleplay experience after a round is a very nice feeling. It's accomplishing, too.
What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, in game?:
Firstly, their function in their employments are to organize and oversee the operations they are appointed to. And to do this with a professional fashion, to be a good example of role-play while displaying leadership to create engrossing role-play for those around them. They are to lead the departments accordingly and help progress a round when they need to. They provide a good pace to those that are under their wing, issuing commands for either their safety or for their own gimmicks to further roleplay. 

 What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?:

I believe those that have the whitelist have to exercise restraint with the power that they have with their whitelist. Heads of Command have exquisite positions of power, which if one Head of Command acts out of line regarding OOC rules, it could completely ruin a round or at-least make it a less then enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Hence, I think those that have whitelist is a very idolizing role to be in. People will look up at people in these positions and expect a high quality of roleplay, which should be the standard held to those within the mantle of command. People tend to join and look at the highest rankings with a good outlook and prestige, thus the people who carry a whitelist would be best suited to be those who are fully fledged in the community and or entrusted to have a critical position. 

I would positively without a doubt work adamantly to ensure that my behavior ICly is expected for the position. Despite the fact I'm more widely known for playing Castrato, I've played serious characters. And with Topaz being my prime example of my skills when I'm not playing a jester character, I hope that this shows to the community that I can put my money where my mouth is. I will uphold the expectation currently held for those playing in command positions, and try to excel beyond that to show new players alike as I was shown when I first joined. 

Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau Ceti and how it affected your character and their career?

Currnetly, the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion being organized and the recent scares from a year ago, from the Lii'dra hive, and the rise of dissidence within Biesel, of xenophobia and unrest in general. It worries both Alice and Jade, yet they both are worried to different degrees.  Albeit, the recent times are more smoother and calm, there are nevertheless instability to the political scene of Tau Ceti. That with the security measures for those recalling from a year ago, the encroachment and onrush on Biesel by the Lii'dra. And the more ferocious struggles between ideologies. Such as ATLAS, and a new rising xenophobic political party, the Al-Wahdeh. 

Alice shrugs off the issue that's are laid in clear sight, she views it as a unimportant and minuscule issue. Out of her own ignorance, she is deciding to ignore the situations. A impossible thing to do nearly a year ago when the Lii'dra attacked, which, at the time, Alice was in employment at Sol, at the NSS Apus. The news was a shock to her, the sudden and brief attack upon Biesel. She mulled over the facts whilst she worked, yet it escaped her mind after a few days of the issues passing. Whilst the media was still blown up with interviews or videos of the event. A year later, she is designated to work in Tau Ceti, under reassignment request. Wanting to get closer to the heart of NanoTrasen, and work more effectively to garner a reputation for herself at its flagship station, or atleast it's second flagship. She now lives in Mendell, and widely ignores the issues going around her, due to arrogance, believing it's simply petty politics that'll die out quickly. She believes it'll pass, and she adamantly believes that NanoTrasen will prevail. 

Jade on the other hand, is concerned, being a suit, she believes it's just political turmoil and a rise of nationality. Which is irritating to her to have to deal with upon the NSS Aurora, from a business viewpoint, she cannot deny the fact that it's hurting to efficiency and personal safety to be in Biesel and working on the NSS Aurora. She is more aware of the facts then Alice is, still, a suit and arrogant in her own right. She does not deny the turbulent developments that have been coming from the past two years.  She believes in the interests of NanoTrasen, and will change her opinion as the situations digress in details. Although she much more personally found the Board of Five a more suitable and comfortable way of politics, and their manner of grappling political and foreign crisis. 


What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted?

NanoTrasen Liaison, I'll test the waters and make sure I do well. I'll observe during rounds and watch what the HoP on that shift will do to take their example. And then improve from there. I'll always strive to improve.
Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.:

Alice Durnstine - NanoTrasen Liaison

Jade Fairstint ( Might change the last name, I don't like it fully. ) - Head of Personnel

How would you rate your own roleplaying?:

Occasionally I slip up when it comes to what I personally think my character would behave, hence I'd say.. like, a seven out of ten?

Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action?


Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles?

Yes, and whilst this application state goes on I will continue to look over the wiki for anything I miss. Aswell as observing people that are playing on the roles I seek to be in, aka HoP and NTI. 

Extra notes:

This will be my first draft and application on Aurora! So please, give me comments or feedback. I'd also very much appreciate suggestions upon the two characters that I have suggested. I'm not entirely satisfied with their ideas, and I'd love for someone to give their ideas on the designs that I've presented. 


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Gonna make some revisions and edits soon, not quite satisfied with how this came out after taking another glance at it.

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Kryostro, while he does have a somewhat negative reputation for the character of Shane Castralo, has definitely improved over the last year. From interactions with his other characters, I'd say he's better at RP than most people would think. At the very least, he deserves the chance to get a trial for a head of staff whitelist.

+1 real gamer

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dumb name

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In my personal opinion, one of the best characters we have on Aurora is Topaz. Topaz is the proof that Kyro has the ability to crack down and really immerse themselves in our lore our setting and our rounds. It's honestly impressive to see how well he RP's that character.

Castralo's meme-ery has toned down quite a lot as well. I no longer want to disposals him.

I'd be willing to see Kyro gave a command trial. +1

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I forgot a word, somehow.

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Don't worry Amory, feeling is mutual--, although personally mechanic wise I have trouble with the medical code on Aurora, hence I actually didn't expect people to like Topaz due to that factor.

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Guest BoxWulf

Oh man, Kyro. 
Some of the great roleplay I’ve had was involving Topaz. 

Not only a fleshed out character, but it’s like she’s alive and breathing. Responding to events happening around her, accident, incidents, even something as simple as dropping her coffee on herself left her in a negative mood for the remainder of the round. 

I didn’t know meme’y Shane but I see the Shane you play as now and yes, while childish (he’s a grown child of a janitor) it’s consistent. There’s no power moves, there’s no trying to ruin anyone else’s rp, there’s no unintentional antag involvement.. He’s a janitor, an immature janitor. 

not only these examples, but you are so damn easy to RP with, like, it’s actually a pleasure to have our characters interact because there’s always something to do and I have no doubt that you would incorporate these same traits as a head of staff. 

if you want to try your hand at guiding a department and being an exemplar of inclusive roleplay, you deserve the shot!



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Not sure about Shane in game as honestly I haven't seen him much but Kryo's work with Topaz clearly demonstrates to me that they can handle a serious character to withstanding Kyro's mastery of the famous dreg slang. It's a +1 from me generally and regardless of past notes or behaviours (so long as they are indeed in the past) I think Kryo is certainly worthy of a trial.

@Kryostro For me, a good command member helps drive a round's story and enables other player's roleplay. Do you agree with this? If not, why not and if so, what things would you do in a round to enable this? For example, a character who's an assistant comes up to your HoP and asks to be transferred into medical to be a "Medical Assistant" with basic med access to help out there. What would you be thinking OOCly and what would Jade do?

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I agree that they should be able to drive the flow of a round, and give other people things to do and encourages others to use their characters accordingly which would make for absorbing roleplay!

OOC Standpoint:

Well, first off I'd go based off their looks. If they have a flavortext or if they're a baldie with a grey jumpsuit, usually how they type. I want to make sure I'm not gonna give a griefer access to medical so he can fiddle with all their operations. But that doesn't mean I won't disallow them entirely. But, then ICly I'd have to put them through a short background check. Look through their records very quickly. Ask them questions ICly if they know anything about medical to begin with. If they say they know everything I would probably have a less likely chance unless they have someone in medical either vouch for them or someone in command. That would be based off of reputation. I would then go off based on the medical manifest, if they are lacking with extremity, or if they're moderate. If this far they go past all of my checks, I would check with the CMO if there was one, asking them if they need more hands then I would progress the interaction into asking for the ID, yadda-yadda, then accepting them. Albeit they could've just had been put as Medical Intern. They can be put in good tasks, like checking out the sensors, or fetching equipment people don't have on hand. Or just assisting in the medbay lobby when security gets inevitably smoked by the mercenaries and the heisters. 


TL;DR: I ensure they aren't a greytider or a griefer, I look through their clothing, if they've pink with a afro and are typing like this "Hey can i get a role in medical" and don't really give a good explanation as to why they want to be in there to help or have no experience whatsoever. I'd deny them. If they have a flavortext set-up, look respectable, and have a good reason for experience or atleast a small reason. I'd accept them, with varying responses depending on their history.


IC Standpoint:

Jade is a fairly strict woman, she's sort of a verbally backbiting person. Although within the restrictions of staying professional as to her suit lifestyle. She'd begin by going over a background check. Essentially asking the assistant meticulous questions to ensure they're qualified. If they don't provide a good reason as to why they should be qualified to be reassigned then Jade would dismiss them entirely, waving them off. However, if they wish to learn under medical and it's a steady shift and there's no trouble, Jade would already be checking the manifest to see if more hands are needed. Then informing the CMO if there is one present and asking them if they need more hands from a enthusiastic assistant that either has small experience and wants to help, or wants to learn medical for their pursuits one day. If they are accepted, and pass everything there is asked up to that point and provide good reasoning and background as to either why they aspire to be in that positions or how they have the knowledge of medical. Then they'd be placed in Medical Intern, or a Medical Assistant role for that shift. Ensuring the reassignment papers are properly filled out, then sending them on their merry way with a non-heartfelt word of encouragement and a strict tone to her voice. 


TL;DR Jade would be very careful. Medical is a very important part of the station, you're saving peoples lives, and you cannot just question if Bicardine is for oxy loss or toxins when someone is bleeding out in front of you. 


Tell me if there is any way I could improve this process of reassignment, if there is any! 

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Shane came diving over the bar counter after the HoP tried to beat him saying “PROTECT ME BARMAN” 10/10 would threaten him with a shotgun again +1 I think he’d be fine as a head

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Well, kryostro. You've come a ways. You opened up a feedback thread for Shane. You listened. You improved. And you did it well. Shane's still goofy but not LRP anymore. You struck that balance. You seem very serious about this; the effort in this app is obvious. I don't think I know Topaz, but they seem well-received.

Asked me months ago and I would have laughed at this thread. Now? I support a trial, and wish you the best of luck on it.


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Hello there!

I'll be working on this application. I need to go through a bit of history, through all of the feedback and cross-check a few things with the whitelist team due to the turbulent past with one of your characters. Expect an answer in the following days. I'll try to make the process as quick as possible so you can enjoy part of the weekend playing your new Command character if you so wish, but I can't guarantee it will happen.

See you soon.

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I've gone through all of your history and all of the feedback. I've decided to grant you a trial, since it seems you are capable to disassociating a character with your capabilties of roleplay, which is quite important considering the turbulent past with one of your characters. Please keep into account that the standards for a character that is a member of Command are much higher than those for regular staff, both IC and OOC, and that similar stuff that was kind of permitted with your janitor will not be tolerated under a Command character under any circumstances. It's worth noting, as well, that characters with such difficult IC history can not become members of Command in the future, either, in case that idea came through your mind at a later point in time, which I'm sure wasn't going to.

I'm not familiar with the way you roleplay your other characters, since I've not had the pleasure to play with them yet, so I'll be trusting the community on this one. You'll still be required to continue to gather community's feedback as you progress through your one-week-long trial, which will end on the 30th of September, inclusive. The application could face a denial if by the deadline this requirement is not met.

Good luck, and have fun!

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Going to wing in here as I got a lot of tickets about from this player. They are really trying their best to learn the mechanics of command, keeping their focus on RP even if they have problems with mechanics like the fax mashine. I remember when I got dropped into command and had no clue how to do anything. It involves a lot of making stuff up in your mind and RPing as if it was exactly the thing the company wants from you. You are doing that and you are doing that great. I've seen your HoP arround often enough and ineracted with them up to a point where I can now give you my full confidence.
You'll be a good addition to the command whitelist and I wish you the best of luck getting it.


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Guest BoxWulf

I'm still reeling over the fact that Jade is new, yet I feel like she's been in Command since I started playing. It's amazing how she interacts with the crew and just--- Fits in? Like, it was a seamless transition and the fact that you've integrated a new character into a the ranks of well-established Command characters in such a short period of time is a feat in of itself.

Easy to RP with, keeps the station functioning... She's like that mean step-mom that's bossy but gets things done. 

Very impressed, +1

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Just pay a bit more attention to your surroundings. Jade comes off as "you WILL do as I say because I'm the boss" when... shit's hit the fan and half her department is scattered due to antags/hostiles.

And I think that's more of you not being aware of the situation as Command, and less of a character decision. HoP will be railroaded in a HEART BEAT. Stand up for yourself, start demanding information about the situation that's going on. You won't know your gardener is a vampire unless you get Command to respect that you are in charge of your department. It's a learning process, so I can't fault you for this at all.

Everything else seems to be going great! Love her so far.

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Apologies for the delayed response. Trial passed on the 30th.

Locking and archiving the thread.

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